Halloween 2k9

Our department used our heads on “not work”-related matters.

For example, we invited a bunch of kids to our “lair” and we held a Halloween Cosplay last Oct 30. Some “careered” their costumes, while others need to explain their costumes so people could laugh at it. I’m a emo callboy by the way!

Because of the shirt (courtesy of My T-shirt Project) and the slit on the wrist!


While some stood out, let’s rate some of the awesomeness I caught. Let’s rate the costumes via their scare factor, concept, and failure.

This classification is brought to you by the Chicago Bulls’ mascot.

Concept: Do you know how actors fly? Aside from the strings and wires they frame-by-frame delete, it’s also best if you do this in a GREEN or CHROMA background. Why is that?

Awesome, huh?

Failure: Mimicking a character has its pros and cons. Pull it off and you’re awesome. NOT PULL IT OFF will make you something else. Take this guy for instance: he said he’s Edward Scissorhands.

Everyone called him Moymoy Palaboy so that prompted him to call himself Moymoy Palaboy.

But then they called him taong grasa…

Get the drift?

Scare Factor: Finally what’s scary about this guy is he has the ability to make cute things grotesque. Don’t believe me?

Look at this!

Here are some of the other featured stuffs!

We have ensembles…

As well as individual awesomeness…


… or quickie costumes…

This is basically how we do things in our office.

Anyway, luckily this comes once a year. I have a year to come up with a more awesome costume!

I shall become an EMO CALLBOY… with BANGS!


Game over!


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