FANTASY versus REALITY 2 – Bret Hart’s back and the Philippine Cycling fiasco

Again, two sides of action go head-to-head in a battle where everyone’s a winner!

One deals with the whimsical world of sports entertainment. The other is the also whimsical world of Philippine Sports!

Game starts now!

FANTASY: Bret Hart signs with the WWE

It happened at the Survivor Series 1997 PPV held in Montreal, Canada. The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels will battle the Excellence of Execution Bret Hart for the WWF Belt (this was before they lost the acronym to a panda). Shawn Michaels placed Bret “The Hitman” Hart in the Sharpshooter and mere seconds from the setup Vince McMahon ordered the timekeeper to ring the bell. Bret Hart was shocked. Michaels too was shocked (haha). Referee Earl Hebner ran to the back and quickly rode a getaway vehicle while the wrestlers at the locker room were mad as hell. Bret punched Vince in the face and then stormed out of the arena. This was his last appearance in a WWE ring. Vince feared Bret will take the belt to WCW, which was where Bret Hart would be in a week. Bret doesn’t want to lose in Canada. Michaels? He just hates Bret.

This was the Montreal Screwjob – an accidental yet unforgettable event in the annals of professional wrestling (see Wikipedia). This was when the fakeness of wrestling and the realness of emotions merged. Afterwards Bret Hart moved to WCW where his fame staggered. Sure he was winning belts, but the WCW people can’t use him properly.

He retired from wrestling after suffering a stroke.

He returned to a WWE event to plug his book, plug his DVD and to receive his Hall of Fame recognition (although when the Hall of Fame recipients were standing in the ramp at Wrestlemania, he was absent).

Apparently, Vince and Bret have ironed out their differences… in the business sense.

Effective January 4, 2010 – the first time TNA will air Impact on Monday (Hulk Hogan, TNA President Dixie Carter, and former WCW President Eric Bischoff got this idea to go head-to-head with WWE), Bret Hart will be featured as WWE Raw’s guest host in Canada. His contract will end on April 10 – two weeks after Wrestlemania. For TNA, the ratings will make or break their decision to compete with WWE’s flagship program. For WWE, this is a way to crush a bug that has grown so fat that it thinks it could penetrate the sports entertainment audience.

At this point, let’s look at several scenarios that they could play out:

1 Shawn Michaels during the Slammy Awards, called out The Undertaker for a Wrestlemania rematch of their Match of the Year match (this is for The Undertaker’s unprecedented winning streak). Bret Hart could be the guest ref and this time, screw Michaels when he had The Undertaker beat.

2 This is a longshot but Bret will return as the permanent GM of Raw. He will be a heel in the US and give all the Canadian wrestlers an easy time. DX will face Bret Hart and The Hart Dynasty in a handicap match for Bret’s GM status. After DX wins, Bret leaves.

3 Bret Hart versus Vince McMahon could make fans salivate on how Bret would make this match in some ways… real. Think Matt Hardy versus Edge, two real life enemies battle out to one up the other. Unfortunately, this would be more like a street fight since Vince would suck in wrestling and I imagine a lot of interferences in this match.

4 Bret Hart versus Shawn Michaels should be like Vince/Bret but with more wrestling. Now, I don’t know if Bret is healthy enough to wrestle but if he still has 50% percent of wrestling goodness (better than The Great Khali), I see this as a Match of the Year contender for the hype alone!

This is the four scenarios that would suit best for the Hitman. I want the fourth scenario to become real but I think the first scenario could be better for him story-wise and health-wise.

REALITY: The Philippine Cycling Fiasco

Honestly, there is a SEA Games?

Sigh, no one can see how we’re doing because with basketball scratched out from the list of events – no station wants to broadcast it.

No NBN/IBC/RPN joint project…

No JEMAH/ Silverstar project…

Maybe Solar Sports? So this statement will change from no one… to no Sky cable subscriber can see the SEA Games.

Maritess Bitbit is a 31-year old cyclist that was initially bent to score three gold medals. Its not like she can’t do it… after all, she is the defending champion. With her main rivals retired or injured, this was her chance to claim a medal she can boast on her grandkids.

Only in the Philippines where you could see athletes going on a DNP because of politics.

Why do we have two sports commissions anyway? I just don’t get it. If you look at it, the Philippine Olympic Commission is only for Olympic events but the Philippine Sports Commission heads Philippine Sports as a whole. This is precise if you base it on names.

But we are the Philippines! We don’t care about international federations! I remember when our sports leaders battled FIBA which led to our suspension. No, I agree with the ouster because BAP without any support from the PBA, PBL, NCAA, and UAAP is basically an organization based upon nothing (also the fact that the RP team lost to Paranaque Jets led by Anjo Yllana and Antonio Aquitania). But imagine the sight where the PSC-supported and the POC-supported athletes marching at the opening ceremonies as though they are “united”. Two sets of uniforms, two sets of chef de missions… CRAP!

Bitbit could be flip-flopping here but I believe an athlete’s main purpose is to compete. This is the only thing that separates them from us, less-skilled civilians. When Bitbit says she was threatened, you have to believe it. Bitbit is the only athlete UCI-accredited. No loophole should be used disrespectfully trash their authority. Instead of punishing her for not being like her team mates, Bitbit should have been sent to fight to “avenge” her restrained team mates.

POC Chairman Jose “Peping” Cojuangco called out PhilCycling head Bambol Tolentino as if to say that he was the one responsible for the debacle. PSC Chairman Harry Angping is saying that not making Bitbit compete is unpatriotic. Cojuangco stated that UCI could have dropped the ban on the athletes… if Tolentino approves it. Tolentino did not do it so Cojuangco is blaming him. Tolentino on the other hand, wasn’t approached by Cojuangco. Why would Conjuangco anyway? He is not recognizing Tolentino as the cycling head but businessman / sports supporter Mikee Romero. Romero, famous for creating a dynasty in the PBL called Harbour Centre (later named Oracle), said he just wants to help cycling and if he knew that the job would be this stressful, then he wouldn’t have accepted it.

And the roller coaster continues.

Ultimately, the main protagonists of this soap opera are Cojuangco and Angping. Unity will make sports better. This is actually one of the main facets of competition which is to develop teamwork among members.

Because of politicians lowly athletes like Bitbit are treated like pawns whose mission is to bring gold despite poor conditions. Sure, Bitbit was to be given the 300,000Php given by the sponsors for those that won the gold but Bitbit was about to compete in three events. That means 900,000Php. Fact is, cyclists could have had b are treated like pawns whose mission is to bring gold despite poor conditions. Sure, Bitbit was to be given the 300,000Php given by the sponsors for those that won the gold but Bitbit was about to compete in three events. That means 900,000Php. Fact is, athletes are often victims of lack of equipment, compensation, exposure, respect… if you are not a basketball player, a boxer, or a rich kid, the only training you’ll ever get is through joining the army.

I remember when the Marlboro Tour was one of the highlights of the summer. After these politicians submitted the anti-tobacco ad ban, the tour was cut to half, not televised, or simply not staged.

I hope the next administration address this situation seriously.

There can be only one… and one of these commissions NEED to go!

One is good and the other is bad. Which of these news stories will make people giddy?

Until the next installment.

Game over.


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