There is Hope for BK

Gary David and Chico Lanete switched sides for Alex Cabagnot and Wesley Gonzales and this trade looks to favor Burger King more.

The only thing going for Coke coach Bo Perasol is that he likes using Gary D. The Coca-Cola Tigers are in dire need for offensive production. This is why Mark Macapagal is getting most of the minutes and the shots. Gary David’s trade is also not surprising since Yeng Guiao uses him sporadically. This all started when Guiao favored using Erick Rodriguez, Aaron Aban, and Mark Yee in favor of David and Arwind Santos during last season’s Fiesta Cup. Santos was eventually shipped to SMB for two draft picks while David had to struggle for minutes with Guiao favoring Ronjay Buenafe (Rodriguez has yet to play this season while Aban has been since placed to the reserved list). David in some games claim a mere 15 minutes despite the fact that BK has only Mr. Pure Energy and Buenafe parading as their scorers. The switch should slide David to the two-spot starting slot where Macapagal and Larry Rodriguez could alternate defending whether the Tigers would go tall or small ball. Gary D is also an underrated defensive guy. Remember how he made Renren Ritualo dispensable because of this fact alone?

I don’t know if Chico Lanete would become the starter or will this be an avenue to put Chris Ross in. My guess is neither. As much as Chris Ross reminds me of Kenny Evans, it seems he has a bit of Jon Ordonio in him. That’s not bad… it just means that he’s not ready for the responsibility yet. I saw Ronjay Enrile wearing a uniform. Could this be the moment this former NCAA MVP breaks out? Also, it wouldn’t hurt to let Dale Singson play because after all, next to Cabagnot, Singson is the only person that can stabilize Coke. Regardless, Lanete is having a good season and he really needs to thank Alain Katigbak for this. However, BK is breathing hot and cold and failing to win consistently hurts BK’s chances. Ultimately, I hope Chris Ross breaks out from his slump since he has a credible backup in Lanete.

Wesley Gonzales is a welcome addition in BK since he is a potential offensive arsenal. Yeng Guiao could work his magic on him and Gonzales has been yearning for a team that would use his strengths. With a talent-depleted roster like BK, Wesley could focus on claiming his superstar potential. In Coke, RJ Rizada and Norman Gonzales will likely claim his minutes. One thing that should be noted here is that BK’s power is seen in their forward and center spots and none on their backcourt. This is to think that we all got pissed when Japeth Aguilar chose Smart-Gilas over BK. While Wild Wes can’t be quick enough to give the Whoppers a decent running game, I’ll assume Yeng Guiao has plans for the guy aside from merely being a bonus feature for that great trade (Coke signed him days after the start of the conference).

Now I am dead sure BK is the lucky team here for getting Alex Cabagnot. First of all, he has been Coke’s main point guard for two years now. He leads the team in minutes and assists and is a great offense-defense guy. The guy averages 36 minutes per game and only Kelly Williams and Gabe Norwood figure well. The minutes grabbing is good because the thing lacking BK right now is proper direction and offensive creation which Alex Cabagnot mastered. Obviously Chico Lanete, Egay Billones and Ramsey Williams get zero respect from their team mates and their opponents which makes it difficult for the Whoppers to score points. Now Cabagnot might be a scorer but he picks his spot and he is not shot-crazy. Obviously, he needs to because like that here because like I said a while back, the Whoppers have zero offensive players if you discount the surnames of Buenafe and David. Sure, there are a lot of factors regarding the reasons of this trade to suck, one of which is Alex Cabagnot’s history of being a pain in the ass just like what he was during his rookie and sophomore season. Thing is, Cabagnot matured when he got to Coke. Besides, Guiao loves these kinds of men. And when Yeng leaves to seek public office, I bet Junel Baculi would seriously buddy Cabagnot to become his eyes and ears inside the court. And when Wynne Arboleda comes back? One great thing about Alex is he is a combo guard – meaning the three big front liners of BK could join forces with Cabagnot and Arboleda to create a great defensive wall bound to give all opponents pain.

I wish Gary David luck.

But I’ll give BK props for doing this trade.

And if it was Coke that initiated this deal?

Again I wish Gary David luck.

Game over.


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