TOP TEN (January 8, 2010)

TOP TEN: Floyd Mayweather reasons why he ditched the Pacquiao fight

10) He thinks Pacquiao is a bad PPV draw since his latest movie, Wapakman, flopped.

9) He wants to fight Juan Manuel Marquez on what is perceived as an exciting rematch.

8) Pacquiao wanted a one-on-one match but Mayweather wanted a bare-knuckled, no holds barred, table, ladders, and chairs match. He later backed out when Pacquiao thought of bringing The Big Show in his corner!

7) He hates the fact that Manny wouldn’t want to give him his mom’s cellphone number… EVEN WHEN HE PROMISED TO BE A GOOD STEPDAD TO PACMAN! DAMMIT, HE EVEN LEARNED HOW TO DANCE JUST TO DATE HIS MOM!!!

6) Mayweather wanted to switch trainers to spice things up!

5) He hates the fact that he would hear Pacquiao sing when he wins.

4) Nothing in his contract states a San Miguel Beer ad appearance.

3) He got depressed when some girl said that there is nothing “Pretty” about his "Floyd".

2) It’s too late for him to postpone his sex change.

1) Deep inside his mind the thought of him having a loss makes him pretty much just a “regular” guy with nothing to brag about.

Game over.


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