Braden Walker's Two Weeks!

Former WWE/WCW wrestler commented this on his debut: "Speaking of huge wastes, quite the debut for Braden Walker. I don't know Chris Harris but anyone who shows up for their WWE debut in the worst shape of their career, deserves to be fired. Wellness policy aside, I don't believe the treadmill is on the banned substance list"!

Yup, this was harsh… and sadly, true.

(Writer’s Note: I was searching You Tube one night and I saw the clip below. This prompted me to write.)

I remember when I was watching the early days of TNA. There was a tag team that had muscle and at the same time, speed and skill. This is not your typical roided up athletes that could barely perform a hip toss. “Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris can wrestle aerial, ground, or hardcore. I like the fact that they really looked believable. They were quick big guys a la Natural Born Thrillers but unlike those Power Plant members, they know how to move well inside the ring. Eventually the team had to break up when Harris, the dimmed better of the two, was betrayed by his jealous partner with Cowboy smashing Wildcat’s skull with a beer bottle. Storm then got a drunkard Texan gimmick which made gave him more personality. Harris, on the other hand, was the guy bent of proving the people he could become a great star.

And then he started to show guts. Nope, not that bravery bit… the stomach “gut”. You see, he has been discontented with the way his personality-less character is getting the push so when his contract expired, he welcomed the trip up north. WWE found him a great find and he would have been ECW’s upcoming stars (he debuted in that brand) but he was FAT!

See I am fat too. But I believe he lost his skill and speed and became just another big man when he debuted in ECW. Plus, with Vince McMahon not keen of using the real or indy names of his employees, Harris was given a pretty bitchin’ name…

Braden Walker.

No offense but suddenly, James Storm – the Marty Jannetty of the group – is doing well. Storm had something that Harris failed to have which was charisma. Add that to his one pack, and the non-superstar treatment he’s been ranting upon and you just yourself booked to the “WWE Future Endeavors Club”.

I doubt if Chris Harris will ever return in the WWE. I would have seen him join a random individual (during that time it could have been Matt Hardy) to make the tag belts elite. I hear he’s back in the indy circuit. Reforming America’s Most Wanted could be an idea but you have to consider that Beer Money Inc. (Storm and former Team Canada muscle Robert Roode) is currently doing great. And with the way TNA is trying to go head-to-head with WWE? Roode has more of a personality than Harris at this point.

While I don’t think he’ll be doing this…

I hope he gets another shot in either the WWE or TNA to get back his untapped potential…

And push his damned luck once more.

Game over.


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