The Sleepover

I was with Cindy last Saturday at SM North looking for gifts for my parents (I bought a jacket for my Dad and a Last Supper wall thing for my Mom) when she gets this call about an errand.

The next day, I was busy reading Mythology Class in my house (Arnold Arre is awesome) when Cindy calls me about the complications of this errand.

Then I volunteered my laptop.

This was the first time Cindy slept over at my house.

My parents were at the house and when I told then that Cindy will come to my house to use my laptop, my Mom commanded me to clean my room. My Dad on the other hand, was at his room watching some sort of Korean drama on KBS World. When Cindy got all the things she need to work at my house, my mom commanded my dad to come with me because she’s too lazy to cook then (I will re-master driving when I get a car of my own). After meeting Cindy at Ever Commonwealth where she also bought a cake, I purchased a chicken and liempo at the Baliwag stall near our village.

Taking out the cake tasting and dinner, she was busy. She’ll often kick me out of the room because I was more of a pain than a help. I would use this time catch the Ginebra versus San Miguel game (I am convinced that Jong Uichico can’t use Enrico Villanueva properly), Mighty Ducks 3, and the OTHER Korean drama my parents drooled upon.

Then I heard a closed door open and she came out saying that my laptop cannot read a MOV file and she asked why I don’t have Quicktime. So I borrowed my Dad’s laptop so I can download Quicktime.

SAYING GLOBE TATTOO IS WORTHLESS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! I am bent to switch to Bro next year. I got swindled by a couple of women from the Globe Service Center in a random mall when they told me that the SUPERDUO 599 CAN BE USED TO SURF THE INTERNET (My officemate knew one of them which prompted us to browse their flyers)! I told them, “your flyer reads for calls only” but the two insisted that it can also do such. Now I’m stuck with this with no “undo” buttons to counter my gullibility. Worse, I have unlimited calls to all Globe users which I could care less because my girlfriend is a Smart user! Sure, you can tell me to get an available phone and put the sim card to its slot to activate it for other people but what’s the use for that! That’s not the reason why I placed that! Worse, Globe Tattoo has limited capacity even in the heart of the metro.

Convince she’ll go home by ten, she asked me to find her a cab. But when going home by ten is not plausible (plus the fact that I live in a place where darkness looms the streets), I told her that my parents usually wake up before 3:45am so that they could suit up and attend Simbang Gabi at 4:30. She like this and could rest at my house and do her stuffs when she reaches her house. The first thing she did was to ask for her mom’s permission.

Two hours later, Cindy slept in my room.

Well… not really.

It was “more of a lie down first to rest” thing.

She finished the other things she wanted to finish and then she kept coming out to check me out. I was watching TV with my sister in the living room where I was scouring the boob tube for entertaining stuffs (we were watching One Night Only). I went to my room to find her restless (namamahay is the proper term). Until her time to go home, we were merely napping (I went to the room at three because our newly-painted living room is attracting a tremendous bunch of mosquitoes). When she arrived at her house at 4:45am, she slept and then woke up to work.

Dammit, I forgot that it’s already Monday.

Anywho, because of my hospitality, she’ll treat me with an I-Max movie. It’s not like that I don’t want to watch a free flick but that Avatar should be not the sci-fi thing I’ve been thinking of because pushing and shoving folks of all ages isn’t worth doing if I’m going to see a superbly sucky flick!

Game over.


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