Payback's A Bitch

Look, the power of media is more powerful and dangerous than ever. This was what that idiot Ampatuan failed to understand.

Come on... laugh now.

With one click, the world could spew derogatory remarks because of the actions he did in that gruelling day. Worse, who says media men are those that have a media ID? Facebook subscribers are uploading and previewing those uncensored visuals easily. Because of him, Philippine soil was branded as a dangerous hub for journalists. Anybody surnamed Ampatuan could be seen as devils in flesh and bone. So what if he merely retaliated because of what the victims did to them? In basketball, those that were caught elbowing a player are the ones ejected. Usually this comes from those that “give something back” to the other player. In Iraq, all journalist deaths are either accidental or via bombs. Sure, there were beheadings but comparing us, with a war-torn country still reeling from the military regime enforced by Saddam Hussein is cruel and over the top.

Hell, that Sigrid Fortun guy... a high calibre lawyer with great wins under his belt is by all means, “doing his job” but media can and will label him as “greedy”, “only in it for the money”, “selfish”, “unpatriotic” and other terms since in the Papers because media can and will have its revenge against those that bastardized their “kindred”. The Tiger Woods issue could have stopped as a freak traffic mishap but because of feisty journalists (or paparazzi), Tiger’s problem ballooned to a semi-retirement from the sport he holds dear, Accenture and other brands moving away from his side, and a missus that will spend Christmas (or lifetime that doesn’t involve their kids and a divorce trial) away from him.

Poor Fortun. He’ll go in there and defend a man with 25 counts of murder! He needs to dig down deep, review every loophole he needs to know, pop as many stress pills as possible, and contest the rule of many that has labelled “Junior” and his clan as devils on earth.

And what’s worse... what if he wins?

Okay, I’ll stop being preachy now.


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