He's no Gayweather

I don’t want to say “Gayweather” because I know a lot of brave members of the third sex that will be mad as fuck if they get their selves associated with this guy.

I apologize to all wimps, twerps, and jackasses.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in a different level of suckiness.

The aftermath of the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto showdown raised hopes of a possible duel between the two. For years, the Mayweather camp has trash-talked Pacman. Of course, Pacquiao wanted to fight Floydie because he thinks Floyd’s unbeaten track record needs to be scarred.

The once world’s pound-for-pound best fighter took a hike when he found himself very lonely at the top. At this point, Pacquiao could have been starting to claw his way up battling some Mexican or possibly a Thai fighter that also moonlights as a kick boxer. Floyd Mayweather is a very smart fighter. He is a former Olympic bronze medal winner and he knows that the most important thing in boxing is to keep your hands busy… and you need the judges to see that your hands are busy.

The knockouts… meh… they are just bonuses for the self-proclaimed Pretty Boy.

This is pretty much the 180 of Pacquiao. The Pride of the Saranggani province (changing the General Santos City tag because he is running as a congressman in that province), thrives on excitement. He was first scouted as a potential boxing superstar in the VTV-produced Blow by Blow show in the roughly 12 years ago. He displayed powerful punching but his defense was questionable. His decision-making is in its rough stages as evident to the loss to the Thai fighter (for being dehydrated and overweight) and his first loss (Rustico Torrecampo exposed Pacquiao’s failure to penetrate his defenses).

Had Pacquiao not known Freddie Roach, this wouldn’t be the case.

As of this moment, heavyweight boxing does not draw as much as the middleweight/ welterweight division. You can blame Pacquiao for that. This enticed Mayweather to return. His first victim was Juan Manuel Marquez, one of Pacquiao’s arch-enemies and perhaps the only fighter to frustrate the Filipino superstar. After fight postponement (Mayweather asked for time to heal a body part but in reality, he was disappointed at the low ticket sales this fight drew), Pretty Boy squashed Marquez by landing 59 percent of his shots compared to Marquez’ embarrassing 12. After the Cotto match, Mayweather wanted the “Money” and although he can get that by signing a fight with ageless wonder Shane Mosley, no one would wanted more than a Pacquiao and Mayweather match.

Pacquiao wanted that L on Mayweather’s record so badly that he accepted the 50-50 purse and that god-awful condition of drawing blood on him that could potentially drain out his energy for the fight. Floyd bluffed since he knew that Pacman can’t work well minus his devastating offense. But when Manny called his bet, Floydie passed out.

Here’s the thing – you have to know that Mayweather never wanted the fight in the first place. Do I believe he will just wilt down and succumb to the power of Manny? Hell no. Money is not 40 and 0 for nothing. Even in that long hiatus, he will be smart enough to not end up like Hatton, Dela Hoya, and Cotto. However, he is too proud to admit that he will face tough times against Pacquiao that’s why he decided to back out from facing the People’s Champion.

Not only will he look like a wimp, the allegations he whirled on Pacquiao will haunt him. If he thought everyone’s out to “screw” him out of his unbeaten record, he needs to feel free to blurt it like the megaphone of lies that he is. Because it’s better to be a tool with a conspiracy theory than be a tool that all of sudden got his balls in mouth that he is gagging on it!

You see, if there is one thing commendable about everyone that Manny faced, all of them did use their mouth to do their business. And once you shut up, this means you lost.

Because of this any remark Floyd hurls would be laughable to the point of stumbling to paranoia. Will Bob Arum look for Floyd again? You bet he is because Manny and Freddie wants to shut his mouth up. I will not be surprised if they bait him by looking more than a loser than a winner in his next fight to tell Floyd that his power has left him.

And when he accepts the bait…

Money might need money to repair his mouth.

Manny and Freddie could only see this feat through their dreams. Whoever accepts his fate becoming Manny’s next foe must be wary.

Or else?

Game over.


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