Son of a Bleach!

I don’t hate Naruto. It just became too popular for me to dislike it. I will compare this to the “Heroes” hype.

Remember when that show was cool?

Bleach is a story of a guy entrusted to decimate all the wondering spirits to another dimension. Ichigo, the bleached-haired protagonist, in engage in a series of struggles so that he and his friends could enjoy peace and tranquility.

The concept isn’t fairly new but alongside Naruto, Bleach is taking over what Dragon Ball, Ranma ½, Samurai X, and the other blockbuster animes left off.

Anyway, I re-started playing Soul Arena. You can check this out at The gameplay feels a lot like Naruto Arena. The only difference is that there are Bleach characters in this version.

Bleach reminds me of Yu Yu Hakusho. The other anime that reminded me of Yu Yu was Flame of Recca. THAT SHOW had a pretty crappy ending. Bleach combines Yu Yu Hakusho and Samurai X in the sense of intense man-for-man bout. It also helps that Ichigo looks like a spawn of Yusuke, Kyusuke Kanou (Hungry Heart), and Hanamichi Sakuragi. Sakuragi is the orange-haired rebounding demon from the highly-successful anime Slam Dunk, which happens to be the last anime that I thoroughly watched. Unfortunately, Slam Dunk’s anime end pretty much left us the notion of leaving us high and dry.

Bleach’s franchise is still evolving as of this writing. I played the online game and the PSP version of this show without understanding the characters. I like Urahara, Rukia, Chad, Uryuu, Urihime (girl with big boobs), and Kon. Perhaps had I been turned off at the icky drawing the illustrators gave to One Piece, I would have enjoyed looking at Bleach episodes in the net (both shows were Tagalized in GMA’s anime block alongside Yu Yu Hakusho, Slam Dunk, Hungry Heart, Baki the Grappler, and that boxing anime whose name currently escapes me).

Yes, late as I am, I am beginning to like Bleach. You can see it at Animax weekdays at 7:00pm (Philippine/HK time) and you can see a 5-episode marathon during the wee hours of Sunday (starting 1am) and during high noon (starting 1pm).

Be part of the fad.

Game over.


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