Pimping Oneself

My site has been seen in 23 countries!

Yeah, I’m bragging about this!

One could readily dismiss me as a sellout!

Well… I agree.

However, advertising plays a big picture in how successful you want your site to become. When I was doing Snapshots in Multiply (YM conversations I post in the internet), the most ping-ed episodes are the ones with broader topics. A few weeks back, despite two years of inactivity (I have since been re-posting topics from my Blogger page), I got a person to comment on my site. Me and a friend named Bajie were talking about 80’s matinee idols and Dale Villar was mentioned. Dale Villar’s claim to fame was a Pepsi TVC that gave film and TV appearances courtesy of Viva. He was a Pinoy actor that we mentioned barely acted well (it was because of his Fil-Amness and the fact that he is seen in the Andrew E movies of the 90’s).

Anywho, guess who visited my Multiply site?


If you re-read the lines (probably you won’t understand this if you’ don’t understand Tagalog), you’ll see that we didn’t have nice words to say about him. Luckily, I guess he understood this and shared a hearty laugh alongside everyone who thought the best decade of Philippine Movies didn’t happen in 1990 (I vote for the 70’s). He has since been shuttling back and forth the States and the Philippines (mostly in the States) to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. He guest starred in the absurd cuckoo-landia of Better Off Ted which also stars Portia de Rossi (Ally McBeal and Arrested Development) and Andrea Anders (The Class and Joey). You see how those calling card pimping and social networking played for him?

Who knew he’ll have a career outside Viva Films?

Anyway, returning to my advertising bid, I am researching a lot of avenues to increase my blog’s audience. Aside from making proper use of tags, and making use of Adsense, I entered my site to blog-sharing sites like Blog Explosion, MyBlogLog and Entrecard. I remembered when I first scored my first writing gig. I was part of an online community named Highfiber when I wrote something about the PBA’s biggest busts. I guy named Mark ping-ed me and asked me if I want to join a small pool of writers that doesn’t get paid much, but gets a chance to write about the PBA. I said yes. Time and again I accepted and ditched writing jobs here and there but I still continue to feed an article or two to http://www.hoops.blink.ph/ (that’s another reason why you need to click the link). I have a loyal following as one of many resident know-it-alls and had some of my articles answered (good or bad) by guys like former Letran forward Erwin Velez, former FEU standout Nestor Echano, Purefoods player Rico Maierhofer, and current Barako Bull team captain Alex Crisano, among others.

I don’t want to pimp myself to random online writing jobs anymore. I don’t want to write six articles a day or rewrite a piece or write something I don’t know like the awesomeness of a lamp made from dried-up leaves of a palm tree from a random American Midwest county.

Visit http://www.dogtards.com/ to get an idea on the crap I made for almost half a year.

I hope I can double the visitors of my site come 2010 and as much as I want to place “personal” things in my site, a lot of “professional” things could also be seen in my site.

But make no mistake – the site will still be wickedly awesome.

Game over.

PS – For all of you guys that want to contact the awesomeness that is Dale Villar, visit his dot com at http://www.dalevillar.com/.


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