SYDrified REVIEWS: Portable Supporters

While some think the fad “created” by these hand-held gaming devices has faded out, well… think again. While the persons behind the PSP are hell-pissed on the online free ISO sites, don’t think for a sec that DS games rule the portable gaming population.

These games proved their worth through two-hour trips, boring meetings, boring office days, and basically thinking of ways how to make your PSP’s valuable (my PSP offers suggested pegs on how my plugs will look like and also… a portable preview bay for on-the-go bosses). Anyway, here are the last three ISO’s my PSP has tested.


I remember my high school days when I play “easy” games that don’t do hadokens because I suck as a gamer. It’s easy to bottomsmash the arcade buttons but after my uncle did the same thing when I let him try Tekken on my PSP (it has since been discarded), I had doubts loading this ISO. When you have this game, make sure you don’t lend it to noobs (or individuals older than 35) because the only learning they’ll do is via contemplating on why the buttons disengaged from the device. Anyway, game play looks solid and the create-a-character option is more than adequate. The problem with these types of fighting game is their repetitiveness. Luckily the file I acquired is a CSO so it only robs a little less than 500MB of my memory space.


I still think it’s the best NBA game in the world of hand-held consoles. Fact is, the points scored depend on your shooting touch which makes three-point shooting difficult (for me honestly). The CPU’s ability to burn you senseless is another great thing (although if senselessly beat the CPU since the 2008 version, you’re basically asking for more challenge). They now have a NBA Live-like Crown system where playing all of the games and completing challenges earns you to get… something awesome (I wish). What makes this stand out from the other NBA games is the fact that it has a lot of sidebars, which could be great “deception” methods to make your GF love your PSP (although I got Cindy playing Worms Armageddon). Cherry Pickin, Pinball, Shooting Bricks, and the bowling game are notables. The only problem that you’ll basically have with this game is again, repetitiveness. Perhaps handling various kinds of franchise modes could do the trick but I doubt if this would keep you glued to the game. The new Give and Go quest is another cool mode to ponder upon but the rosters are outdated.


I waited and I waited and I WAITED for months for this thing to come out! Sure, this is a bottomsmashing game but unless you know what you’re doing, you’ll probably give up on playing the game. While I must admit, the 2009 version was a letdown. The 2008 version was good because you have The Rock, Stone Cold, Mick Foley and Bret Hart as unlockable characters. The 2010 version also has The Rock but you’ll have first dibs on the Legacy Dads (“Cowboy” Bob Orton, Million Dollar Man, and Dusty Rhodes). Anyway, there is a story-telling mode where you can direct a scene (promo or match). The Road of Wrestlemania storylines are also back, as well as the career. But fact is, it’s the GM mode that needs to return. I mean… what good is it to create 30 superstars when you can’t put all of them in a match! Anyway, unlike NBA Inside, you can actually experience change in this game. The fighting part has been altered and there is distinctiveness in their movements. For fans of the previous installments, you’ll succumb to the fact that you need to relearn their movements. Also, the Royal Rumble match isn’t as easy unlike the past versions. While a 30-man battle royal will now bore you, the turnbuckle and the kicking out the player option is enhanced here. The rosters in this version are outdated though, as most of the “sports entertainers” involved are either released or out of commission.

While there are a lot of games that won’t fare well in the PSP console (try playing FIFA), there is a reason why PSP 3000 and PSP Go debuted this year despite mediocre sales due to piracy: When there are bored and stressed yuppies running rampant in the metro… eating their hair and scratching their asses with a fork… expect hand-held awesomeness to ensue.


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