The Cold Cut

My first sick period of 2010…

I hate it.

Before I go to the story proper here is an amusing clip about a couple of college kids that used Miley Cyrus as their ticket of passing their subject.


I remember I went home around 12 midnight after finishing a ton load of work a few days back. By that time I haven’t had dinner and I was really, really hungry. I sought for the 2-piece chicken of 7-11 because I wanted to eat inside my house (they said the 7-11 chicken came from Wendy’s). When I got out of 7-11, I noticed something trickling.

Why the hell is there raindrops trickling on top of my head?


It wasn’t a shower but it is enough to make you run fast. Run fast? I was too hungry that I wanted to run to the bus stop as quickly as possible. I had my laptop with me so I need to ride an aircon bus (because non-aircon buses drive demonically in highways and their sudden stop could make me fly out to the other end of the bus.

I rode an aircon bus and rode an aircon taxi en route to my house (there are no tricycles at that point). Instead of showering, I turned on the TV and sat in front of it eating my food.

After two hours, I slept.

And after six hours, I woke up with this nasty sore throat… which eventually led to a stuffy nose.

And I am told that I am not the only one suffering from this obscure anomaly. I should actually be thankful that this happened to me now instead a couple of weeks back where our house was being renovated and the stench of paint and varnish alongside a collection of dirt clouds roaming our premises.

Have I mentioned I hate this?

Game over.


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