Allen Iverson has stated that he would quit the game if no one gets hold of his services.

Don’t go.

In 889 regular season games, the man dubbed as “The Answer” has grabbed a MVP plum, Rookie of the Year award, two All-Star MVP’s, seven All-NBA citations, and ten All-Star appearances. The man played ball in Philadelphia, Denver, and Detroit and most recently in Memphis. While the past few years have been bad for many top PG’s like Penny Hardaway (retired via waive), Steve Francis (retired via waive), and Stephon Marbury (currently finding a team), Iverson is not like these guys.

Iverson has been a constant merchandising draw since he started strutting his stuffs alongside Jerry Stackhouse and Derrick Coleman in his rookie year with the Sixers. Let’s face it, for a Hall of Famer like him, this is not the way to end his career.

Sure, people are saying he was too selfish to take a back seat for a guy like Mike Conley. I agree. Iverson needs to complete his playing career by giving way to the next generation. You saw how John Stockton tried to build up Howard Eisley in the mid-90’s and how David Robinson took a backseat for Tim Duncan. Shaquille O’Neal first started playing as a second fiddle for Dwyane Wade. Larry Bird was trying to build Reggie Lewis who unfortunately suffered a fatal heart attack. Clyde Drexler relinquished top dog honors just to play second option for Hakeem Olajuwon. And Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning, Chris Mullin, Grant Hill, and Dikembe Mutombo took a step back to help build some of the stars of today. Just when we thought his trip to Denver was important to make Carmelo Anthony a top-tier superstar, it seems he was merely holding him off (especially when Chauncey Billups got Melo a breakout year last season). Iverson’s stock greatly reduced when his entry to Detroit made the team from a contender to an eighth seed playoff seat hunter. The Pistons should have never severed their ties with Billups. Billups was the glue of the squad. Not even LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, or Anthony could prevent this from happening.

But maybe, a little break from the game could do well for a storied comeback.

The problem with Memphis is he is being used as a sub for a lackluster team. Even if people try hard to make it happen, there is no chance that the Grizzlies would take a playoff spot with this kind of Western Conference environment. Rudy Gay is the team’s scoring leader while Zach Randolph, O.J. Mayo, and Marc Gasol average in double figures. Hasheem Thabeet, the 2009 NBA Draft second pick overall, average less than three points and three rebounds per game. It seems like they wasted a pick on Thabeet, where they could have done better if they gave up this right and trade him for better frontliners that could help them. While Hasheem is a project, Iverson certainly isn’t.

The Answer nails 12.3ppg, 1.3rpg, 3.7apg, 0.3spg, 50% FT, 58 % FG, and 100% 3PG in 22.3 minutes of action. If you pass him Mayo’s minutes, AI will give you a daily 20ppg. Let’s face facts here: IVERSON IS NOT WASHED UP. He just had a bad season in Detroit and he can still hurl troikas in any given night. Hell, the guy is so passionate that even arch-enemy/buddy Charlotte coach Larry Brown is giving him options to stay (although Brown is also hesitant to sign him since he is developing his guards at the moment… DJ Augustin, Raymond Felton, Acie Law, and Flip Murray should be pleased by this).

Five days before the trade deadline, expect clamor for Iverson. Hell, I can hear Marbury getting buzz as well (although that may be a whisper of a buzz given the availability of AI). I don’t think New York would love Iverson when he enters the scene because just like Memphis, Nate Robinson is not a reason for him to get benched. However, a Sixers comeback could be good for both parties. In terms of the NBA superpowers, Boston is one team that could use a guy like Iverson. Let us not forget that Iverson is a heavy assist man and a defensive specialist. Rajon Rondo has developed into a quality player but that doesn’t mean that he is untouchable in the Celts’ PG spot. The Lakers too could use Iverson. Kobe could hate this but given the right attitude, they’ll have a very dangerous backcourt. But I guess, it’s hard to disrupt a winning formula right? Even if the Lakers coach had a distinction of taming the wildest of beasts (*cough* Dennis Rodman *cough*). Dallas, Utah, and New Orleans won’t even flirt in this idea because they will disrupt the games of Jason Kidd, Deron Williams, and Chris Paul but once these guys get injured, he’ll be a catch. Chicago? Well, in some ways they can benefit with an Iverson around especially since they lost a clutch player in the level of Ben Gordon. Orlando, Atlanta and Cleveland doesn’t need another scoring option although the Cavs have a problem during the dying seconds when LeBron James is clamped by defenders and Shaquille O Neal can’t be inserted for fear of the Hack-A-Shaq.

My best picks? Let’s shake things up a bit.


The Heat will benefit from Iverson. Wade is not the type of player that would love individual citations over championship glory. Iverson, looking at his Pistons experience, would try to make AI useful in other facets because this “humbling experience” almost made him retired. The Heat is a team that lacks a great second option on a daily basis (although Michael Beasley and Jermaine O’Neal could be saying otherwise). Hell, his entry could even draw Pat Riley back to the sidelines.


Surprised? You sure are. The Spurs are an aging and often injured bunch. It’s rare to see Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker playing in an extended period of time. Even the entry of Richard Jefferson has yet to register a solid claim to the throne for the perennial contenders. Like I said, Iverson is an offensive player with a gift to play seriously suffocating defense. Gregg Popovich will use AI to the way that both parties could agree on something. Sure, his entry would create small ball in San Antonio but for a team lacking in scoring options, he is the most natural and most available in the free agent pool as of this moment.

I know Iverson doesn’t know this guy but if you have talent, they’ll come and look for you. Honestly, I don’t know why Johnny Abarrientos is languishing in the Brgy. Ginebra Kings’ bench. You saw him play, right? He played four regular season games in two seasons (last season he played one game in the Philippine Cup) and all of those games triggered a good reaction from the fans and the players. Abbarientos might have slowed down, but you can see the court generalship, court sense, defense, vision, smarts, and passion still flowing in his body. Hopefully, if Jong Uichico decides to bench him anew, I hope this is the last year in his contract so he could return to Alaska and retire the way a legend of his caliber should be retired.

Same goes for Iverson.

The right answer for Iverson is to wait for the right team that would give him his first NBA championship. The other answer? Truly be humbled by this humbling experience. I future Hall of Famer like him being treated like this? NOBODY'S SAFE.
The following events didn’t really happen.

All is meant for humor.

Please believe me.

An officemate asked me to write a loan application for him.

It was hard… going to Google, typing “sample loan application letter” and then pressing the “enter” button.

It also had incomplete details so I “proxied” some stuffs mentioned.

I tried to recreate myself using the wonders of Adobe technology.

This was the closest thing I could ever come up with.

By the way: I need to thank my lawyer friend that I-can’t-name-for-fear-of-libel because he did something awesome.

I have been trying hard to stop with my “girlish” and “really gay” gestures like embracing men and saying sorry (‘sang kindat mo lang alam kong okay na yan) but I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out sincerity. It was a case of “hanap-butas” and to quote Slam Dunk’s Sendoh… “Don’t mind”. Basta, sabihin ko na lang details when we see each other. I dish out credit where credit is due. Thanks pre.
Again I was pondering with the Photoshop one night and again telling myself that I am a creative person.

* whistle * * whistle *

Check your TV sets during Sundays and simultaneously with the first of PBA’s Sunday double header, you have just earned front row seats to the Asian Basketball League. The league is a super-league designed to lure the top basketball players of the South East Asian region (that can’t or barely play in the PBA). This will prove important in strengthening basketball in an area, our Asian neighbors belittle. There are six teams battling for supremacy with one team having nine local players, two non-South East Asian imports and three South East Asian imports.

Parading the best in the six-team bunch are the Singapore Slingers and the Philippine Patriots.

SINGAPORE SLINGERS: The Slingers, owned by Bob Turner, was originally the Canberra Cannons of the Australia’s National Basketball League. They then moved to Hunter (to become the Pirates) before settling in Singapore. As the Slingers, they played in the league for three seasons. The team decided to bail out of the league when the league was experiencing financial woes and the back-and-forth travel proved costly for the Slingers. It should be noted that they signed current TNT Tropang Texter Jason Castro. When news broke out that the Slingers are leaving the NBL, he wanted out of his contract. The Slingers accepted this but they need a player in return. Among the names that popped up were former PBA MVP Johnny Abarrientos and Harbour Centre alum Al Vergara. They chose Vergara to add youth in their PG spot. During his Slinger break, Vergara played briefly for the Purefoods Giants in the PBA putting in 2.4ppg, 2.0apg, and 0.9spg in eight games (played during the first part of the Fiesta Cup).

Anyway, Frank Arsego is calling the shots for the Slingers. Import Mike LeBlanc is the team’s top scorer with 18.7ppg (to go with 7.1ppg). Kyle Jeffers is their main rebounder (15.4ppg and 13.7rpg) and Al Vergara is their top playmaker with 3.3apg (to go with 9.3ppg). Marcus Ng (7.7ppg, 4.1rpg, 2.0apg), and Wei Jian Hong (7.4ppg, 2.6rpg, 1spg) are the teams top 5 scorers.

THAILAND TIGERS: The Tigers parade three Pinoys in Axel Doruelo (9.3ppg, 3.8, 1.0apg, 1.2spg), Ricky Ricafuerte (5.8ppg), and Glenn Bolocon (6.0ppg). Wonder not about these players because they popular in SE Asia as much as in their own country. Anyway, import Chaz Briggs leads the team in scoring (19.8ppg). The guy with an awesome name Attaporn Lertmalaiporn (15.8ppg) leads the locals in points while Ikenna Chukwuemeka Nwankwo (8.3ppg, 9.2rpg, 2.0bpg) is their towering presence.

SATRIA MUDA BRITAMA: The other SMB of Asia, this Indonesian League ballclub is the country’s representative in the League. Gideon Roring is the team’s coach. Former Red Bull import Alex Hartmann is the team’s top guy (18.7ppg, 5.1rpg). Nakiea Miller is the team’s other import (14.5ppg, 16.0rpg, 4.5bpg). Faisal Julius, Christian Sitepu, and Amin Prihantono are their local bets. Former PBA quarterback Rensy Bajar (11.0ppg, 3.4apg, 1.4spg) is the team’s top playmaker.

BRUNEI BARRACUDAS: Former FedEx coach and former TNT assistant coach Bong Ramos acts chief in this ballclub. The team heavily relies on non-Asian import Michael Pilgrim (15.4ppg, 8.1rpg). However, the team equipped themselves with three talented Pinoy reinforcements like former Sta. Lucia, San Miguel, and Red Bull player Francis Adriano (13.4ppg, 3.6rpg, 2.0apg, 1.7spg), former TNT and Coke player Leo Avenido (14.9ppg, 6.9rpg, 2.7apg, 1.0spg), and former TNT, Alaska, Purefoods and Red Bull standout Don Camaso (10.6ppg, 4.4rpg). They also scoured Reggie Larry to shore up their scoring (23.5ppg, 7.0rpg).

KUALA LUMPUR DRAGONS: Goh Cheng Huat is the mentor of the squad. KL boasts Jamal Brown (11.1ppg, 9.4rpg) and Chris Kuete (18.0ppg, 9.8rpg) in their fray. Their locals include Shee Fai Loh, Guganeswaran Batumalai, and Li Wei Chee. Their Pinoy pickup are composed of UAAP standouts like Adamson’s Roel Hugnatan (8.3ppg, 3.7rpg), and UE’s Toto Bandaying (11.5ppg, 1.3rpg) and Rudy Lingganay (17.3ppg, 4.3rpg, 2.3apg).

PHILIPPINE PATRIOTS: All teams in the ABL have Pinoys in them, which make the Patriots the automatic team to beat. Their reinforcements are former Coke import Jason Dixon (12.2ppg, 9.7rpg, 1.0bpg) and Brandon Powell (13.0ppg, 5.8rpg). The team snatched Rob Wainwright (7.7ppg, 3.0rpg) and Mark Andaya (recently released by the squad) from Barako Bull when they were traded to the squad for the rights of Jeff Chan and Mike Hrabak. The team is a collection of players owned by Mikee Romero and Tony Boy Conjuangco. Former PBA stars include Red Bull’s Warren Ybanez, SMB’s Froilan Baguion and Sta. Lucia’s Christian Coronel. Jerwin Gaco is a long-time member of the Harbour Centre franchise. Other collegiate big names include Ateneo’s Nonoy Baclao, UE’s Elmer Espiritu and Val Acuna, Letran’s Dino Daa and JP Alcaraz, and UST’s Khasim Mirza. Louie Alas spearheads their struggle.

The Patriots have an impressive lineup whose main downside is their constant changing of players. The Slingers seem to gel nicely since their lineup is pretty much intact since two years ago. Like I said, when the end nears, it will be Singapore against the Philippines.

Get the news about the ABL at and watch the games on TV5 every Sundays at 4pm.

Game Over.

Maguindanao is always a hotbed of violence in the south. I am not disrespecting the province but even when the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao has yet to reach five years of existence, crimes run rampant. Again, I am not disrespecting anyone but what are they eating in the place to make people go nuts with atrocities?

Anyway, for those living in a rock, that part of the Philippines was rocked when 43 persons were forcefully sent to afterlife when a pack of “beasts” gunned them mercilessly. Sure, the start of the filing of candidacy means a slight decrease of life in the nation but I find no sense in killing 43 people… and raping some of them before shattering their lives in an instant.

Buluan Vice Mayor Toto Mangudadatu plans to run as governor in the coming 2010 elections. This was somewhat like Tito Sotto who jumped from Vice Mayor to Senator in 1992. Anyway, this “jump” meant that Toto has a fighting chance to sway the odds in his favor. Standing in his way is current Maguindanao governor Andal Amputuan Sr.

Yes, there is friction between these two camps. Filing for candidacy, Toto asked his wife, younger sister and supporters to file his candidacy for him. Before the “motorcade” (since you can’t expect 43 civilians to fit in one vehicle) reached the Comelec grounds, they were flagged down by a private army allegedly led by Andal Amputuan Jr. and the shootfest occurred. Toto said in his interview at local Catholic station DXND in Kidapawan City that he opted not to bring armed men because he didn’t want any problems to occur.

I am sorry but a better alternative was to hide your bodyguards from eyesight, play them as a supporter, flood the vehicles with firearms, and NOT make your supporters become free kills.

But of course, no one in their right mind would attempt to do such a merciless and cowardly act.

Like I said, no one in their RIGHT mind.

And to add insult to injury, his wife was raped before getting killed. I am a Catholic but I don’t think there is a RELIGION (even Satan worshippers) that commends these acts of gore. Killing 43 people in broad daylight is seriously scary. What’s worse is that 12 of them work in the field of media. Whoever did this should have done this cleanly because there is NO WAY that UNTV, Manila Bulletin, DZRH, Bombo Radyo, and the rest of the broadcasting industry whose men were lost in these senseless deaths would take this incident sitting down. Hell the PCIJ, is now calling for their heads. It wouldn’t matter at first but MEDIA HAS ITS WAY TO GET WHAT IT WANTS! Bill Clinton would have been impeached if Media didn’t made him such a lovable darling (especially when they aired his “sorry” speech) but Media could be harsh just like what Deep Throat did to expose resigned president Richard Nixon. Maguindanao (or the whole of Mindanao for that matter), is in danger of having their democracy temporarily evoked from them. Quoting what Senator Aquilino Pimentel said when interviewed by Philippine Star, that part should be placed in state of emergency and at the very least, marines must be sent to patrol the area.

Its not like election-related deaths are particularly residing mainly in that part but you don’t see that many civilians dying… well, unless it’s a bomb blast. These are ammos fired directly at these folks. This bloodbath is stupid.

For those responsible, whatever gender, whatever religion, whatever race, and whatever discrimination you have your mind radically plotting into… you have a lot of explaining to do come judgment day.

(Cited info at

Ever wondered how the most powerful of all Pokemon cards look like?

You have seen it. Just don’t stare at it too much because it could kill you with its superbly awesome glory.

I was lucky to watch UFC 106. I didn’t know it was on but I figured to watch and rate it…

But I will only rate the final two bouts because these bouts featured three names I’m familiar with. Let’s start with these though:

Quentin “Rampage” Jackson will play Sgt. B. A. Baracus in the film version of the 1980’s action series The A-Team. Joining him in this cast is Liam Neeson as Hannibal Smith, Bradley Cooper as Faceman Peck and Sharlto Copley as Howling Mad Murdock. This is fitting vehicle for Cooper’s mainstream status but I wonder how Rampage will fare. Unlike other A-Team cast members, Mr. T is the most recognizable face in the TV series and TV in general in that era. YOU HAVE TO WONDER how he will pull off such an iconic figure as successfully portrayed by Mr. T.

For some reason though, he was showing his “bad-ass”-ness during The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights edition.

Come to think of it, Kimbo Slice could be a person that can fit the bill.

Josh Koscheck versus Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

I hated Koscheck during TUF. He was a bully. I cheered for Chris Leben even if he lost all of his bouts against this All-American. However, his arrogance makes him a great guy to cheer or hate. I was routing for him to win against Rumble because I don’t really know much about Johnson and I am a huge TUF 1 mark (In the following order: Sanchez, Griffin, Florian, Koscheck, Swick, Bonnar, Leben, and Quarry). Johnson was out-trash-talking Koscheck… what the hell?

Anyway, Johnson and Koscheck were getting amped on their match when Rumble’s intensity caused him to hit Kos with a knee to the head when Rumble was sitting down and Kos was kneeling. Kos staggered down and everyone knew that it was illegal and Kos was seen holding his eye. Before the kick, Johnson touched Kos’ eyes which proved a bad setup for the illegal blow. Afterwards the fight continued but Johnson, a recent eye surgery guy, found himself in the receiving end of two accidental eye pokes (Joe Rogan is blaming the handgear at this point). Kos went berserk when the battle went to his wrestling background with him bloodying Rumble. Koscheck, a NCAA wrestling All-American brought the fight to the ground and at 4:47 of the second round, Kos submits Rumble with a rear-naked choke.

We get our usual Koscheck arrogance by telling the crowd that Dan Hardy doesn’t deserve to be a number one contender.


Forrest Griffin versus Tito Ortiz

We see a clip when Griffin won over Ortiz despite being bloodied. Lots of respect between these two men which makes me wonder if we’ll still see the Huntington Beach Bad Boy of old. Griffin comes out to a Chumbawumba song. Everyone loves one hit wonders. Tito came out with an Eminem song and you can see a blackeye. I will rout for Ortiz if he was facing Mark “The Hammer” Coleman but my bromance for Ultimate Fighter Season 1 contestants makes me mark out for Forrest. Forrest’s kicks proved key for Ortiz to second guess himself. Tito’s strikes are solid but you have to wonder how long will Forrest stand up in this fight. The action could have gone either way in the first round. In the second, while Forrest had his moments, Tito brought him to the ground and gave him a barrage of shots to the head which eventually popped a scar tissue in Forrest’s cheeks. This could have been dominating had not for Griffin’s attempts to frequently set up the triangle. In the third round though, instead of decimating Forrest, it seems like Tito stopped on the offensive! He was waiting for his chance so long that with a minute left in the fight, the judges are sure that Forrest was the worker of the round and Tito had zero attempts to win it.

Again the end of the match was decided with the scorecards with the fan favorite winning it via a split decision. Afterwards, crowd booed Ortiz for making excuses but Griffin grabbed the mic and told the fans to love the guy putting a helluva show. While I love Forrest, HE HAS GUTS (sick and foolish) for grabbing the mic away from Bad Boy. Not unless you have a deathwish, will you do that? Come to think of it, LONG AND PAINFUL DEMISE is what I expect if some random thug tries to pull that stunt on the HUNTINGTON BEACH BAD BOY! Luckily, Forrest and Tito have mutual respect for each other. And yeah, going 2-0 is cool so Forrest asking for more of Ortiz could either be stupid, or merely doing this for the sake of pwning a MMA legend.

Not MMA-related, Charice Pempengco will play one of the leads in the upcoming “Squeakwell” of Alvin and the Chipmunks.


Somewhere in the world outside blogosphere...

From the makers of PBFANTASY comes a new enjoyable online “predict” game.

The NBA Salary Cap game is in a way like PBFANTASY. However, unlike the PBA version where you can plot your games one week or two weeks early, this version needs daily attention. You start off with 50 million dollars and you need eight players to fill up your roster.

Now, 50 million is a lot but considering that reigning MVP LeBron James is worth 14 million makes you want to think twice on who’ll get for your roster. Now this is where NBA on BTV is helpful. Praise Rick Kamla for his lucky (or crappy) opinions! Like PBFANTASY, you can play in a random league or in a friend-filled league. UNLIKE PBFANTASY, you can’t trade players as much as often. You gain two quick trades by signing up and one trade opportunity per week. Reserve this trade for injury sightings as much for listless players. And don’t think in any way that bench boys aren’t important. Souping up your bench with a Roy Hibbert or Joakim Noah to complement Chris Bosh isn’t that hard.

Anyway, I tested it and my team of James, Bosh, Noah, Greg Oden, Brandon Jennings, Trevor Ariza, Anthony Morrow, and Hibbert are proving solid. I did use my trade opportunity for singing Hibbert and dumping Tyler Hansbrough. Hansbrough, dubbed as one of the greatest NCAA players ever, has yet to find his bearings as an NBA player so subbing him for Hibbert was easy.

Before I posted this, I traded Morrow for New Jersey Net Chris Douglas-Roberts because Morrow’s Golden State is currently undergoing re-gelling with the trade that involved Vladimir Radmanovic and Raja Bell (to Golden State) and Stephen Jackson and Acie Law (to Charlotte). Besides, with Devin Harris out, Douglas-Roberts is having his time as a top guy. Great thing here though, is you can get the players back. Its easy to join and you can make five teams with one account.

Just don’t let it pass the trade deadline though.

Johnny Delgado is awesome.

My bad, I meant was awesome.

This Bad Banana took a trip to heaven to conduct eternal acting workshops.

Yeah… he was a damn great actor.

My early memories of Delgado were from his stint as the “bad boy” of the Bad Bananas quintet. He was great playing wicked and street-smart characters in their sketches. When Goin’ Bananas moved to Channel 2 from 13 (don’t mistake this show from the 80’s kids show which stars an intergalactic chimp), I realized that he was a great dramatic actor from the 70’s. In more than 40 years of acting, he was nominated for an award 25 times, six of which translated into wins!

Here’s a breakdown of his achievements:

Legend: When the awards were held – Film (citation)

1976 – Banaue (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS)
1977 – Mrs. Teresa Abad, Ako po si Bing (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS)
1979 – Ang Alamat ni Julian Makabayan (Won Best Supporting Actor at MMFF)
1979 – Ang Alamat ni Julian Makabayan (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS)
1981 – Kakabakaba ka ba? (Won Best Supporting Actor at Gawad Urian)
1981 – Kakabakaba ka ba? (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS)
1981 – Brutal (Nominated for Best Actor at Gawad Urian)
1981 – Brutal (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at Gawad Urian)
1982 – Salome (Nominated for Best Actor at Gawad Urian)
1988 – Balweg (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS)
1990 – Joe Pring: Homicide Manila Police (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS)
1993 – Lumayo ka man sa Akin (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at Gawad Urian)
1993 – Lumayo ka man sa Akin (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS)
1995 – Macario Durano (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS)
2001 – Tanging Yaman (Won Best Actor at FAMAS)
2001 – Tanging Yaman Brutal (Nominated for Best Actor at Gawad Urian)
2003 – Kailangan Kita (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at Gawad Urian)
2005 – Santa Santita (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAP)
2005 – Santa Santita (Nominated for Best Screenplay alongside Jerry Gracio and Michiko Yamamoto at FAP)
2006 – Ligalig (Won Best Supporting Actor at MMFF)
2006 – Ligalig (Won Best Supporting Actor at FAP)
2006 – La Visa Loca (Won Best Supporting Actor at FAP)
2006 – La Visa Loca (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at Gawad Urian)
2006 – La Visa Loca (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS)
2007 – Kaleldo (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor at FAMAS)

If you look at his wins and nominations, one thing you’ll notice is most of his wins came from movies that are considered as Philippine Cinema’s best. Ang Alamat ni Julian Makabayan, Kakabakaba ka ba, Brutal, and Salome are awesome flicks in a movie career which either stars him as the conniving bad guy or the very observant silent type. Lumayo ka man sa Akin, an underrated prodigy directed by his wife Laurice Guillen, was the first movie that I saw his acting skills minus the film grains and scratches (seriously those films from the 1970’s aren’t that well-kept). And if you young folks can’t remember him, he was the unsuccessful eldest son trying everything to unite his family in the Star Cinema mega-hit Tanging Yaman. Tanging Yaman was his first film back after a long hiatus. I believe alongside his wife, they figured out the lack of vision from the producers and the directors when they decided that the best way to profit is either through teen flicks, buddy comedies, and skin-bearing flicks. Before his hiatus, Delgado found his niche playing bad guy roles in action films. His hiatus donned him as fresh.

Throughout the tail-end of his career, there have been countless reincarnations of his fabled bunch. Even after Jay Ilagan’s fatal motorcycle crash, Johnny, Edgar Mortiz, and acting demigod Christopher de Leon continued to strengthen the status of the “Bananas”. Arriba, Arriba (with Edgar Mortiz) and All Together Now (with Mortiz and de Leon) were their on-screen connections but off-screen they continued to bond as brothers.

Amongst the five I rate Delgado ahead of De Leon, Ilagan, Mortiz, and Al Tantay as my favorite amongst the Bad Bananas. Actually, I rate Delgado as one of my best actors if I make a Top Ten list. You’ll be shocked at his acting as a good guy after being typecasted as a bad guy although, play a bad guy for this guy is his forte. Check out the rapist scenes and the scheming characters he portrayed in the 70’s. He was the best film rapist ever… and this is not a bad thing. Ruel Bernal, semi-retired, is a close second (for Pinakamagandang Hayup sa Balat ng Lupa and Insiang).

The thing I like about Johnny is his acting swagger. He could be a good guy or a bad guy but you will be compelled at his persona. He doesn’t deliver his lines without conviction… a mere burp or head scratch is enough for you to figure what his emotion is. Even in the decent 2002 film Hari ng Selda: Anak ni Baby Ama 2 (Robin Padilla’s acting vehicle during his stint in prison), where he is about to execute the double agent in his team, you are looking at an evil character that is played to perfection without the danger of overacting. Without his image, you notice Delgado as a cartoon in Dayo and Urduja (his last works). Even playing a cameo role in the critically-acclaimed 2003 flick Crying Ladies, he has his way to steal a scene. He is an actor’s actor – playing his character well enough for people to love and hate his presence.

It saddens me that he needs to go but that damned lymphoma is getting the better of him. Ina Feleo, his daughter, is one of the bright spots in the indie scene and he could break in the mainstream acting circuit a la Sid Lucero and Coco Martin. Laurice Guillen is staging a comeback directorial tilt for the Metro Manila Film Festival, an award-giving body that proved generous to this grizzled vet. Without battling an eyelash, I can easily name Aga Muhlach, Richard Gomez, Robin Padilla, de Leon, Pen Medina, Cesar Montano, Jinggoy Estrada (if playing a non-action star role) and Philip Salvador as the top actors in the current cinema landscape.

His 61 years of life will be remembered through 80+ films bearing his acting greatness.

As a mission to myself, I will hunt down a copy of Kakabakaba ka ba, Salome and Brutal.

And while I’m doing this, Johnny might be berating Jay Ilagan on why he rode a motorcycle while Jay Ilagan is dishing out a sermon on Johnny on why he got sick in the first place.

And while they are doing this, Ishmael Bernal and Lino Brocka are secretly filming their verbal bashing.

Johnny Delgado = awesome.

This is what you get if you mix an office prank, with a digicam, and a permission to post it on the internet…

Here’s an idea for you: will Taylor Swift forever be the girl that Kanye West dissed?

I mean, sure, the stunt Kanye pulled was dumb, and it even exposes the fact that he needs to “auto-tune” his voice to make his sounds fresh….

BUT COME ON! It's like... what US talk show hasn't gagged this?

And who is Jimmy Dickens, the international audience not big in the country scene could probably reacquaint with this legend through this!

If I see another awards show that pulls this stunt again, Taylor Swift needs to have a great SUCCEEDING ALBUM to sway the critics that Kanye West was wrong.

I should have written something last week but the file crashed. It was like a defrag sight from a Windows 95 version. Anyway, I could have written something but that monster called laziness crept in. Instead, I was doing doodles.

To make amends, I stretched my wannabe’s list to 50. The same mechanics still stands but the Smart-Gilas games have been strucked out. The 25MM guys will have better descriptions and stats.

Get the mechanics at:

So to start things out, here come the WANNABES!

The reason he’s here is because SMB is winning.

So is this guy.

Now long will people overlook him?

Team improves if he improves.

Played well during Helterskelter’s absence.

Steady support off the bench.

We miss his double-doubles.

He loves the attention right now.

Stock will rise if Coke wins games. Inconsistent at best.

Gets good stats despite limited playing time.

He’s high because his team is high but he DID improved.

Leo Isaac needs to give this guy a huge amount of playing time.

Offensively dismal but at least he’s playing.

Actually, his stats are like when he was at SLR… but with less minutes!

Hopefully his current push will make us forget about his ghastly start.

He will disappear if he still won’t play in the next two weeks!

Look for him if you like good assist and steal stats.

Wow. This is what you get when a player is released from the Ryan Gregorio prison.

Hopefully he would rack a streak of good games to move up.

The thorn why E-Vil and Major Pain are getting less minutes.

This Aussie is making his posse look good.

When Mark Cardona got his rhythm, Castro saw less minutes and touches.

The biggest victim of the current Josh Urbiztondo hype.

Returning from injury, Major Pain is awesome despite limited minutes.

Baby Shaq is consistent… can’t say that about Gary David and Ronjay Buenafe.

Now here are the guys that made the Top 25!

Does damage as a presence but not in the stats department.
STATS: 24.1mpg (7g) – 6.3ppg, 5.9rpg, 1.6apg, 1.4bpg & 2.1tpg

Chris Timberlake got his minutes. Fantasy players hated this Gregorio move.
STATS: 25.3mpg (7g) – 9.3ppg, 4.4rpg, 4.1apg & 2.1tpg

He has big shoes to fill with the injury of Asi Taulava and Chris Ross’ slump.
STATS: 37.0mpg (5g) – 13.2ppg, 5.0rpg, 5.0apg, 0.8bpg & 2.4tpg

SLR is slumping. It seems the team plays well when he’s in double-double mode.
STATS: 31.3mpg (6g) – 13.3ppg, 9.8rpg & 2.3tpg

He still plays good but he’s getting upstaged by the league’s top rookie.
STATS: 31.7mpg (7g) – 15.0ppg, 3.4rpg, 2.4apg, 0.9spg & 2.4tpg

Man Mountain is a blocking monster! His defense is what keeps him here.
STATS: 26.3mpg (6g) – 7.7ppg, 7.2rpg, 1.0apg, 2.5bpg & 1.3tpg

For a guy that plays less than 24 minutes, he has been getting strong production.
STATS: 23.4mpg (7g) – 11.0ppg, 7.1rpg, 1.4apg, 1.9bpg & 2.3tpg

They won against Alaska but it was because of Don Dulay. Norwood is clusterfucked.
STATS: 38.4mpg (7g) – 12.1ppg, 6.8rpg, 4.0apg, 1.6spg & 2.8tpg

He’s an excellent playmaker sharing a lot of minutes with OTHER excellent playmakers.
STATS: 22.9mpg (8g) – 7.0ppg, 3.5rpg, 4.9apg, 1.1spg & 1.6tpg

The Realtors are in a bind losing 3 of their last 4. Reyes needs to be consistent.
STATS: 32.0mpg (6g) – 11.8ppg, 5.5rpg, 3.8apg, 2.2spg & 1.5tpg

When Jayjay was out, he could have owned the lead role but instead he was upstaged by Skyrus. STATS: 31.2mpg (6g) – 14.2ppg, 5.7rpg, 1.8apg, 1.0spg & 1.3tpg

The Cool Cat has been “purring” it in awesomely as of late playing a PG or an undersized SG.
STATS: 21.6mpg (8g) – 10.6ppg, 4.0rpg, 2.9apg, 1.1spg & 1.8tpg

He missed 2 games. But the reason why he dropped was his 6-pt, 1-reb, and 1-ast game vs. BK.
STATS: 32.8mpg (4g) – 16.8ppg, 5.0rpg, 6.5apg & 3.3tpg

He is Alaska’s biggest bet off the bench and he is making wonders in his current status.
STATS: 23.7mpg (7g) – 13.6ppg, 6.3rpg, 2.1apg & 2.3tpg

Until he solves his turnover woes, his stats will be dragged down. Fact is, that’s his only flaw as of late.
STATS: 32.1mpg (7g) – 13.1ppg, 8.0rpg, 3.0apg & 3.9tpg

Before we go to the top ten, let’s first look at…


Which of the current players play massive minutes?

1 KELLY WILLIAMS (SLR) – 39.2mpg
2 GABE NORWOOD (ROS) – 38.4mpg
3 ALEX CABAGNOT (COK) – 37.0mpg
4 MACMAC CARDONA (TNT) – 34.7mpg
5 JIMMY ALAPAG (TNT) – 34.5mpg
6 WILLIE MILLER (ALA) – 33.6mpg
7 ARWIND SANTOS (SMB) – 33.0mpg
9 LA TENORIO (ALA) – 32.3mpg
10 KERBY RAYMUNDO (PUR) – 32.1mpg

Now, look at how they fared on the list.



Making the top ten is a combination of a team’s win-loss record, stat production, and all that’s good about his current romp.

Surprise number 1 (although he was in the top ten a few weeks back)! For Alaska’s standing, TDC barely makes this part of the list. While I expect him to be gone in two weeks time in the top ten, credit him for being a workhorse, especially churning up those blocks and steals with his vise grip-defense.
STATS: 31.7mpg (7g) – 8.0ppg, 6.4rpg, 2.0apg, 1.6spg, 0.7bpg & 0.7tpg

Surprise number 2! Yes, Pena got the “top ten” nod because he is consistent. Plus, you need to look at his minutes. If he gets a double-double by playing a little over half a game then you’ll find that he is a great stat grabber. He is not the Beermen’s starting center for almost a decade by being a chomp, right?
STATS: 24.1mpg (8g) – 8.0ppg, 10.5rpg & 1.8tpg

Last rank, Captain Hook is at the early 20’s because Jason Castro has been working his minutes. Now, we have returned to normalcy with Macmac drilling 35 points! Also, TNT’s super backcourt duo is moving in to take out Alaska as the big dog in the house. We are now looking at the Cardona that almost won the Best Player of the Conference plum last Phil Cup.
STATS: 34.7mpg (6g) – 20.5ppg, 5.3rpg, 3.2apg & 3.7tpg

The Flying LA has been consistent as Alaska’s top point guard. He briefly topped the team in scoring while giving steady support in rebounds while ranking second in assists and steals. It seems like Tenorio is on a mission to become a top-tier orchestrator a la Helterbrand and Alapag. Hmmm?
STATS: 32.3mpg (7g) – 13.6ppg, 5.1rpg, 3.4apg, 0.9spg & 2.0tpg

When I started this 25MM, Hontiveros wasn’t here. The Beermen started the season with two straight defeats. Six straight wins later, the Beermen are hinting a top-tier turn! While this is happening, the Cebuano Hotshot is on a tear! He is also one of the best backcourt blockers in the league today… despite his size.
STATS: 28.9mpg (8g) – 15.0ppg, 4.9rpg, 1.8apg, 1.0bpg & 3.1tpg

The Speaker of the House has been picking up the slack Willie Miller fails to dish out. His last games proved great in testing his mettle, although you have to wonder if he could ever be a double-double player. Cone’s new triangle tweak is giving JDV leeway to roam the outside… hopefully he could play more of those side shots with effectiveness.
STATS: 27.7mpg (7g) – 13.1ppg, 7.6rpg, 1.4apg, 0.7bpg & 0.9tpg

The Mighty Mouse is second in TNT in terms of offense but his numbers could rival the league’s top players. He ranks second in the league in assists and he ranks in the top ten in terms of points. Alongside Cardona, they form a seriously dangerous backcourt tandem whose biggest thorn is Alaska’s Tenorio and the next guy.
STATS: 34.5mpg (6g) – 17.8ppg, 4.0rpg, 6.0apg, 0.7spg & 2.7tpg

Why is Miller here? Let’s remember that team effort prevailed in Alaska’s wins (which explains the abundance of Alaska players in the top ten). Miller has become quiet after scoring heavy numbers in his first two games. He leads his team in scoring, rebounds, assists, and turnovers. His turnovers are the only thing that’s messing up his style.
STATS: 33.6mpg (7g) – 16.3ppg, 7.6rpg, 4.1apg & 2.9tpg

Machine Gun is Sta. Lucia’s Mr. Do-It-All. He can scorch the hoops inside and outside, carom boards, slam shots, and do damage in whatever angle he could think of. However, this is where the loss of Dennis Espino kicks in. Williams is a consistent scorer but he is not a heavy scorer. Williams needs to do more if he wants SLR to compete with the league’s top squads?
STATS: 39.2mpg (6g) – 16.0ppg, 13.5rpg, 2.2apg, 1.8spg & 3.0tpg

Without having the label of go-to-guy, Arwind is flourishing as an “accidental” go-to-guy with the injuries in SMB. Just when we think Arwind’s MVP runner-up days are over, he goes to a top squad and dominates it. SMB’s six straight victories where more of his fault, especially when he scored 33 points! He has a “1” in all of his points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.
STATS: 33.0mpg (8g) – 18.5ppg, 10.8rpg, 2.1apg, 1.8spg, 1.5bpg & 1.9tpg

Note: Tenorio and Pena were supposed to be number 6 and 8 respectively but they were edged a notch down by Hontiveros and Cardona because these two played awesomely these last two weeks. Its not like Tenorio and Pena didn’t do well but the Cebuano Hotshot and Captain Hook played better.

Yes, I will use “two” veto calls per rankings to the players I feel need a pat on the back and not necessarily a wag of the finger.

JAYJAY HELTERBRAND WILL MOVE TO THE TOP TEN NEXT RANK! And I expect Kerby Raymundo, Ronald Tubid, and Gabe Norwood to move in the standings once their team’s produce a LOT more wins (especially with regards to ROS).

The ranking is tabulated not fabricated. If you have any problems with this DO YOUR OWN MATH!

Until then, GAME OVER!

I have no idea how this happened… but CHRIS MASTERS is the best thing on RAW right now!

I have a bunch of bangketa toys I had since Grade 2 (one's named Horny because back then I didn't know that Horny means other things and the other is named Spidey because he looks like a spider) and I drew them in Photoshop and eventually made them move in Premiere Pro (honestly, I have to command Cindy to teach me because After Effects is easier to use in these types of projects. I also used Sylvia La Torre’s 1956 hit “No Money, No Honey” because of its awesomeness.

So… I tried my hand on animation.

Emphasis on the word “tried”.

I saw this picture in the net and I think he'll make it somewhere inside us.
Perhaps inside where our bowel moves?

This isn't cool when the foes strike back.

I am a fan of reality TV and I followed the show throughout its run. It’s funny that the show is made by my workplace but just like the viewers, we know nothing about its end. Yes, the show is so guarded that leaking it is a deathwish. I am a huge strategy guy and this is what I crave about Survivor. I rarely encounter the US version because I don’t what channel airs it (last I saw it, it was back in Solar Entertainment) but I don’t miss it because the Philippine version is better.

One thing that gives the show its much needed oomph is its weekday format. Audiences love shows they can see everyday (try looking at the two fail attempts of Idol invasion and you’ll see why) and Survivor is a perfect artillery to defend against the Pinoy Big Brother franchise.

Anyway, here are the things I noticed about the castaways (failed) attempt to win the show.

*16) Justine Part 1: Sure, when they discovered her transgender-ness, they thought she’s fragile to work in challenges but it was her mouth that led to her ouster. She was still pissed as hell when the other camp gave Carol the immunity necklace. The attention she was getting was enough to give her the boot en route to Isla Purgatoryo. Anyway, this turned out well for Justine.

16) Carol: Unlike Mommy Zita, Carol was the grownup young people want to hate. She bitches people around and likes to be seen as a “higher being”. She’s also a liability in terms of physical prowess.

15) Maya: Under the radar – she seemed the conniving type but barely made a presence during the early stages. Also, with four men still in the other camp, one girl has to go.

14) Vlad: Aside from the guy that didn’t even try to return to the game, he was basically a two-faced dealer. Unfortunately, seething behind the sidelines is a no-no in this early part of the game. Plus, Louie was a better manipulator than him.

13) Troy: He should be the first one to go with the way he played the game as a suave Casanova that FAILS to attract the women. His ouster was further accented when Vlad left. And the way he was manhandled by Tara was enough to ship his magic tricks elsewhere.

12) Louie: He was not discreet in his role as being the bad boy of the camp. But unlike Season 1's Marlon who used his head in dealing his tactics, Louie bossed around and used people. Unfortunately, Tara and Charles grew horns and this led to his downfall. On a lighter side, he’ll likely fit a bill of a goon or rapist in any big budgeted movie (but since the movie industry sucks right now he’ll likely stick in Indie films) with the way he does his macho dancing while at camp.

11) Cris: Sure, the events that unfolded in that phase made him the unfortunate victim but fact is, while he was dominant in the physical challenges, he was a lousy strategist. He just sat there thinking his brawn would take over the game (think Rupert of Survivor: Pearl Islands). He never approached Tara, Mika, or Charles on the person to vote. And when his ass was on the line during the faceoff between Justine, merely made a house without coming up with anything special! That is why the former 1996 Alaska grand slam team member was eliminated in the contest. He’ll likely end up as some monster in a GMA telenovela.

10) Marvin: He was solid in challenges and quickly pointed out as a threat. But he thought there was a men’s alliance. The fact that they all voted for him means no one thought of scheming at that point and merely relied on a person’s power.

9) Tara: She TALKS too much. Let’s actually emphasis of the term “foulmouth” here. She berated Mika, Jef, Charles, Troy and pissed of Louie, Amanda, Echo, and Justine. With Charles and Echo turning against her, the fact that she had no alliance made her a target (you know if she had a powerful alliance, they’ll surely pick her in the Top 3 because no one would pick her a la Jef).

8) Echo: The Koror people failed to realize that by voting Tara and Marvin, they are leading a slew of Airai people at the helm. Echo played well but the sudden voteoff blinded everyone. With Justine having the immunity necklace and the alliances of Mika/Amanda/Jef and Shaun/Charles/Suzuki in full force, she was the unfortunate odd-woman-out.

7) Suzuki: Shaun, the leader of the men’s alliance, is next in the chopping block so when he and Suzuki found the immunity object, he took it from Suzuki. This was bad for the Jap-Am because it left him vulnerable. Actually, he was funny and adorable and all but as a strategist, he played weak. He looked too gullible and never really made any big thing to save himself.

6) Shaun: Without Suzuki, and with Charles’ flip-flop, he was in his lonesome. He could have played under the radar but this stems from the fact that he didn’t properly nurture the Airai women (first alliance) and Charles (men’s alliance). He deserved the ouster for letting Mika grow horns.

5) Mika: Mika and Amanda are inseparable but Jef, the third woman forming their alliance thinks she’s left out in the cold. This prompts Jef to join an alliance with Justine and Charles. After the most awesome vacation male audiences feasted their eyes on, the duo found out that Jef switched alliances. With Amanda having the necklace, she was out.

4) Charles: He was a chameleon – everchanging, sneaky, and when we saw him pee in his pants… really, really disgusting. But fact is, we saw him as Louie’s lackey, and Tara’s biatch… but we also saw him as a master manipulator, scene-maker, and an assassin. Come to think of it, you can’t blame Charles to be in this position because he now owns a 2M condo.

Although you might still remember him as the guy Tara said “LITCHI KA! LITCHIIII KAAAA!!”

3) Jef: Her value in the game is not how she wins but who’ll win because of her. Because of her indecisiveness, she created the fact that she is the vote castaways fear. She did this against Mika and then Charles. Yes, Tara was right to tell her that she was merely towed to the Final 3 spot but you have to realize that she just replaced Tara in her Final 3 spot – as the person they had to take in the Final 3 because they know people won’t vote for her. In the end, the fact that Justine couldn’t control Jef was enough to destroy her chances.

2) Justine Part 2: When Justine returned to the game, people saw how powerful she was and she got everyone’s respect. When Echo was gone, instead of quitting, she created a bond to carry her to the Final 3. However, the second to the last tribal council was enough for people to think otherwise. The way she downgraded Amanda and the fact that she could have been nice in the tribal council was enough for votes to be cast not for her. You don’t act like a mean bitch inside the tribal council! I haven’t seen anyone win doing this antic. All of a sudden, the Koror originals remembered why they voted her off in the first place.

1) Amanda: She started the fire during her entry and her fire never faded. She was a powerhouse in challenges (with Mika only rivaling her) but merely a follower in voting procedures. Sure, she rode in Mika and Shaun’s cudgels but she was actually the person everybody feared because they think she’s the “brains” behind a person. When you watch Survivor, the fact that she talks little and strategize less doesn’t mean she’s scheming… it just means everyone else is paranoid. This exactly destroyed Justine’s game and the suspiciousness she caused was enough for her to bag the plum.

I don’t know if the outburst was made to force people to side with her or to expose Amanda’s bad side. When the dust settled, Amanda outpointed Justine 4 to 3 with Jef failing to receive any vote. Echo, Charles, and Suzuki stuck with their Koror tribemate while Mika sided with BFF Amanda. Shaun was shocked to hear Justine’s mean streak that he sided with Amanda while Marvin knows that mean streak and reliving it could be his basis not to vote Justine. Until the end, Tara proved to be the BEST VILLIAN OF THIS SEASON by siding with Amanda instead of tribemate Justine.

Actually if you look at their history you’ll find that Justine destroyed the Koror dominance in the merger. Amanda was merely a pawn there while Justine and Echo could have manipulated the others to voting Mika who has the black pearl during those times (worth 2 points). Mika will actually play an important role in this game and her hearty speech in the “Hot Seat” part against Justine doomed the latter.

The sophomore edition of the show wasn’t as big as the original (thanks a lot Rosalinda) but it did give us something to look forward to. The second salvo created a new bunch of heart throbs and hotties (insert Cris Bolado).

Starstruck is the next reality show in the mix for GMA. ABS-CBN will milk PBB and I guess Pinoy Dream Academy will reappear sometime soon. American Idol will premiere this January as Amazing Race Asia promises to return next season. Fear Factor? Just like Idol and Philippines’ Next Top Model, I can’t see it returning. Project Runway Philippines though, is an awesome show though, and it will make its Finale this week. I am not sure how to grade basketball reality shows because its not believable that a player could play straight in the PBA.

The reality format in the Philippines has yet to be exposed in love (The Bachelor), dream jobs (The Apprentice), a better search for a vocalist show (Rockstar), and a "size show" (Biggest Loser).

Paging TV networks…
I was tinkering at my old pictures and I came up with this.

I was passed a script to my boss for approval and the script is about two women that would face each other in a boxing bout.

My boss thinks the phrases I wrote had double meanings.



I just can’t see the point (although “Blow by Blow action” won).

Manny Pacquiao will defy odds anew as he faces Miguel Cotto for his seventh division championship. Unlike past fights, Pacquiao is not the underdog. The only thing that would bother him is his size. Cotto is a natural welterweight while Manny’s body is designed to be quicker.

But there is a catch: it’s alarming to see Pacquiao carry the power he nurtured as a flyweight all the way to the 140-147 level. You will see what I’m talking about in this link:

Very, very in-depth analysis.

Anyway, whoever says Cotto would win is either not Filipino or a Pinoy without any sense of national pride. Yes, this is our curse – we are and should be biased. But still, the odds favor Pacman. We have seen him grow from an overly excited boxer with minimal defense to a fighter that can destroy you with either fists and with quickness for both offense and defense.

Honestly, I can see Pacquiao favored if he plays his game and wins a decision. I can also see Pacman getting a wicked fist injected to Cotto at the start of the third round. Cotto needs to play the game at his pace because if he can’t Pacquiao will prey on him.

I hope Manny wins this fight because the nation will not want to see the country’s pride and joy down on the mat.

Anyway, expect Sunday to be crime free.

And let’s wish Pacman all the best.
Last All Saints’ Day, I brought my laptop to Batangas. There we tested the Magic Jack. The Magic Jack is a net contraption where you can call your love ones using a telephone that is plugged to your PC a la USB. Our relatives in Florida will just pay 20USD annually. But there’s a catch: if you’re not using DSL, it would be harder to connect. Since we solely use broadband USB’s (Tattoo is somewhat crappy now), we can’t use the Magic Jack. So we just used my remaining postpaid broadband credits to indulge in Facebook.

Facebook is the current Top 10 most viewed site in the Philippines (Friendster since Facebook’s launch dropped from number 2 to number 90) outside search engines. If you are reading this, I think you know my avatar: Cindy and I posing when we attended her colleague’s wedding where she was a bridesmaid). They had me enlarge the pic, zoom it, and them castigate it. They dared me to bring her because they want to see the first girl that has met my parents, seen my room, and pretty much get stuffs whenever my parents return from travel bagged with treats. They also asked me to attend the baptism of my cousin’s daughter, Corrine, on November 8. The problem is... that’s our 13th “monthsary”.


I have opened the subject up to my folks and at the same time mouthed the same insights to my beau. Both liked the subject. I was contemplating however… if this would turn pretty.

If there are things you should know about me:

1) I don’t reveal everything about my life – I have my family, two sets of extended families, and friends from high school, college, gaming world, work, and other varieties. I have secrets one part will never know and vice versa. Sure, you might say I write a blog site that exposes my inner thoughts. But fact is news, in layman’s terms, is basically to interest people on what you want them to perceive. Media controls information. You really think you know me? Do you think I’m faking this part? I can’t tell you what you think.
2) The more you pressure me, the more I won’t do it.
3) I don’t like being tested.
4) I don’t blend in... I stand out.
5) I don’t trust a person again once they wronged me.

Oh... it seems I didn’t define numbers 2 to 5. This is not me NOT revealing everything...

Fact is I just feel lazy.

Why the enumeration? You see, this is something relationship-queasy Syd will vomit at. College and environment has prompted me to not take love seriously. Plus... sure, my mom and Cindy got along... but imagine my mom’s bloodline pestering her with advices about the “M” word. Everything they know about my love life is broadcasted through the lips of my mom. Me? I keep mum about my romantic endeavours. Its not that I don’t want to relay it… I just figure that they won’t see it anyway.

It was November 6 when from 8pm to November 7 at 8am, I was fasting to get my blood checked. “Events” in that late Saturday afternoon, forced me to sit out a LAN battle. It was in a way good because I got to my parents’ good side... plus I didn’t return smashed. The last time I got drunk, I ended up trapped in a car en route to the most unpleasant rib since my “ninja roping days” a decade ago. I can’t blame them though. They think I changed for the worst and I think they changed too. It has been three consecutive weekends that I had fun without scourging a sentinel. I did sleep late though so I could hunt movies that will encounter a sudden attack of colorbars (Sky Cable’s censorship tool) at the French Channel. Some things are better left untouched.

By the way, you know you’re getting old when the “games” you have in your computer either starts with Adobe, Microsoft, or Windows.

Anyway, I woke up at 7:30am and since I don’t boil water, putting water on my body is brutal. Due to again… “events”… we got out of the house at 9:30am. I texted Cindy to go straight to the meeting place – the Shell station beside the SM Hypermart branch in Julia Vargas. Midway to the travel, she’s already there which prompted us to double time. When we got there, I went out of the car (sitting at the back because the only way for me to really drive is for me to get my own car) kissed her in the cheek, and told her “Happy Monthsary”.


And so we travelled. When my mom talks to Cindy, this is my cue to sleep. But then, she’ll bug me with things so that will wake me up. Actually, throughout the trip there was an imaginary line between the persons at the front and at the persons at the back. That line will be crossed when the men became silent and the women (particularly my mother) start up a conversation.

Oh, the imaginary line is only for the men!

The time of Corrine’s baptism is an hour before noon so when we arrived, we went straight to the church rather than going to their place. When we arrived, I suddenly experienced jitters. How will they react? Will her presence upstage the occasion? What words will come out of their mouths? How will Cindy react?

I told my parents and Cindy to go ahead as I fortunately forgot the digicam in the car. Yeah, call me a wimp but like I said, the pressure haunts me. This is after all, the first woman I will introduce to the persons that for 27 years, supported me without waiting for something in return. The church was big… so by the time I entered it; they were still standing and introducing themselves to one another.

I don’t know if this is true but when the idea of me bringing Cindy popped up, my cousins never really bought it. When I went up to them… they all have these pretty demonic smirks.

I went to Kelly, my cousin and Corrine’s mom, and she diabolically smiled. She said Cindy had a small face and she was pretty. She also said that she could be insane for dating me. She said this before going with her husband Baldo as they go in front of the altar where the priest will baptize the babies. Kelly’s parents, Ninong Rupeng (mom’s bro) and Ninang Vicky had the same smile. Ninang Vicky kissed Cindy in the cheek (I warned Cindy that my older relatives preferred the traditional “Mano po”) while Ninong Rupeng surprised me by simultaneously laughing and talking. Maxwell, Kelly’s younger brother, was preoccupied entertaining his friends while older brother Mark, a.k.a. Kuzin Brownie, had the same smile as his sister. And yeah, for some insane reason she kept on calling Cindy as Melissa, Mona… and other female names which is seemingly followed by a diabolical smile.

Mark said somewhere in Brgy. Sulpoc, Tanauan, Batangas, there is a house doing serious cleaning. This house is pretty recognizable because of the huge “WELCOME CINDY” tarp displayed on its lawn.

Coming in late were my other cousins Ate Lorie, Kuya Julius, Ate Joan, and Ate Emen. Their other brother Oyet, couldn’t come because he recently had a son named Joaquin. As of 2009, the kids from my mom’s grandkids are as follows: Yana, Jonas, Jolo, Jasmine, recently-born Joaquin, Jao, Mia, Duyduy and Bethany from faraway Florida (Kuzin Andy’s kid).

Mark could have fathered a girl from his past although the quantity (and quality) has yet to be known.

Cindy quickly noticed that we really have a tight-knit connection. Aside from their similar demonic smiles, we were really cozy with each other. Imagine me and my 215-pound frame commanding my 50-year old aunt to carry me. Sure, a piece of my skin was detached when she pinched me but that’s basically our repertoire. Another thing she noticed is that we love to mess around one another. After I greeted Kelly, Ninong Rupeng dragged me to his seat and interviewed me with Cindy sitting at the next row. Then he talked about the “M” word… which is marriage… and he said that he’ll dish out dinero just for his godson to walk down the... middle of the church. Cindy was then sandwiched by my mom and Ninang Vicky, with both supplying information on the persons I meet and greet inside the church. During this moment I was either taking pics or babysitting.

And yeah, my family’s noisiness didn’t escape her either. Ate Joan had her poker-face on, saying that after they get out of church, she’ll interrogate Cindy (by that time, Cindy could have been used to the interrogation).

After baptism, we headed to the reception area where I didn’t know that Tanauan had a “that kind” of place. The food was actually normal. I was expecting people will serve their typical “oily” dishes where inches away from the buffet table is a pig struggling to survive and chickens having their heads removed (they served a couple of my uncle’s goats though). Cindy had no qualms about this except for the fact that she doesn’t eat dinuguan (and she could cry seeing a pig die and not bother to eat it). A few minutes later, Chanana and Mama Zeny arrived. Mama Zeny is the wife of mom’s eldest brother, Papa Johnny while Chanana (Tita Ana) was the one that usually tucked me to sleep when I was little…

Which flares up my godson Jao.

Honestly, imagine a 27-year old battling a three-year old.

Sigh… being a kid has its perks.

Anyway, Chanana and Mama Zeny sat at the other table where whenever I face Cindy, I see Chanana staring at me, constantly raising her eyebrows as she smiles at me. Meanwhile, Mark kept on giving me insane advices on how to love… in front of Cindy. Still calling her Melissa, Mona, and random girl name, he made up false tales of our escapades with Andy and Edwin whenever they visit from Florida. I responded by telling her that Mark was the reason behind all of my wickedness.

Well… not all actually. I caught some bad habits attending college and learned other things as my yuppie life evolved… but like I said to her, whenever I sleep over at his house, we often sneak off at night to Calamba. At Padi’s Point Calamba, he was the one that talks to those unsuspecting province lasses while I was brought in to the picture as the guy that “came from Manila” (but I have to sound like a Fil-Am to pull this off nicely). I barely nailed chicks that way because once the girls voiced their goofy accents, we (mostly I) tend to scram (one of the things I look next in a girl is how they talk… afterwards h0w tH3y tXt! ^_^). When I leave for Manila, he texts the girls up so they could eyeball in some romantic getaway.

That part of my life stopped half a decade ago but he continues to spawn broodlings across Luzon.


A-NY-WAY, Kelly and our cousin Marlon would pester me on how I would use their kids when I decide to “M” word (Marlon’s kid is shy that in order for him to make “mano” I threaten him that I will give him Bratz this Christmas). By this time, I was also hiding from Ninong Rupeng that was pestering me on how I “fooled” Cindy in dating me. This was also the same question asked by my lady cousins. Mark then took me to the other part of the party where Alfonso overflowed. Yes, the drink that could buckle knees and disrupt speech patterns was the “star” of that side. When I got there, I saw a couple of middle-aged men blushed and poised to gag. I learned to never use chaser when drinking hard but I haven’t learned the fact that Mark is fast in dishing out “tagay”.

At this point, Cindy was taking care of Corrine. Kelly exclaims that she had four female cousins present and her daughter is being cared by a woman she only knew two hours ago. Ate Lorie then exclaims “Nagpa-practice”. I heard it because I decided to tap out because there was a goofy-looking, arrogant, braggart menacing us with repeating stories on how he was awesome.

Afterwards, we went to our ancestral home in Brgy. Sulpoc to visit Papa Johnny, Chateray and Ninang Puring. Papa Johnny smirked when I was introducing her while Chateray pinched me in the arm. Chanana was already there so I re-experienced her wicked stares. Ninang Puring (or Chapuring) didn’t see Cindy since she actively participates with church work on Sundays. I toured Cindy to the places where her footwear can’t encounter animal dung. I toured her to the pig pens that were once flourishing with swine. We also saw Joaquin, born October 31, 2009. I was surprised when I heard Ate Nene gave birth. I didn’t even know she was pregnant! I guess this prompted me to visit Batangas more. The last time a slept over was over a year now and that was just a “spur of the moment” thing. But we didn’t stay long in Sulpoc because we need to return to Ninang Vicky’s house. Before we left though, Chateray packed us with a LOT of veggies and suman and other things from their stash. Chateray gave us a pack and she gave Cindy a pack of each as well.

After getting another set of goodies from Ninang Vicky’s house, he headed back to Manila (Mark was busy playing tong-its with Tito Robert (Ninang Vicky’s brother) and other competition). Perhaps imagining Cindy’s arms carrying a LOT of vegetables and other loots, we took her to her house where we were greeted by Cindy’s mom and siblings. In a blink of an eye, the meeting of the two matriarchs made everyone else invisible. They were talking… smiling… and still talking! When we left, Cindy was concern with my sense of direction (or lack thereof). Luckily we found our way back to the highway.

It was almost 8 o’clock then.

I didn’t screw things, Cindy enjoyed, my relatives were all happy and giddy, and my parents met her mother.

That day turned out awesome.
I was watching Attack of the Show and they found this Around The Net.

I didn’t like the kitty.

Error: Booboo on the date part. That should have been dated November 8 instead of 10/08. Sorry but I was rushing it to break this week and that’s going to be a case when you try to create a short movie between the times of 1:00am to 2:00am.


This is my niece, Mary Corrine. She just got baptized. Our family gathered last Sunday in Tanauan, Batangas to celebrate this awesome occasion.
The other events that transpired would be seen on a later date.

This is one reason why Chris Masters was rehired by the WWE.