Maguindanao is always a hotbed of violence in the south. I am not disrespecting the province but even when the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao has yet to reach five years of existence, crimes run rampant. Again, I am not disrespecting anyone but what are they eating in the place to make people go nuts with atrocities?

Anyway, for those living in a rock, that part of the Philippines was rocked when 43 persons were forcefully sent to afterlife when a pack of “beasts” gunned them mercilessly. Sure, the start of the filing of candidacy means a slight decrease of life in the nation but I find no sense in killing 43 people… and raping some of them before shattering their lives in an instant.

Buluan Vice Mayor Toto Mangudadatu plans to run as governor in the coming 2010 elections. This was somewhat like Tito Sotto who jumped from Vice Mayor to Senator in 1992. Anyway, this “jump” meant that Toto has a fighting chance to sway the odds in his favor. Standing in his way is current Maguindanao governor Andal Amputuan Sr.

Yes, there is friction between these two camps. Filing for candidacy, Toto asked his wife, younger sister and supporters to file his candidacy for him. Before the “motorcade” (since you can’t expect 43 civilians to fit in one vehicle) reached the Comelec grounds, they were flagged down by a private army allegedly led by Andal Amputuan Jr. and the shootfest occurred. Toto said in his interview at local Catholic station DXND in Kidapawan City that he opted not to bring armed men because he didn’t want any problems to occur.

I am sorry but a better alternative was to hide your bodyguards from eyesight, play them as a supporter, flood the vehicles with firearms, and NOT make your supporters become free kills.

But of course, no one in their right mind would attempt to do such a merciless and cowardly act.

Like I said, no one in their RIGHT mind.

And to add insult to injury, his wife was raped before getting killed. I am a Catholic but I don’t think there is a RELIGION (even Satan worshippers) that commends these acts of gore. Killing 43 people in broad daylight is seriously scary. What’s worse is that 12 of them work in the field of media. Whoever did this should have done this cleanly because there is NO WAY that UNTV, Manila Bulletin, DZRH, Bombo Radyo, and the rest of the broadcasting industry whose men were lost in these senseless deaths would take this incident sitting down. Hell the PCIJ, is now calling for their heads. It wouldn’t matter at first but MEDIA HAS ITS WAY TO GET WHAT IT WANTS! Bill Clinton would have been impeached if Media didn’t made him such a lovable darling (especially when they aired his “sorry” speech) but Media could be harsh just like what Deep Throat did to expose resigned president Richard Nixon. Maguindanao (or the whole of Mindanao for that matter), is in danger of having their democracy temporarily evoked from them. Quoting what Senator Aquilino Pimentel said when interviewed by Philippine Star, that part should be placed in state of emergency and at the very least, marines must be sent to patrol the area.

Its not like election-related deaths are particularly residing mainly in that part but you don’t see that many civilians dying… well, unless it’s a bomb blast. These are ammos fired directly at these folks. This bloodbath is stupid.

For those responsible, whatever gender, whatever religion, whatever race, and whatever discrimination you have your mind radically plotting into… you have a lot of explaining to do come judgment day.

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