Worst Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light Transformations

I was browsing the internet for concepts and I stumbled upon the Visionaries. I was a fan of the show but I realized the toys tanked which eventually forced the series to get cancelled after one season (this is how it is for cartoons meant to advertise a particular product like the Let’s Go Tamiya car, Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards, and that show with a lighting top.

I like this show because it was unique (this could be a great trilogy). I like the chants and I like the fact that they transform into things and they have vehicles that employ magic (they run “magic” fuel which makes me think twice of the current gas hike). The good guys are called the Spectral Knights (SK) while the bad guys are dubbed as the Darkling Lords (DL).

The only thing I hate is their transformations. This is perhaps one of the reasons why their toys sucked.

In terms of the best 4, I like the PHYLOT best. It is huge and it tracks down land creatures. Made for Cravex of the Darkling Lords, the Spectral Knights’ answer for him is an eagle.


He CAN eat the eagle!

The LION is next in the list because if you are a king, you want the emblem of leadership. The Spectral Knights’ Leoric is the person transforming to this. Cindarr ranks third because his animal combines agility and power. Yes, the gorilla ranks high on my list. Then there’s Witterquick… the cheetah. While he has weak guard, he can still work fine for your team with his blinding speed.

Anyway, here are the Top Ten worse transformations a Visionary could ever have.

Game starts now!

10 BEAR (Cryotek) – SK
He doesn’t really suck but with fourteen characters, someone needs to be Number 10. A bear has power but a bear has also budge that would make him slow. The bear could be a force if you go for short range combat… but I doubt if he can be like a gorilla.

9 MOLLUSK (Darkstorm) – DL
Reality-wise, this would have been in the bottom part of the list. However, it is perceived in the series as a gigantic snail with spewing and sliming abilities. It can also creep and crawl in any place where there is a wall! Plus, its icky. Everyone hates icky stuffs.

8 WOLF (Feryl) – SK
There is a bit of redundancy regarding the animals and this is one of them (check out number 6). What ranks him high is that he is bigger and more vicious. Besides, I have heard of a lone wolf but never a lone fox.

7 EAGLE (Arzon) – SK
In terms of combat, he’ll likely suck. But you have to know that most of the Darkling Lords are easy hand carries (the eagle can eat the beetle). He is also a great tracker. Just don’t let the phylot come near him because he’ll likely die if that battle ensued.

6 FOX (Ectar) – SK
See, here’s the thing: a fox is part of the dog family. They could have picked a hyena or another animal from another phylum but a fox and a wolf is basically the same. The only difference is one of them can hunt deer while the other could only settle for a bunny. And besides, they have an air tracker with the eagle and a land tracker with the wolf. There is no reason for a third.

5 SHARK (Virulina) – DL
She has the killer instinct. However, as I remember the whole of the show’s only season, the water was good for only a couple of times. This is a niche character. Without it… well, she’s better off NOT transforming.

4 DOLPHIN (Galadria) – SK
Ditto for the dolphin. It also hurts the fact that despite the dolphin’s intelligence, SHE’S ALREADY HUMAN! That’s a waste of character assignments! Back in episode 1, Virulina and Galadria could have wished to fight in a land-based combat zone for them to get land-based creatures!

3 LIZARD (Reekon) – DL
I forgot how big is this character when he transforms to a lizard but if I remember correctly, Reekon was best when he operates the magic extractor vehicle. If he is a ceiling lizard, I’ll rank him underneath the armadillo. I want to think he’s a komodo dragon so he stays here.

2 ARMADILLO (Lexor) – DL
This is why the Spectral Knights always win… because the Darkling Lords have crappy transformations. Why on earth did the writers inserted an armadillo over an elephant, tiger, hawk, jaguar or hell… even a koala? Hell, a small beast with the ability to become a ball? Ugh.

1 BEETLE (Mortdredd) – DL
An armadillo can trample a beetle. Even a human child can squash a beetle. The only thing a beetle could do is to hide and spy but even with that, his ability to escape is very rare unless the Spectral Knights notice that the beetle is colored ultra bright green. And while the character is funny, how do we suppose to know whether or not he gets a backbone if the only strength he could do is BE LOYAL. And yeah, a dog is loyal… why can’t he be a dog?

If I became a Visionary I want to be a panda.

I am a slow… but cute and cuddly and that is the power I will use to destroy my opponents.

Anyway, had only the show had a great set of merchandize, this would have been a hit.

I wonder if some film exec could pitch for Visionaries the Movie?

This is already screwed up from the get go! What more can they possibly do!

Game over.


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