Counter Terrorists Win!

With the Kris Aquino-James Yap love quarrel creating enough buzz to get into the headlines of the most respected broadsheets in the country… and the political campaign getting enough light from the media… Jason Ivler needs something “booming” to “gun” a spot in the front page.

He did just that this week.

And yeah, he didn’t need a backhoe to accomplish this feat.

During my college years, I was a Counterstrike (or CS) nut. While I never played the game properly (*cough* casual gamer *cough*), a daily dose of trigger happy-ness was enough for me to learn important things that I can relate to my everyday life.

There is a particular map in CS called mansion. The counter terrorists (CT) must storm a mansion to kill the terrorists and rescue the hostages. This is a terrorist-friendly map because it takes a mere window to snipe away the entire CT contingent.

However, if the terrorist is outnumbered, this scenario forces the person to have little to less room to maneuver. In CS, bullets can hit a person even if he is in the other room. Rambo is the perfect example of the “one against all” scenario. But he fought his foes in a jungle where the environment plays a major role in quest to survive.

This is why Jason Ivler would have a zero percent chance of winning in the position he was in. Granted he was able to score two hits against two agents, the former marine is a mere smoke bomb, flash bomb, or HE bomb away from what he “luckily” suffered.

The Crime: Iraq made him fragile. Why he is still here? Either he had flashbacks of Iraq or he found newfound might for fighting and surviving “hell on earth”. The first crime should have sent him packing. Does he have no relatives in the province? Don't they have any money for a bribe or a first-class ticket? It was careless of him to be there to kill a second time and the carelessness reached an all-time high during his capture.

The Mother: I have to commend the mother. While she did harbor a criminal, she protected her kid the best she could. The problem is, the best way to protect him is via 1) sending him abroad (or somewhere far away Manila) when she had the chance; 2) surrendering him (better than being on a hospital); 3) dishing out the perfect alibi. The alibi will give her the chance to share her kid’s misery in a prison cell. It will also give her foreigner husband and helpers a chance to face jail terms.

The Fired: The maids were relieved from their duties after they helped groom a room to become a suitable pad for a random person. Didn’t they foresee that these maids have the ability to become suspicious and vengeful?

The Suspect: His indifference to respect people caused his downfall. I mean, when he knocked a son of a government official and an actual Malacanang ward, you can’t consider yourself as an untouchable. Ardent believers of karma will be the first ones to shoot down your way of thinking. Shooting cops with armor-piercing weapons unnaturally handed to civilians is crazy and fighting against them inside a cramp room is suicide. Worse, any of his followers over 18 will be subject to scrutiny.

For a guy whose Plan A is to SHOOT AT EVERYONE THAT THWARTS HIS FREEDOM, Jason Ivler managed to survive two gunshot wounds that will heal and will give a fresh outlook to life in prison. If this was CS, his mortality could be in the twelve to twenty percent range.

But in the end, his murderous rage ended in a bittersweet attempt to escape the problems he created.


Game Over!


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