The SYDrified Food Review: Mang Jimmy's

Near what was once the MWSS, there’s an awesome kitchenette.


Goddamn economic problems! Our society is so screwed because of this! Even the most sacred of places needs to stoop to a lower level because of our current financial landscape!

When I first ate at Mang Jimmy’s (near the Old Balara Picnic Grove), my stomach was stuffed with divine food. Just like UST’s Almer’s (before it closed for serving double-dead meat), you are not a UP student if you haven’t ate at Mang Jimmy’s. It is not surprising that many battle traffic and lunch break time limits to eat here. Sure, the place doesn’t look really pretty (although it prides on its “garden” feel), but the top notch service, unlimited rice, and combo setups will make you forget everything else.

Because of Typhoon Ondoy, the combo setup (if you buy 5 viands, you get one free and if you buy 6 viands, you get two free, and so on and so forth) was zapped out of existence. When the rice shortage came about, their unlimited rice now comes with a prize. Don’t fret though as the service is still awesome... except when the place is jam-packed.

The prizes of their regular dishes range on the average of 100 to 250. Their Tapa Mix, Tuna, Blue Marlin, and the other meals served in a hot plate are great. However, if you you’ll come as a flock, it’s best if you order as many dishes that you can pay. Their rice costs 10 pesos but that extra rice rivals the size of the 38Php North Park rice.

An army of eight could exit the premises with a super bloated tummy and a below 1200Php fee. You just have to remember that you are not here to admire the view. One of the kickers here is that a meal automatically includes a rice so if you are eight people with 10 orders, then you have two free orders of rice. But even without that, you’ll get your money’s worth from their servings.

If you want to take your date to a romantic date, DAMN YOU because this is not the right place (it closes early too). However, if you and your friends want to pig out, the food here could engulf your tummy in an instant.


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