I was lucky to watch UFC 106. I didn’t know it was on but I figured to watch and rate it…

But I will only rate the final two bouts because these bouts featured three names I’m familiar with. Let’s start with these though:

Quentin “Rampage” Jackson will play Sgt. B. A. Baracus in the film version of the 1980’s action series The A-Team. Joining him in this cast is Liam Neeson as Hannibal Smith, Bradley Cooper as Faceman Peck and Sharlto Copley as Howling Mad Murdock. This is fitting vehicle for Cooper’s mainstream status but I wonder how Rampage will fare. Unlike other A-Team cast members, Mr. T is the most recognizable face in the TV series and TV in general in that era. YOU HAVE TO WONDER how he will pull off such an iconic figure as successfully portrayed by Mr. T.

For some reason though, he was showing his “bad-ass”-ness during The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights edition.

Come to think of it, Kimbo Slice could be a person that can fit the bill.

Josh Koscheck versus Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

I hated Koscheck during TUF. He was a bully. I cheered for Chris Leben even if he lost all of his bouts against this All-American. However, his arrogance makes him a great guy to cheer or hate. I was routing for him to win against Rumble because I don’t really know much about Johnson and I am a huge TUF 1 mark (In the following order: Sanchez, Griffin, Florian, Koscheck, Swick, Bonnar, Leben, and Quarry). Johnson was out-trash-talking Koscheck… what the hell?

Anyway, Johnson and Koscheck were getting amped on their match when Rumble’s intensity caused him to hit Kos with a knee to the head when Rumble was sitting down and Kos was kneeling. Kos staggered down and everyone knew that it was illegal and Kos was seen holding his eye. Before the kick, Johnson touched Kos’ eyes which proved a bad setup for the illegal blow. Afterwards the fight continued but Johnson, a recent eye surgery guy, found himself in the receiving end of two accidental eye pokes (Joe Rogan is blaming the handgear at this point). Kos went berserk when the battle went to his wrestling background with him bloodying Rumble. Koscheck, a NCAA wrestling All-American brought the fight to the ground and at 4:47 of the second round, Kos submits Rumble with a rear-naked choke.

We get our usual Koscheck arrogance by telling the crowd that Dan Hardy doesn’t deserve to be a number one contender.


Forrest Griffin versus Tito Ortiz

We see a clip when Griffin won over Ortiz despite being bloodied. Lots of respect between these two men which makes me wonder if we’ll still see the Huntington Beach Bad Boy of old. Griffin comes out to a Chumbawumba song. Everyone loves one hit wonders. Tito came out with an Eminem song and you can see a blackeye. I will rout for Ortiz if he was facing Mark “The Hammer” Coleman but my bromance for Ultimate Fighter Season 1 contestants makes me mark out for Forrest. Forrest’s kicks proved key for Ortiz to second guess himself. Tito’s strikes are solid but you have to wonder how long will Forrest stand up in this fight. The action could have gone either way in the first round. In the second, while Forrest had his moments, Tito brought him to the ground and gave him a barrage of shots to the head which eventually popped a scar tissue in Forrest’s cheeks. This could have been dominating had not for Griffin’s attempts to frequently set up the triangle. In the third round though, instead of decimating Forrest, it seems like Tito stopped on the offensive! He was waiting for his chance so long that with a minute left in the fight, the judges are sure that Forrest was the worker of the round and Tito had zero attempts to win it.

Again the end of the match was decided with the scorecards with the fan favorite winning it via a split decision. Afterwards, crowd booed Ortiz for making excuses but Griffin grabbed the mic and told the fans to love the guy putting a helluva show. While I love Forrest, HE HAS GUTS (sick and foolish) for grabbing the mic away from Bad Boy. Not unless you have a deathwish, will you do that? Come to think of it, LONG AND PAINFUL DEMISE is what I expect if some random thug tries to pull that stunt on the HUNTINGTON BEACH BAD BOY! Luckily, Forrest and Tito have mutual respect for each other. And yeah, going 2-0 is cool so Forrest asking for more of Ortiz could either be stupid, or merely doing this for the sake of pwning a MMA legend.

Not MMA-related, Charice Pempengco will play one of the leads in the upcoming “Squeakwell” of Alvin and the Chipmunks.



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