Avatar: The Review

This relationship is forcing me to do things I don’t usually do.

When I was single, I will never troop to an I-Max Theater to watch some sci-fi flick.

Well I am not single... and I did watch Avatar on I-Max.

Sheesh… 800 pesos down the drain.

The price: 400 per head is pricy. I was hoping I’ll get freebies but I-Max is pretty much Rialto with a decent story.

Experience: Avatar is James Cameron’s 15-year odyssey that culminated. It is a worldwide hit. Now, watching I-Max for the first time (seated at the “C” seats because the place was packed) made me noxious and it trashed my eyes the wrong way. It took me fifteen minutes to let my eyes adjust to the different layers the glasses would reveal. I must admit when my vision settled, it looked awesome (and not just the part where you’re trying to “make boso” (peep) at that blue-skinned chick brought to life by the voice of Zoe Saldana). It would have been more awesome if the military guy was Dolph Lundgren. Yeah, I was hoping that he’d turn out as the former 80’s action star but he turned out to be someone else.

Story: Do you know those flicks where there is a kid... or an unassuming guy that was embraced by an African tribe and in return, he embraced the tribe’s beliefs and customs. Former Chikiting Patrol child star Nelz Yumul attached the words “Fern Gully” in his description of Avatar and while I don’t know how that animated flick turned out, this is what I thought of the flick. Those movies set in Africa are usually “award chasers”. But these movies also bore the hell out of me. The middle part of the movie bored me in a way, when I got used to the 3D-ness of the flick. I also felt that film could have ended earlier. Sure... this was an epic tale and yeah... all characters were permitted to have their moments. However, it’s not like anyone would remember these characters. Do you think these characters are marketable enough? Have you seen their McDonalds HAPPY MEALS!?!

The finish should be there. That was awesome. The praying gave Jake the emotions to set up the battle. Cameron was smart to link all of the events as one big event. Remember Titanic? I like that film... even if others would discount it as a big-budgeted love story. I like it because the characters are fun and lively. Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver played their roles well (even if Weaver’s character could have not died because Jake Sully merely entering riding that gigantic bird is enough for the tribe to worship his presence). I am a huge Giovanni Ribisi fan and that military guy was fun. The tribal stupidity could have taken a notch down. The swerves are too expected. I think the biggest trait of all of these characters is their gullibility. Even the bad guys suffer this.

There are things I like too here. Again I like the way that most of the scenes are linked with one another. Another thing that I found cool is Jake Sully’s childlike appreciation to the nature and customs and how his heart would power him even in the direst of problems.

I can compare Jake Sully to Goku and Weaver’s character as Bulma and the other sidekick as Ulong and Michelle Rodriguez’ character as Yamcha battling the Red Ribbon Army in their quest to acquire all the Dragon Balls. I can also compare this to a man from a foreign land that embraced the culture of this flock and he would repay their kindness by taking the people out from their “sacred soil”.

Verdict: I like the effects... when it was stabilized in my system. I really do. But everything reverts back to the story. I don’t hate it.

It’s just that it’s NOT new to me.

Game Over.


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