Real Leaf Paparazzi

This is my girlfriend.

Don’t get fooled. Sure, she looks cute and nice, but just like any other female, she has the ability to make me second guess my actions.

I remember when I was courting her. I had to convince her that I only have good intentions. When I planted a kiss in her cheek at the end of our second date, she dumped me with no hesitations because she thought I was sly, devious, and opportunistic! And it didn’t help that people around her thought I was a two-timer because I had female friends just like EVERY PERSON LIVING ON EARTH! I had to claw my way out of romantic hell in order for her to reconsider! Luckily six months of perseverance, she did accept my love.

It has been fifteen months as of this writing.

May the streak continue forever!

This leads me to something that happened a few weeks back. She attended a wedding where she got the bouquet and there was this game where she’s paired up with the guy that got the garter. I wasn’t in the wedding so it had to be someone, right? While the game they played didn’t lead to anything alarming, she was pissed because someone other than me kissed her. I admit, I was mad at the start but I settled down eventually. The thing that alarms me is that since we work in the same company, people could tease us on those counts.

The guy was an officemate and while he seems nice, it’s just that she didn’t want to kiss him.

The next day, we were going to see a movie. She was in no mood though. I asked her before we left our respective houses if she wanted to go out. She knows I was so bent to watch this flick that I took a leave from work so I can see this on a people-free Monday. Her silence got me pissed. Then she got pissed because she thinks I was still mad because of the incident.

Wait… what did I miss?

Before we saw each other I went to a convenience store to get Real Leaf. I like lychee and luckily they have that flavor. It has this thing called thianine which seems to be a stress buster.

Anyway, I sat her in a place filled with trees, leafy plants and people. As I explained my side, I gave her my Real Leaf. I finished getting pissed off at the situation before I got there but what shocked me was I have no idea on how to react to her when she becomes silent and distant. Then I brainstormed with her of ways to combat those thoughts if and when she gets teased. Had she let me, I could have conducted an impromptu workshop on how to effectively draw the attention of people to her advantage.

But it seems like there was no need for it.

She warmed up. She was smiling and that made me happy. Did Real Leaf do this? It could only be me and my pure intentions of making me happy... or not... but it was THAT quick! Afterwards she was in a giddy mood. In fact, she finally bought me a Christmas present (which prompted me to buy her a Christmas present... a week later). The stress in her face was gone and it was replaced with the smile I love seeing. Since then a toxic working environment will always prompt me to head to a convenience store to pick up a Real Leaf drink.

And as for the teasing, it did happen. But unlike what we foresaw, we don’t know whether we’d be happy or pissed with their taunts.

My girlfriend got the bouquet.

You know what that means right?



  1. hehe..nice one, i like your story..

  2. hello there nuffie! droppin some love! best of luck buddy! :)

  3. hello there nuffie! droppin some love! best of luck buddy! :)

  4. thanks ellen and yuli! i will visit your site soon too! :)

  5. Interesting! By the way she's really pretty!

  6. thanks. I make it a habit of being a good boyfriend by telling her she's not pretty.

    i call this reverse psychology.

    she thinks I'm merely pissing her off though...

    i feel so mistreated. :)

  7. wow! inspired ang pagkagawa nito.. :-)