Values Education (It happened last October 1)

First up, this always follows the divisibility of three, which means if you have six siblings, the cycle restarts. Anyway…

The Eldest: They are often the ones that attract the highest of expectations. They are often bossy and hate being maltreated. They usually have the lowest success rate among their siblings and they often found themselves addicted to things that interest them. They long to be the youngest because the responsibility destroys their sanity.

The Middle Child: They are the ones most neglected by the family. Family members come to them because they are partisans. It seems like they want to help and they want authority when the eldest is away. They are often the black sheep of the family because no one really cares about them and they have to do something for people to see that they exist.

The Youngest: They are often the most entertaining and the most successful. They often have the knack to become the favourite because they try to please people too much. They crave attention too much! However, while odds say that they’ll live awesome, they still want for attention and respect because most of the family members will just see them as the “baby” of the family.

Does this hit head-on… or is this pretty much some sort of bullshit crap invented by some sociologist or behavioural science major? READ ON.

Last Thursday, Me and my officemates (Manuel, Isko, and Chris) attended a Values Enrichment Seminar for non-managers (and no, we didn’t sign any contract that would bind us to the company for a maximum of three years). Issa Almario was the spokesperson. She seems nice and for a batch of guys being rowdy like this:

Issa: I am an important because…
Isko: … I am a loving person.
Syd: … I am a loving person too.
Chris: I am the most loving person ever!

Then she had undergone hardship worse than what we had to offer.

The seminar started at 9am but we entered the room around ten because we just delivered a couple of grocery bags to be sent out to our officemates that were hit by Ondoy.

I can compare the facilitator to a random Sesame Street human. And while it could be boring at times, it helps when you have your buddies with you. Manuel is bibo and has his name sticker on his ass most of the time while Isko says he’s lonely because he’s single (*cough* *cough*). Chris is like a drug addict relearning to communicate because before the facilitator calls for his attention, it seems like he’s in a trance.

It didn’t help that he has the conviction of a kindergarten student when we were going to read aloud a poem. Anyway, we did a lot of things like confessing trying moments to a random person, eating the

Me? Well the woman “Freud-ed” me that I am very secretive and I don’t let people know what I’m thinking because I am too cautious. Actually that’s kind of true because I realized that I alone could make things I like awesome. But she insists that for me to have better self-esteem I have to train myself to trust more.

I have to look at my 48 Laws of Power book to paint a better picture.

And then there’s another thing. When we were about to write in an index card the persons that are important in your life, most of the people there wrote “parents” as their first word. Only two didn’t. My friend Juju said fiancé.

The first word I wrote was “GF”.

I just realized that this seminar happened a week before our anniversary.

She had the same seminar and the same facilitator a few months back. Guess what the first word in the most important category in her index card was?

Game on.