Collision Course and a New Beginning

The most popular team in the Philippines might visit some of their fans behind bars because of two Fil-Ams who thought they were those 90’s action stars that can take a whole gang.

Haha, you were wrong!


Congratulations for Rudy Distrito for his release from prison!



With one gone, a team could follow. Yeah, rich kids that roam the metro trying to cut a BUS for that matter, issued a challenge to Art dela Cruz and some of the Baranggay Ginebra Kings when they charged the players of frustrated murder. No offense, but I’ll dish the same love I gave Alain Katigbak here…

These peons have no business trying to cut a bus in the first place. Sure, they got sideswiped but stopping in the middle of the SOUTH SUPER F’N HIGHWAY!?! Even in a tollway, all they had to do afterwards was ask the Toll guys to reprimand the Kings and yet they thought it would be cool to hound… a lean and mean bunch of six footers!

What they need to do is put these guys on some dope test because I think these guys thought that they were above the law.

The bus door looked like a bad gift gone wrong.

However is in the wrong end of an Art dela Cruz facial punch, might either be a basketball player (I loved his fights with Poch Juinio back in the day) or should be placed in a mental institution.

Haha! Crazy mofos!


Brian "The Hawaiian Punch" Viloria and Donnie "Ahas" Nietes needs to salvage wins if they want to tuck their titles in their belts. Cuneta Astrodome will stage this event dubbed “The Collision Course”. Catch the action on January 24. GMA Pinoy TV subscribers can avail access to the bouts at these times:

Japan time – January 25, Monday, 3:00am
AUS (EDT) time – January 25, Monday, 5:00am
KSA time – January 24, Sunday, 9:00pm
Italy time - January 24, Sunday, 7:00pm

Why do I know this?

* whistle * *whistle*

Before I end this, I wish all the Haitians could live past this tragic event. Yeah that earthquake pretty much destroyed lives and livelihood but we must see the beauty in ugly especially in these times that we are forced to see it that way.

Game over!


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