2010 Wish List

First of all, let me just say that I sometimes hate Vlad Guarina for giving my website a theme song.

Let’s get Sydrified… Sydrified…
I wanna get Sydrified…
Let’s geeet Sydrified…
Let me hear your body rock… your body rock…


Anyway, I am at my work station on this stressless day of December 29, 2009 and we are moments away to celebrate the New Year! I have yet to do this on my website but one of the easiest ways to blogs in this season is to write your New Year’s Resolutions!


1. CLAIM 5000 PAGE VIEWS: Using Flag Counter, my site has been spotted in 33 countries. I like the fact that 59 percent of the surfers are Pinoys. Actually, if I want to give my site a 50/50 audience share (meaning 50 percent of the readers are foreigners), I need to commercialize my site further. Hey, I can do movie reviews, and hugely popular sports blogs but if I want to press my luck up a notch, I would still insert personal stories.

2. GET THIN: Who cares if I’m fat? Obviously the people I know. It seems that my 225-pound frame is an issue to some and I don’t know why. I am thinking of either buying a treadmill or a stationary bike that I will in front of my TV so I could work on it on mornings and evenings. I hate the fact that metabolism abandoned and thus the appearance of my stretch marks (my sister calls this the “during phase” of a pregnant lady). And yeah, you can’t make me “jog” under the sun.

3. LEARN NEW STUFFS: I am thinking of learning an instrument or attempting to do something ambitious. I am too old to start a new sport and I don’t think I’d be joining Cindy in any more fun runs. I really want to learn to drive inside the highway but I fear scratching the car that my dad bought. I am relearning Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro and Cindy has been giving me tutorials about After Effects.

4. TRAVEL: I have never rode a plane. That sucks. The northernmost point that I have reached was when I went to Baguio. The southernmost point I reached was when I went to Sorsogon. I want to blog about places! Maybe I will get that chance this summer but I first need to clear my work load because I don’t want to be a burden to other people.

5. REPACKAGING: Regardless if this is my family, friends or people who knew me, they still think of me as either that weird guy that has his own world or that childish guy with no backbone. In terms of my love life, people continuously think that I am a womanizer. Here’s the thing: I will always have my own world because believe it or not, that makes me sane (thus the creation of this blog) but no, I am seriously attempting to grow spine. My bank account is borderline in the 40k mark and I hope to double that by the end of 2010. I don’t need to grow old to grow maturity. I want to earn people’s respect.

As for being a womanizer? Hmmm…


For non-Tagalog speaking readers, you probably won’t understand this but puki ng ina, 14 na buwan na kaming magkasama hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin nila maintindihan na hindi ako babaero! Lalake siguro kung may pera pwede basta walang tirahan sa pwet pero pucha, kung may samaan kami ng loob, kadalasan nagmumula sa mga tanginang sitwasyong imbento! Yung sa lalake joke lang yun pero baka seryosohin niyo! Tangina alam kong may sablay din kayo sa pagkatao niyo pero nakikita niyo ba akong hinuhusgahan kayo? Hindeeeeeee! Gusto niyo may pagusapan? Dahil kating-kati kayo sa mga chismax? Eto bonus! First time ko sa pokpok! Ever since, allergic nako sa pokpok! Ayun, happy? Kung madumi bunganga ko MASMADUMI UTAK NIYO! BWISET!



6. ANGER MANAGEMENT: Ever since I’ve stopped smoking (don’t worry, I will return the habit… I just don’t know when) I’m easily riled up. I hate people pissing me off, which frighten me because once, one of my strong points was looking at the good side of bad things. It also never helps the fact that my favorite Korean drama can be seen during the wee hours of 3am (yes, you are not Jologs if you watch Korean drama before it gets dubbed in Tagalog).

The things I imposed are pretty broad and very easy to follow (except for the “thinning” part). I could probably execute this properly with the help of hmmm… mental toughness?

Let the season give you all the awesomeness you hope for!

Welcome 2010!

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  1. for misconception issues, the rant i made was for punchline purposes.

    thanks to alan canlas for pointing this out.

    by the way, i will rule you in pbfantasy.