SYDrified Ratings - January 16 to January 22, 2010

I should have written something yesterday about any sort of thing I saw in the news but installing and playing Plants versus Zombies in your PC could make you a potential target for job orders (more of this later).

Anyway, this week was awesome for my site. My site reached a career high in terms of page views and new visitors.

This is the breakdown!

By the way, some time in between my channel-hopping (I worked in a lot of TV networks in the Philippines), former Press Secretary Cerge Remonde became my boss (I think this was during my IBC-13 stint). He will be missed.

Game starts now!

January 16 New visitors: 28Page views: 44

January 17 New visitors: 9Page views: 14

January 18 New visitors: 16Page views: 25

January 19 New visitors: 30Page views: 47

January 20 New visitors: 39Page views: 54

January 21 New visitors: 49* Page views: 81*

January 22 New visitors: 36Page views: 46

CAREER HIGH:New visitors - 49 (January 21, 2010); Page views - 81 (January 21, 2010)
THIS WEEK’S AVERAGES: New visitors - 29.6 ; Page views - 44.4

My inactivity during the weekends is seriously causing my page views to diminish. I still love the fact that people visit my site.

And if you see, the Real Leaf Paparazzi blog, that article needs the popularity it could get because I am using this to win some contest.

Hey, keep supporting my site! If you think the stats I displayed here is bogus, you should try clicking the Flag Counter button!

Game over!


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