Game Plan's Best Team Results

Back in the mid-2000’s, Probe Productions’ Game Plan made a poll to let the public vote on who they thought was the greatest team ever.

In case you didn’t see it… or in case you didn’t know, this was the turnout.

Click to find out (as if the logo was not a giveaway).

By the way, here’s a quick rundown of my Top 12 favorite Thomasians from the 90’s.

1) Aric del Rosario
2) Dennis Espino
3) Henry Ong
4) Dale Singson
5) Bal David
6) Christopher Cantonjos
7) Gerard Francisco
8) Richard Yee
9) Rey Evangelista
10) Estong Ballesteros
11) Edmund Reyes
12) Rudolf Belmonte

Fact is: Since UST switched from Glowing Goldies to Growling Tigers, a newfound swagger was ignited. Face it, Glowing Goldies is such a gay name. The move was said to be prompted by the Goldies’ mascot, a friar, showed up in the opening ceremonies all bandaged up. Longtime UST sports head Felicitas Francisco urged the school to brand UST as Tigers.

Known Goldies before the moniker switch were Pido Jarencio, Bobby Jose, Alfrancis Chua, Binky Favis, Rabbi Tomacruz, Aris Franco, and the late Gido Babilonia. Legends produced by the school include Fely Fajardo, Gabby Fajardo, Larry Mumar, Danny Florencio, and Bogs Adornado.


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