Suman and Chico

Last Christmas my family went to Batangas to distribute gifts (for some insane reason, kids hate the educational stuffs I gave them). Because my parents have a news program to produce, we returned to Quezon City at around 3pm (we arrived at Batangas at 9:30am). My aunts packed suman and chico for Cindy (seeing her once, they kind of like her).

When we arrived, I was too lazy to head out that Friday so I asked her if I could give it to her the next day. Thing is, she had a wedding to attend to (Calaruega Church in Batangas). Anyway, regardless how drastic I change myself it seems like my “bad rep” still haunts my existence. Hehe, I am like the good guy that allegedly does bad things…


Anyway, I had doubts coming out on a Sunday but I don’t her to expect me just in case.

Who knew something would come forth that Sunday?

That Sunday, my mom said to me to give Cindy the chicos ASAP. It seemed that the fruits have ripened and could turn bad if not quickly sent to the recipients. So I texted Cindy that I would come to her house that Sunday. She said yes.

That’s all she said.


Anyway, I carried a bag of chico in my left hand and a bag of suman on the other. My red palms felt the load I was carrying. After an hour of travel, I found my way to her gate. I was happy that I didn’t get lost in their enormous subdivision. I was about to knock but then a voice greeted me.

It was her dad…

and her mom…

her sister…

their pet dog…

and 20+ guests.

Then it hit me – Cindy told me about a party but I thought it was cancelled.

The first thing her dad said that his friends are bent to GRILL me.

Then Cindy came out smiling.


I like Cindy’s parents. They are like my parents. The only difference is that Cindy’s mom is less noisier (double superlative to emphasize emphasis) than my mom. They had a delicious feast! I got the low down that they were all neighbors in one subdivision and even if they see each other less often, they still reserve one day for an opportunity to catch up.

Anyway, I was drinking beer with Cindy’s dad. I was glad that I didn’t do anything to screw up the moment where my mouth would unleash some raunchy sentence. I was also thankful that I blended in and not stand out. In most days, I would prefer to do as such but in time I learned to test the waters first before I ignite my “Syd-ness”.

I was the last guest to leave at almost 11pm.

And about my treat? The suman made it to the banquet while they ate the chico the moment I hopped the taxi.

And yeah, they immediately placed it on the fridge to still keep it fresh.

This was fun!


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