Mega Suicide

Provoked by a trip to the mall, one’s suicidal tendencies flourished.

Don’t worry… this is not mental… yet.

December 14, 2009

I was at Trinoma to eat lunch. This was a Monday and my officemates wanted to hang out. After eating at Food Choices (Paotsin is an underrated lunch meal), I longed for a dessert. I insisted of meeting up with them to the smoking area so I could swerve to Dairy Queen (by the way, the “smokes” I am getting are the secondhand ones).

For some reason I bought the 12-ounce Oreo Blizzard rather than my normal 16-ounce craving. Why? I don’t know actually…

By the time I left Dairy Queen I had this smile in my face because I was licking a plastic spoon. But then I saw my officemates still near DQ because they were checking out the stalls so I find myself not texting them.

As I met up, it revealed to them that I was eating an Oreo Blizzard! Then a particular officemate, Isko, someone calling me fat most of the time, snatched the Blizzard out of hand and asked if their tag line was real.

What tagline? You know… the thing where they serve the Blizzard upside down?

Yeah he did it.

After 10 seconds of holding it upside down, the cream fell as we rode the escalator.

In an attempt to save the Blizzard… he tried to catch it with his hand.

Does he think I would eat that dripping goo after it went to his hand?


Yes, piles of what was once my dessert parted and settled at the top and bottom of the escalator.

This is suicide.

The word suicide was coined specifically for me by my officemates. It all started when we had our lunch in Ma Mon Luk. While people adore the tradition of this restaurant, I fear the big portrait of Ma. The place looks so old and I think spirits wander the area. Anyway I ordered a concoction called suicide, which was a combination of Coke, Sprite, Royal, and Sarsi (during my high school, we call this “Mix”). When I saw this, I sipped and then with an accidental flick of the wrist, the contents dropped on my slacks.

Yes… I wore slacks.

Ever since, a dumb ass move that leaves you dirty like a grade schooler is dubbed as “suicide”.

When Isko was freaked out with the goo in his hands, I ran upwards with my insane insulting giggle glaring at the background. Isko asked if he needs to pay my Blizzard. I said don’t bother because it was funny.

That’s why I posted this on my blog.

Game over.

PS: Anyone from Trinoma reading this? Can I get a copy of your CCTV in the escalator near Fully Loaded around 1pm to 2pm?



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