Happy Bithday Sister!

My sister turned 26 this December 1.

Uncustomary of me, I bought her a gift. I usually give her a gift in the middle of her birthday and Christmas so that I could give her only one present.

Yes, I am that kind of a miser.

Anyway, last Saturday I undertook the first of three Christmas shopping sessions. The November 28 session happened when I scoured the metro for our Christmas party exchange gift. It was also the time I helped Cindy pick out a dress for a wedding she’ll be attending next week. The malls are booked full and mind you, it has yet to reach December.

I always tease my sister for being adopted. She’s not in any means but as an older brother, I have the duty to taunt her with utmost consistency. That’s one of the million jokes I have for her. I call her "monkey" as a pet name. Another joke I have is that eldest kids are incidental while succeeding siblings are accidental. There was also a phase when I always introduce her as my gay brother Wendell. Anyway, I bought her a shirt from my official clothing line, My T-Shirt Project. While people laugh at the words read in their shirts, I wear the shirts you people laugh at.

Anyway, I bought my sister a shirt with a copy that in some way, made her happy and mad at the same time.

There’s a problem though.

Don’t worry. You can replace the clothes you bought from My T-Shirt Project for a week’s duration. From large (ladies size), I swapped the shirt for large (men’s size).

Game over.


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