NBA Fantasy League

From the makers of PBFANTASY comes a new enjoyable online “predict” game.

The NBA Salary Cap game is in a way like PBFANTASY. However, unlike the PBA version where you can plot your games one week or two weeks early, this version needs daily attention. You start off with 50 million dollars and you need eight players to fill up your roster.

Now, 50 million is a lot but considering that reigning MVP LeBron James is worth 14 million makes you want to think twice on who’ll get for your roster. Now this is where NBA on BTV is helpful. Praise Rick Kamla for his lucky (or crappy) opinions! Like PBFANTASY, you can play in a random league or in a friend-filled league. UNLIKE PBFANTASY, you can’t trade players as much as often. You gain two quick trades by signing up and one trade opportunity per week. Reserve this trade for injury sightings as much for listless players. And don’t think in any way that bench boys aren’t important. Souping up your bench with a Roy Hibbert or Joakim Noah to complement Chris Bosh isn’t that hard.

Anyway, I tested it and my team of James, Bosh, Noah, Greg Oden, Brandon Jennings, Trevor Ariza, Anthony Morrow, and Hibbert are proving solid. I did use my trade opportunity for singing Hibbert and dumping Tyler Hansbrough. Hansbrough, dubbed as one of the greatest NCAA players ever, has yet to find his bearings as an NBA player so subbing him for Hibbert was easy.

Before I posted this, I traded Morrow for New Jersey Net Chris Douglas-Roberts because Morrow’s Golden State is currently undergoing re-gelling with the trade that involved Vladimir Radmanovic and Raja Bell (to Golden State) and Stephen Jackson and Acie Law (to Charlotte). Besides, with Devin Harris out, Douglas-Roberts is having his time as a top guy. Great thing here though, is you can get the players back. Its easy to join and you can make five teams with one account.

Just don’t let it pass the trade deadline though.


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