Jason Ivler: Former TGIS star!

Once upon time Jason Aguilar-Ivler was a teen friend of the lead teen star, following the footsteps of Dale Villar, Bojo Molina, Diego Castro, Patrick Guzman, and Kenneth Peralta.

I wonder what happened to him now.

(By the way, if you see three guys looking at the cam when Polo Ravales is on cam, the names of those guys are Vlad, Chris, and Isko!)

Just recently, we saw how Jason Ivler attempted to survive a platoon of enforcers that were out to arrest him. This clip was from Balitanghali, which is a Q news program (or GMA Life TV if you’re outside the Philippines).

Now, see him 12 years before he fought in Iraq which led to his “erratic” behavior.

Why can’t he be like all other former supporting teen actors that either make a living elsewhere or go to the “bold” bandwagon???


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