I bumped off Percy Jackson AGAIN to watch this movie.

For some reason, the thought of it being a Harry Potter clone bugged me.

I had doubts watching three old timers doing a love story but hell, I was very, very happy to be wrong.

The Story: Meryl Streep plays an adoring mother to three kids. Alec Baldwin plays her ex-husband who cheated on her and is now married to the younger woman he cheated with. Baldwin’s current marriage sucks so when the lonely Meryl character and the unhappy Alec character got hold of each other, they rekindle past memories and tried to live the past. The problem is now Meryl is the other woman and Baldwin having an affair with her doesn’t seem right. Plus, Steve Martin’s boy next door character is nice, smart, and waiting in the wings to catch an opening in Meryl Streep’s heart.

What I liked:

I always associated Meryl Streep with period movies and heavy dramas. I know she did Devil Wears Prada, but I never saw the flick. That’s why I had doubts watching this over Percy Jackson. Yes, I haven’t watched Percy Jackson even if by now, all the movie goers have gone to other movies to find amusement like... you know... a John Lloyd Cruz/ Bea Alonzo starrer (Google search Miss You Like Crazy). You know what; this Academy Award winner looks effective here. She looks natural with every emotion she packs. From telling her girls how she is acting slutty to how she acts as if she’s really, really dirty. I also think John Krasinski did an amazing job portraying the role of the son-in-law that the in-laws love. Sure, his role wasn’t at all meaty but by the way his facial expressions change during tumultuous situations is awesome (i.e. the hotel scene). Of course, for those that watch 30 Rock, you know how great Alec Baldwin is portraying a douche bag. The way he acts like a sex-crazed jock is funny as hell.

The story of the film is awesome. People of all ages can actually relate to this film. I like the laptop scene, the after sex moments, the party scene, and their amusing banters with each other. I like how the kids, despite in their grown up phases, wilt like a bunch of preschoolers when the “un-divorce” issues rose. I think we had enough of those moments where the kids all of a sudden become independent and try to do something about a certain fix. The end was a nice touch as it lets the viewers decide on which route Meryl Streep’s character would take in her personal affairs. Speaking of the end, when the conflicts became evident, I pleasantly surprised that I saw little heavy drama. That I liked.

What I hated:

I didn’t really hate the film but I’m a little bit iffy with Steve Martin playing the secondary boy-next-door character. Blame this on the Father of the Bride and the Cheaper by the Dozen movies. I know that he played similar, leading man-ish roles early in his career but his last movies were always family-oriented and kid-centered that I was hoping at times that Greg Kinnear, Billy Crystal, Gary Shandling, or Pierce Brosnan would take his role (I did like how Steve Martin portrayed a stoned character during the party scene). In terms of characters, I was missing Meryl’s circle of friends when she had the dilemma. I would have loved a15-second scene with only her silent while her “support group” were in their pajamas with the “concern look”. I hated Alec Baldwin’s current wife (played by Lake Bell) and her kid because they pretty much looked like “karma” for Baldwin’s womanizer character. They are pretty much the “nagging” young woman who is afraid they get one-upped by another woman. This hate though is good hate since the film managed to make the viewers really root for Streep's character.

The Verdict: The film was unsuccessfully fulfilling. The laughs weren’t forced and I like the chemistry of the characters. It’s refreshing to hear the audience laugh with a mere Meryl Streep smug or Alec Baldwin smirk. Just because there are zero hot characters in this movie (except for Lake Bell) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch this. In fact, you need to check this out if you want a good time! This is definitely a date movie!

Check this out.

As you all know, Jay Leno will take over Conan O’Brien’s spot as The Tonight Show host after the 2010 Winter Games. NBC then gave the world a very great launch plug…

… that angered a VIOLENT HORDE of Conan fans!

Here are the clips for your liking!

Attack of the Show introduced this TVC enhancement that basically changed the music of the plug.

It really sucks to be Jay Leno right now. I mean, he reclaimed his old TV life back but what were the repercussions? Whoever thought it was a good idea for him to revert back to that space (or even that pre-news programming for that matter) must not know awesome from gruesome.

And then another blogger edited the music to his liking.

Poor Jay. Only 60 years will be satisfied with his brand of unfunny humor. I wonder how Johnny Carson would react to this viewing it from heaven.


I wonder how tyrant Adolf Hitler would react to this.

Game over.

Is it me or has American Idol got boring?

I’m not making a big blog out of this but Ellen hasn’t really been funny (for lack of material). Simon is so unimpressed with the contestants that I can't see anyone retracting his "going to leave Idol" statement. Have you heard the newbies? No one is standing out from their performances! It also sucks that two of the pretty girls were booted out early.

Contrary to everyone’s belief, a man will stand tall this season. It might be the guy that sounds a lot like Dave Matthews or Hootie or that Counting Crows guy. Big Mike seems to have the pipes. Hell, let’s check out the girl that looks freaky so people won’t dub me as sexist.

Whatever, business needs to pick up next week.

I love the first episode of NXT and I love how this setup will get popular eventually.

Daniel Bryan debuts and I think he’s going to break out big in the WWE!

The rookies are brash and determined while the vets demand respect in the biggest way. I think the main focus of this show is to elevate Daniel Bryan who was formerly Ring of Honor’s “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson (inset). I am looking forward in seeing him bust the Cattle Mutilation on someone (and it would likely be The Miz) and this would happen when he “graduate” from the show and beat The Miz for his US Belt.

The thing here is like of Bryan and Miz or Christian and Heath Slater where a heel can mix up with a face. Also, there is something about clashing personalities that raises the intrigues especially with CM Punk and his Straightedge Society having to put up against the wild Darren Young and R-Truth rearing a very tame David Otunga (who also happens to be Jennifer Hudson’s husband). By the way, the face Punk gave to Young was priceless and I think his indifference to his rookie would make his character boom in the future episodes.

Also, the rookies are built to respect their climb to the top by belittling them early and properly honing them for big things. Does Daniel Bryan suck because he lost? No. Does Darren Young suck because he lost to Otunga with barely a minute into the match? I have to get back to you on that one but the last thing the WWE needs right now is a couple of big athletes that will not be popular and will lose steam in the near future. Amongst the ECW free agents, I wanted Ezekiel Jackson, Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, Kaylen Croft, Trent Baretta, and Tyler Reks to be retained in NXT because I don’t think they’ll survive Raw and Smackdown in an extended period of time (I give Reks three months to wish for his future endeavors). Vince McMahon has had enough of the Ultimate Warriors, Goldbergs, Lesnars, Lashleys, Kennedys, The Khalis, Kozlovs, and all those wrestlers that didn’t go through hell and started at the top but they either got their egos unchecked or went down quick because they had zero charisma or zero wrestling skills.

WCW had a lot of those. Remember the Natural Born Thrillers?

Anyway, for the rookies this is the chance for them to learn from the wrestlers. The pros that were locked to them aren’t bodybuilders but hardcore wrestling fanatics. These guys are also versatile. The guys called out do not have star complex and would not have any problems losing clean to a rookie. Imagine if Bryan fought Triple H instead of Jericho? Will he have a proper debut???

This isn’t just for the rookies though. You have to check out that the pros involved are upper midcarders, midcarders, or main event wrestlers that drift to the upper midcard from time to time. Here perhaps Vince can see the importance of a Carlito, R-Truth, William Regal or Matt Hardy and use them not only as talent enhancers. Christian can blossom to the main eventer that he wants to become and Jericho and Punk could further enhance the talent of the roster. Hell, even Michael Cole is getting some chops here for administering the learning curve on Josh Mathews in his stint to become a main show play-by-play announcer.

As for Miz, the Miz is here to bring the fight to Bryan. Believe me, the feud will be awesome. I don’t know how this will happen, but I think Bryan beating Miz and taking his title is his means of graduating to the main show.

How will NXT fare in Episode 2?

Game over!

Amar’e Stoudemire and Kirk Hinrich were spared in this year’s player swap but these guys weren’t. Some of them are perennial trade baits and some are disgruntled employees. I also see some as expiring contracts.

How they fared? Here are the top ten reasons if want to see yourself as a great general manager in the future.


NEW YORK: Brian Cardinal
MINNESOTA: Darko Milicic

(Note: Josh Howard is at the inset because I haven't found any Darko pic wearing a Wolves jersey) Darko thinks that his NBA career is a nightmare. We all agree to this. Pretty soon, two years after he moved back to Europe, getting top minutes for AC Milan or Real Madrid or Olympiakos or Barcelona or Bayern Munich (I might be messing up football teams over basketball squads)… people will regard him as a draft bust. Minnesota wants to give Darko something good to tell his grandkids how he played in the NBA. Being second in a draft were your batchmates including Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh is tough. So this is make or break time for Darko… if he wants this.
WINNER: MINNESOTA (if Darko plays)

CHARLOTTE: Tyrus Thomas
CHICAGO: Future first-round pick, Flip Murray, and Acie Law

Some might say that I’m going to for Charlotte here but I’m going for the Bulls in this trade. While the Bobcats will definitely use Thomas, Flip Murray has been a key player for the Bobcats because he leads and at the same time score whenever possible. His entry bolsters the Bulls’ backcourt and bringing Law with him in a way further depletes the very green Charlotte lineup. I see this more as a strategic rather than a “utilitarian” swap for the Bulls. This also gives the Bulls closure on what they could have had if they stuck with their supposed choice, the post up player LaMarcus Aldridge and not trade him to a above the rim guy like Thomas.

CHICAGO: Joe Alexander and Hakim Warrick

MILWAUKEE: John Salmons and 2011 and 2012 second-round draft picks
There is a reason why Tyrus Thomas was sent elsewhere and that’s because the Bulls were accommodating a couple of young blood in their roster. Salmons is a good find but with the troika of Hinrich, Derrick Rose, and Luol Deng, he is expendable. Alexander is a younger version of Salmons and Warrick can because the post up PF that Thomas isn’t right now.

NEW YORK: Eddie House, JR Giddens, Bill Walker, and a conditional second-round pick
BOSTON: Nate Robinson and Marcus Landry
At best, these two squads needed these players to shore up their backcourt. With Marquis Daniels often injured, they need a scoring backup that can deliver the shots and Nate Robinson will be that guy. His entry gives Boston a great reliever for Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen. I don’t know how he’ll adapt to the team’s chemistry but I don’t think the new guy will be up-in-arms in his new title-hunting team. At the Knicks, they lost a scorer but Mike D’Antoni is happy with House. House was Mike’s boy when House was in Phoenix and he is a defensive guy that can hurl long bombs. Plus, with the rift D’Antoni and Robinson had, it’s a matter of time that these two get separated. I going to give Boston the benefit of the doubt that they will use Nate wisely.

HOUSTON: Kevin Martin and Hilton Armstrong
SACRAMENTO: Carl Landry and Joey Dorsey

Kevin Martin was an up and coming star for the Kings. But he got injured. And Tyreke Evans became awesome. Sacramento sacrificed a great backcourt because they think they need to shore up their frontline. Oh well, Landry at best is a fourth option that would perform better because the Kings lack name players that can deliver. Houston will benefit on K-Mart because he is another scorer to de-load Trevor Ariza and Luis Scola.

LA CLIPPERS: Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake
PORTLAND: Marcus Camby
Portland is preparing for a more fruitful NBA Playoffs and those hopes were dashed when Greg Oden injured himself for a season. Camby is a great addition for the team but giving up a PG and a SF that has reinforced their rise to the top is harsh. Wait… hmmm… hell screw it, the Blazers won this! Outlaw is often-injured and Blake is a lesser-level version of Jason Williams. Camby is not the player to build for the future but he is a helpful addition. Even if the Clips have given up on this season to strengthen their lineup upon the return of Blake Griffin, I think the Blazers have a big chance to swell their chances in the postseason.

WASHINGTON: Josh Howard, Drew Gooden, James Singleton, and Quinton Ross (Gooden was later traded to the Clippers for cash considerations)
DALLAS: Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, and DeShawn Stevenson
Howard gets the trade out because Mark Cuban was pissed at Howard for being too wasted to attend practice. Definitely, Dallas getting Butler is great. Also, they found a center they can sub for Erick Dampier in Haywood. Stevenson is an offense/defense guy that can spell good quality minutes. It seems like the Wizards are unloading all the players part of the “Arenas era” but they didn’t do well here. Howard injured his ACL and is out for the season. Guess who won in this swap?

CHARLOTTE: Stephen Jackson and Acie Law (later part of a deal that sent Tyrus Thomas to the Bobcats)
GOLDEN STATE: Vladimir Radmanovic and Raja Bell

This is not a draft deadline trade but Charlotte is enjoying this sudden rise at the Eastern Conference race because of this trade. Sure, Gerald Wallace is the star of this show but Jackson is that other guy where Larry Brown will have a sure source of those sweet deuces and troikas. Radmanovic hasn’t been a great player to head a team and Raja Bell is a good addition for the trade to commence. But still, the Bobcats own this swap. Michael Jordan is doing well as GM now. Took him a decade to do that!

NEW YORK: Tracy McGrady
HOUSTON: Jared Jeffries, Jordan Hill, and a protected 2012 first-round pick and the right to exchange first-round pick in 2011
Unless the Rockets claim a super rookie a la LeBron James, I will always see this pick as pro New York. I believe T-Mac is an all-time Top 75 player. He has height, leaping ability, power, and skills. The only problem I see working against T-Mac is his health. This is dangerous since he’ll join a lot of superstars that wilted after playing a season with the Knicks (Glen Rice, Steve Francis, Stephon Marbury, Penny Hardaway, etc).

CLEVELAND: Antawn Jamison
WASHINGTON: Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the rights of Emil Preldzic, and 2010 first-round draft pick

There is no chance in hell that the Wizards will have the advantage in this trade. Jamison is a wide body that can play both forward positions with ease. Trading him to their Eastern rivals could be a ploy to infuriate the gun-toting Gilbert Arenas. And sure, even if Jamison’s entry made the Cavs a little off-sync, Z Ilgauskas will not play for the Wizards and will eventually be waived. If this works as planned, Z will return to Cleveland, the team he played his whole career. However, Cleveland needs to be wary of Ilgauskas because Atlanta is seriously interested in acquiring his services.

That’s about it. Hurl insults at me if I made a booboo in my checklist.

Until then…

Game over!
Ever seen cute wrestlers?

Search no more.

It has history.

It is a sports film.

It has Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman.

And no, this is not like The Mighty Ducks but with Barack Obama cheering them on.

Before Nelson Mandela was beloved, he was hated by the whites of South Africa. Because of his political will, he was locked up for almost three decades. When he was released, the whites detested it. When he was elected President of the Republic of South Africa, these whites fear for their lives. Mandela thinks otherwise though. What better way to make these whites become his allies?

Probably… rugby.

What I loved:

Like I said, this is a historical sports film. I am a huge fan of sports flicks. From Jerry Maguire, to the Mighty Ducks, to Remembering the Titans, to Any Given Sunday, to Mystery Alaska, to Shaolin Soccer, to Goal, to Happy Gilmore, to Major League, to Space Jam and even the Keanu Reeves-flick The Replacements! The film had those slomo moments, those sharp blood-oozing goodness, you see the reaction from the faces when they feel pain and anguish and you root for these guys that you forget that the outcome has been revealed… but you still root for them to find out how the events unfolded for them to seal the win.

Morgan Freeman is an acting demigod. Nobody does it better than this guy. Except for Sidney Poitier none of the current flock of actors can pull of what he did to play Mandela. Freeman has elegance and the glossiness to withstand this. I also commend Matt Damon for this. He has come a long way from playing those Kevin Smith flicks and I amazed how he looked like an actual rugby player in this film. His body is different here – sure Jason Bourne is the ultimate anti-terrorist weapon but playing a South African strongman who concentrates in beefing up his upper body and back is a look rarely seen from Damon. Gerald Butler can pull this off but he is not that charismatic. Same goes for Daniel Craig. Jude Law? Hmmm…

Anywho, Damon looks like a real rugby player so I’m sticking with the Clint pick.

His people needed a leader… and he gave them a champion. Whoa, copywriters everywhere will have to find some way to alter and use this phrase for their commercials! Whenever Clint Eastwood directs, there is something about his film being both epic and mature. Kids can handle Invictus because it is like reading a cool professor’s lesson plan… with the audio/visual spots and the Q and A’s. I like how we saw Mandela’s good side and his flaws. His failed attempts to reconnect with his family was seen here which is a different side to see from the overworked and much admired leader of free SAF.

The build up from the divided nation to the united country was great. The good thing about this was the end wasn’t really disclosed. Mandela’s recovery wasn’t mentioned as were the black and white wars, their economic surge, Mandela’s family life, aftermath of the rugby team, and others (Matt Damon’s character was kicked out from the rugby team a year later because the coach accused Francois for feign an injury).

For that one moment, all problems came to a standstill and the South Africans enjoyed the day the Springboks united a divided nation.

What I DIDN’T REALLY hated:

Historical inaccuracies could make you cringe at Invictus. Some of the scenes were altered to either add more drama, or to give further character depth to the story. For those that experienced the actual finals match, they’ll probably hate this. I’ll bet those who experienced how history unfolded would also be pissed by this, anywho, Clint had to alter things to make the events work. Besides, the people outside South Africa don’t really see the difference in this.

What I hated though is how Mandela looked like a very, VERY geeky and nerdy Springboks fanboy. I mean, even in the diplomatic meetings??? While it did develop Mandela’s character in the flick as an avid supporter, giving gifts, trips, and all the attention is what a dirty old man does. Yes I know, Nelson could have done this, but I just hate the point that he is capable to stop a meeting to see a couple of rugby players to drills with the kids. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the flick but I just thought some that do not know the trials Nelson Mandela has been might think of him as a president that had to rely on other people to get recognition.

Come to think of it, I’ll nudge on the fact that aside from Mandela, Francois Pienaar, the Pienaar household help, the four main guards, and the kid that looks like picking trash but was really trying to listen to the finals match, there weren’t any key characters to pass as “endearing”. I mean, the rugby players are mean and uncharismatic but you need to cheer for them to win. Aside from the pessimistic guy and the token black guy, the whole team was forgettable. How can a rugby themed-flick center on rugby team whose only known variable is Matt Damon? The flick would have been better if they protected their characters well.

The verdict: I have lengthy things to say about the flick but they are more of frustrations than angst over the Eastwood directed story. I want Matt Damon to win the Best Supporting Award trophy but I can’t see Morgan Freeman winning a Best Actor plum for this flick. Eastwood wasn’t even nominated for Best Picture and Best Director so the fact that the true-to-life flick wasn’t really true to life might have something to do with this.

This film is awesome if you stop being smart in current events.

Game over.

The zone defense makes you do things you don’t really want to do.

For example, not attacking the basket and FALL IN LOVE WITH THE THREE POINT SHOT!!!

San Miguel joins Ginebra and Talk N Text as those that fell in love shooting beyond the arc and NEVER made the finals of the 2009-10 PBA Philippine Cup.

At the start of the season, Purefoods pushed a lot of trades that sent two of their “prodigal sons” back in the fold. Paul Artadi fled to Ginebra after getting “hell” treatment from Ryan Gregorio for his inability to knock outside shots. Marc Pingris was sent away so that Enrico Villanueva can fill the need of the Giants to have a wide body in the inside after Romel Adducul was sidelined because of cancer. The team got two rookies – the best in the batch Rico Maierhofer (because Japeth Aguilar joined the Smart-Gilas roster) and Chris Timberlake. Gregorio had to also unload Richard Yee, Celino Cruz and Villanueva (the last two were instrumental for the Giants to claim Rafi Reavis). The better version of Artadi and the more seasoned version of Pingris were amongst the notables in Purefoods’ rise.

Say what you want about Ryan Gregorio, but the defense he put in to destroy San Miguel is genius! Making San Miguel lose three straight is a feat itself. The scary thing about SMB is that you don’t know who’ll erupt. Their bench can play like their starters. When Arwind Santos and Jay Washington needs to rest, Danny Seigle and Danny Ildefonso enter. Unlike Ginebra in the Alaska series though, Purefoods wanted to get the Beermen to fear them. Again, I give props to the awesome defense Purefoods gave SMB. Reavis, Pingris, Maierhofer, and Roger Yap flourished in this system while their main guns Kerby Raymundo and James Yap were gracious enough to not hog the field goals for themselves. While Don Allado, PJ Simon, KG Canaleta and Artadi hardly played and hardly became a factor in the SMB series, I expect these three to have a say on things for the Aces.

Speaking of which, Alaska has had a very lazy preseason. The major difference of this lineup was seldom used newb Mike Burtscher. While they have acquired Samigue Eman, he is barred to play for the team until the Fiesta Cup. However, their non-transformation heralded a long winning streak. While they after they suffered their first loss, things started to go downhill, they bounced back to claim the last outright semis spot. Willie Miller was superb in their opening games but his points are currently lackluster and inconsistent. However, Miller this season is happily playing his role as decoy, and letting his teammates share the limelight. Sonny Thoss was the bar none MVP of the Ginebra series because he was unstoppable in the shaded area. Mucho accolades also goes to Tony dela Cruz, Reynel Hugnatan and Joe Devance for anchoring the team’s scoring with Miller’s scoring absence. However, LA Tenorio is the team’s stabilizer. Unlike his other Ateneo teammates, Flying LA has certainly found a home in Tim Cone’s turf. He is scoring, orchestrating, and defending the ball as if he is a ten-year pro. The bench mob of the Aces might be inferior, but you need to be wary of Hugnatan, John Ferriols, Mark Borboran, Larry Fonacier, and Jeff Cariaso because all I can say is that the bench of Alaska is underrated.

So matchup-wise, I’ll say Alaska is more organized than Purefoods. Tim Cone has a unit very familiar to each other and you know they are organized because not anyone can adapt to his system. Alaska also has a great defense despite the fact that they aren’t that big. In terms of starting fives, the Aces have five players that normally play around 30 minutes per game. However, the Giants have intensity. While Alaska solved Ginebra’s run and gun game, Artadi, Pingris, Simon, Canaleta, and Maierhofer are all thrillseekers at Ryan Gregorio’s disposal. The fact that Purefoods’ bench is deeper than the Aces is another plus point for the “blue” boys. Their zone defense is suffocating and after Thoss, there is no other big to properly contain Kerby and Reavis. How Gregorio would use Maierhofer is also something to ponder upon.

I want to say more but I just got constraints...

I just got lazy.


I won’t say which outduels what but I sense that Alaska will prevail in this matchup at 6 games.

Until then, GAME OVER!

Simon Pegg looks a lot less of Hugh Grant than of a Rowan Atkinson.

But mind you, I am beginning to become a fan of his work.

Before Pegg became Scotty in the rebooted version of Star Trek, this creepy Brit had an awesome time doing a lot of low-budgeted and unknown Brit flicks, the most memorable of which is Shaun of the Dead.

The comedy/thriller’s main cast includes Pegg, David Schwimmer (of Friends fame) and English actress Alice Eve. Natasha McElhone plays Schwimmer’s wife while Mimi Rogers plays a great support character.

The Story: David Schwimmer is a struggling writer forced to accept a call center job which fired him mere hours after he got hired. There he meets Pegg’s character and Pegg devices this brilliant plan to extort a perverted priest. They also got a girl named Josie involved in their “brilliant scheme”. When the time came, everything went wrong.

What I liked:

This is a dark comedy and yeah, it was gory but fun. I love how they always get themselves in really sucky situations. I also like how they do stupid things and then re-think what they did and tell each other how stupid their plan was.

But in the end part, these characters fall to greed, and the more they go one-upping the other, the more they don’t realize that someone has won.

Hmmm… who could that be?

Contrary to other reviews, I still saw a bit of Ross in Schwimmer’s acting. The refreshing thing about Schwimmer here is that he is not monotonous and his character had something strange on him that made is frustrations and desperations a little more evident. I like how Mimi Rogers would play a creepy bitch to a T. I also love the way she died. She seemed… VERY MUCH IN PAIN. Anyway, Alice Eve played her role well and she did it well enough for me to Google her pic (see left). Major props go to Pegg though. I saw some of his films but I never cared about him (he was the mammal adventurer living in Dinosaur Land on Ice Age 3). It was when I saw How to Lose Friends and Alienate People that I found Pegg fun. His portrayal of a conman that looks too stupid to accomplish anything mind-boggling was fun. His character doing stupid things to make his dimwit-ness more obvious was even funnier.

What I hated:

It’s actually hard to hate the flick. The only thing that could be a factor is that Ross is only the remotely known actor in this movie (if you live outside US and UK). For me this is refreshing because at first thought that I would find it hard to understand a Simon Pegg movie and I was pleasantly wrong about this.

Storywise, I can’t believe that characters fall to extreme dumbness (the wife and the “awesome” FBI agent are amongst the examples). The love and affection Schwimmer shown to his daughter could have been minimized. Fortunately, it gives out meaning in the end.

The Verdict: These low-budget indies are cool to watch and Big Nothing is no exception. This is not like your typical Philippine Independent movie that reeks in gayness and “porniness”. This goes to show that there is something about Big Nothing.

Game over.

I sense a lot of sad basketball fanatics.

It’s probably because Ginebra got swept in their semis series against Alaska.

Sad but true… after a physical and emotional series with TNT, it seems as if the Kings found themselves huffing and puffing against the Aces. This is the fourth time (and a second time for non-finals matches) a team handed an opposing team the broom to sweep their asses. A few years back, Ginebra swept Red Bull. Junthy Valenzuela, Cyrus Baguio, Rich Alvarez, and Celino Cruz were amongst the players in that Barako squad then.

Willie Miller struggled in this series no thanks to Ronald Tubid. Guys like Tubid, Baguio, JC Intal, and Valenzuela are great players to have because they have offense and defense. However, Jong Uichico couldn’t solve Alaska’s size.

What? Alaska’s size???

TNT was bigger than Alaska in terms of heft and everything and yet Ginebra clawed consecutive three wins to clinch the series. Sonny Thoss, who barely averaged 9 points in the regular season, erupted for almost 16 points and 9 rebounds in the series. Sure, Eric Menk got hurt but they still have Enrico Villanueva, Billy Mamaril and the overachieving Willy Wilson! Jong Uichico should have used Rich Alvarez more in that series with Wilson and Intal failing to dish out their intensity from the TNT series but Alvarez barely played. Alvarez is a decent enough defender to thwart Joe Devance who is more of a big SF more than anything. If they need size then why can’t they just activate Doug Kramer, Paolo Bugia, Homer Se, and Junjun Cabatu???

And for these players, why the fuck would they still want to play for a team that won’t use them wisely? I know Bugia and Kramer have binding contracts but Cabatu and Se could just leave the team to go for a team that would use them!

Why do you think Norman Gonzales, Gilbert Lao, Ricky Calimag and Jason Misolas are getting the minutes even they aren’t “star potential” players?

I’m sold that Jong Uichico can’t use Villanueva properly. Fans loved his entry to the team at the start of the season because with a healthy Menk or Mamaril, they can have a twin tower setup. Villanueva shouldn’t be used as a center. Villanueva should also get enough touches to make his self effective. E-Vil averaged a mere 6.9 shots per game, which is almost half of what Ronald Tubid makes. Ginebra has a lot of scorers from the point and slasher positions that’s why I know think that sending Reavis to Purefoods was a bad idea. Same goes for Cyrus Baguio. I am beginning to think that Baguio will become Ginebra’s version of Renren Ritualo. I like Renren and I like Baguio so managements shouldn’t be greedy about their services and send them to teams that would use their talents wisely! People are saying all Baguio thinks is to score but what can Cyrus do??? He is a scorer for the longest time and people should spunk themselves if they think that Baguio would play 14 minutes and just pass and defend?

That is why I applaud Sam Eman. If you are a second pick overall playing less than 15 minutes to a squad that won’t likely use you, then you have to decide if you want job security or superstardom.

Now for you SMC haters, this is how San Miguel gets their top players. Remember when Ron Jacobs “molested” the 30-second injury timeout back in the 90’s? Well this is the salary cap version.

San Miguel would sign their players to inexpensive and short-term contracts. Even if they are left unsigned, they will still practice and be associated with them so that when a player comes back from injury; their salary cap would be able to accommodate these players. The only reason why players to continue to stick with SMC is that they overload the players with great benefits and bonuses!

Don’t you know that SMC janitors earn over 20,000 pesos? Who doesn’t want to work for SMC? Ten years of working for them and you’ll live awesomely, be the envy of the people in your high school reunion and make your bullies cry about their pathetic existence.

Okay, I’ll shut up on the money part. Returning to Eman, SMC reportedly offered Eman a transfer to the Ginebra camp to bolster their size. But Eman had other things in mind. Unlike reserved list-mate Chris Calaguio, he still has a future (Calaguio has too but he’d rather go with a “secure” job than getting a storied career). Going to Alaska solves the Aces’ need for size. If he blossoms in Tim Cone’s system, imagine a troika of Thoss, Eman, and Devance, who will now have an easy time unloading his three point shots with Eman striving in the middle.

More Ginebra loss to Alaska’s gain…

JC Intal, the MVP of the TNT series, was grounded in this match up. Chot Reyes didn’t cared much on Intal but Cone gave The Rocket Tony Dela Cruz and TDC made the up and coming star revert back to his rookie days. What he learned from Reyes' folly made Cone's coaching awesome.

And finally, the aged-old question…

Did Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand disrupted Ginebra’s gameplay?

Remember when the early 2000’s version of the Sacramento Kings were eliminated after a strong showing and the fault was ruled that Chris Webber disrupted the team’s system? While I think Tubid, Baguio, Cruz, and Intal propelled the team to where they are today, Ginebra is not Ginebra with Helterbrand and Caguioa. Come playoff time, the big guns blossomed. Check out Eric Menk – until his injury, he was regaining form to battle the bigs of TNT. Except for Baguio, these guys have playing time. Ronald Tubid bungled the chance to tie the game towards the end of Game 3 while the constant shackling of Dela Cruz on Intal made the Rocket force his shots. It didn't help that LA Tenorio, Mark Borboran, Reynel Hugnatan, and Larry Fonacier played big in that series. Without The Bandanna Brothers, I don’t even think the Kings stand a chance against the Aces. Even Sunday Salvacion played well in this series. I strongly believe that the old guns give the team the added oomph.

It’s just a shame that the Kings got bamboozled by the Aces.

Hopefully the Kings can fill their need on height with a great post up import. Mind you though, the only constant in the small positions are Jayjay Helterbrand headlining and Celino Cruz backing him up. Caguioa will claim the SG spot as he’ll also fight with Tubid, Baguio, Intal, Junthy Valenzuela, Salvacion and INJURIES to secure that spot.

Is Chris Alexander available?

Game over.


Meanwhile… Alex Crisano and Adonis Sta. Maria just became free agents! After a stellar season in a ragtag squad, the erstwhile Barako Bull team captain is team-less. Unlike Adonis though, Crisano will get offers. Burger King, Sta. Lucia, Rain or Shine, and Coke are amongst the teams that could use his services. I won’t be surprised if a top team considers hiring him. This colorful character that debuted in the pro circuit with the MBA’s Nueva Ejica Patriots logged 8.9ppg, 6.2rpg and 0.8apg in 22.6 minutes.
For all you sports lovers out there, check out www.theonion.com and check out the latest about your favorite game…

Packers Fan Announces He Will Return To Drinking For Another Season

How they are ironing out their current flaws…

NHL Tries To Woo Fans By Increasing Scoring With Bigger Nets, 3-Point Line

How they open your mind to new things!

Ngyuen Thi Buch Thuy: 'Just Give Me The Damn Sepak Takraw Ball'

Check out the videos if you want to be a proper, well-rounded individual!

Game over!

If you want to chill, relax and unwind, then check out Rendezvous.

Yes, I am listening to a jazz-electronica band.

I got dibs on their music and found them mightily awesome.

Click to know.

While I was juggling my day job as a writer and my love for blogging, I got a message from a certain Alma Jones asking me to feature Rendezvous in my blog.

Wow! Neat! I am going to feature a band! Suddenly I sense that my blog is a tad near awesome!


Err… what is Rendezvous?

I didn’t think of it as much at first… but then I thought this could be a great opportunity for my blog to branch out from its regular load of hits. But I must also be careful and try not to alienate the crowd that “reads” my blog.

My reporter instincts started to kick in.

The first question I asked was if this band was emo. Yes, I consider myself a fan of all music but I don’t like this genre (I also have a slight disdain over Michael Learns to Rock). While I can tolerate “powerpop”, whiny men wearing spiky hair, black nails, and girly eye shadow agitate me because music is meant to make people happy and not make them head to the nearest dark alley to cry and cut themselves with a random sharp object. The only boys I want to see wearing makeup are Kiss, the wrestler Sting, and Ronald McDonald!

I need to believe the product in order for me to care about it. That is why I wanted to know the facts about this band first before I write about them.

Digging the sounds of coffee shop sounds made it easy for me to listen to this. This is not a bad thing, I must tell you. In a jumpy, ballad-y, alternative rock-ish nation like the Philippines (where homegrown bands absolutely upstage foreign artists in radio airplay), the music of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and even crooner Frank Sinatra and the loud James Brown are relegated to establishments like Starbucks, Figaro, Coffee Beanery, and Seattle’s Best. Like I said, this is a good thing – especially since coffee shops are one of the top hangouts of tipsy chicks trying to stay awake, guys who wants to score on tipsy chicks trying to stay awake and couples… or un-couples trying to chill… or cool off.

Then I did my research. I really wanted to check out the existence of Rendezvous. Hey, maybe this story came from some African nation eager to claim a random bank account for their money laundering scams! I apologize to Rendezvous, but since the band is an up and coming act from the other side of the planet, I needed to know more about them.

Alma Jones was gracious enough to give me an online press kit complete with an article (I will use the article when I get DOCX to DOC converter), images, and a sample mp3. The sample mp3 was titled “So What”. And you know what… I experienced the good noise. I was ready to write something about the band but my itch to check out their other stuffs gave me reasons to further complicate the search.

This led me to an article at www.jazztimes.com which revealed a link directing me to the band’s website.

I think its best for you to check out www.rendezvousmusic.com.uk.

I like “No Man’s Land” a lot because among the sample singles (Incognito and So What are the others), I can easily savor and salivate on the build up of the song as if we’re experiencing a 70’s blaxploitation car chase. Since their songs don’t go with words, they really need to double their efforts in convincing the listeners that there is substance to what they’re playing. This song is doing just that. “So What” is dead-on for a beatnik-slash-devil-may-care person. I can see this playing while we see a futuristic trench coat guy a la Humphrey Bogart walking in some detective movie. “Incognito” can also be a good musical score for stake outs or CSI-themed shows where there is a beautiful vixen trying to pinch the love nerve on the protagonist.

I was looping the three songs when I was doing my work and funny how the music stimulates me to create something awesome (although this eventually gave my write-ups “the car chase” feel).

This experience made me realize the fact that this up and coming band from the Tel Aviv beams out a superb mix of old school big band jazz and new age electronica. Rendezvous is ready to hit mainstream status after achieving cult status in the cyber jungle (the band has an estimated 8,000 fans in Facebook).

If you’re ready to widen your musical senses, check out Rendezvous.

Don’t be surprised if the band gets extra attention this 2010.

Game over.

I can’t get any Percy Jackson tickets and it makes no sense to watch Valentine’s Day again so I had to choose – Dear John… or this?

At first look, you’ll probably think that this is a romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston hanging alongside Balls of Fury’s Dan Fogler and Miss Guided’s Judy Greer.

But then, Aaron Eckhart is also in this film.

Holy crap, what does this mean!?!

Aaron Eckhart is an author who becomes a cult legend after his book about coping with death hits a spot on a particular horde of Americans. Unfortunately for Eckhart, he has his demons. Very… troubling… demons.

What I liked:

Here’s the thing – I know critics pan this flick but I think this is a tolerable picture. It has flaws… very VISIBLE flaws but there are things that should make this movie stand out.

First of all, Aaron Eckhart is a great actor. We saw played the Harvey Dent character well in the Dark Knight (although no one can upstage Heath Ledger in that movie) and he has been awesome since. While this was a rough material for him to look upon, he played the flawed character with such gusto. I looked at how he portrayed his role as a “Yes Man” and the thing that strikes me is he is a hypocrite a la Gregory House. I like heroes with flaws… for me, it makes them more human.

I also loved the characters of Dan Fogler and John Carroll Lynch. Lynch, was pretty decent portraying a grieving contractor. He remembered him as Drew Carey’s older brother on the Drew Carey Show and was surprised with his ability to do drama. Why I didn’t like how they used Fogler’s ability to make people laugh, his character was a breath of fresh air. He played a money-mad, power-hungry businessman that also has a heart. You will get the importance of his character through the last parts of the flick and you’ll probably second-guess yourself if this was really the guy that did slapstick comedy and ping-ponged with Christopher Walken on a wooden bridge!

Finally, this flick tackled stuffs that make the audience brace for the seriousness of the movie. I am guessing this actually happened in real life and while it didn’t, well… it’s a shame because the premise of the flick is really, really good.

Unfortunately, it seems like the writers forgot to be contemporary because most of the vehicles they used in making a story out of the film were overused and needs to be retired.

What I hated:

Perhaps the reason behind a film’s tagging as a romantic comedy is you have to be cute and at the same time… funny. For a flick that has the slutty secretary from Arrested Development and the plastic surgeon from Good Luck Chuck, there was nothing funny about this flick. ALL THE LAUGHS Fogler executed, while I enjoyed his character, were crap. All the poetic ramblings of Greer were even crappier. Especially the montage of scenes that laid waste on my common sense that came after the poetry place en route to the cemetery was bad.

Typecasting is also something that the producers needed to check out. If they are not going to make this funny, casting Jennifer Aniston in this flick is scary. While, Aniston’s characterization of Rachel Green-Geller made Friends the legendary sitcom it was, her bubbly happy-go-lucky, cutesy image still haunts her even if the series has been gone for five years now. You want Aniston to get the laughs but I guess the laughs has been relegated to Greer which like I said… couldn’t put the smiles in the audience’s faces.

Perhaps the biggest beef I have with this film is its very icky ending. Security should have been better in these types of events so gatecrashers like Martin Sheen’s character shouldn’t have raced to the stage to comfort Eckhart.

Okay, I don’t care if Sheen saw Eckhart crying, but I don’t really dig this “audience participation from the protagonists much respected person saying sorry leading to the slow clap shit”. I want to buy this… but no. I have seen stuffs like this and it is a poor ending to a film that has a tendency to hit or miss.

The Verdict: They made this a romantic comedy but are it really??? Nonetheless, with a powerhouse cast in Valentine’s Day, a la Notebook feel in Dear John, and a mystical flick like Percy Jackson, you’ll probably head to a Love Happens cinema house because it heals your claustrophobia (in the Philippines it bombed in the box office). Nonetheless, it is a welcome surprise to those that think this will become a typical Jennifer Aniston movie.

Eventually it became as such… but the acting prowess of Aaron Eckhart managed to pull the film as tolerable.

Game Over.

Except for Julia Roberts (and Taylor Lautner if we’ll enter a debate that he has been seen prominently only in the Twilight series), most of these actors are A-listers only on stature and not on their film’s box office figures (or for every one box-office win, they’ll probably have three movies that bombed).

The Valentine’s Day weekend gave me front row seats to catch two flicks. No, I didn’t see Percy Jackson because I don’t watch movies in the front row (unless you want to GO BLIND) and I don’t want to watch Dear John (although I would have watched it for the mere fact of telling if this is the correct movie to displace Avatar in the weekly ticket sales). I watched Valentine’s Day last Friday and then Love Happens last Saturday.

First up, Valentine’s Day!

This Garry Marshall flick stars a ton of stars headed by Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, That 70’s Show’s Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher, Grey’s Anatomy’s Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane, Bradley Cooper, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Queen Latifah, Shirley MacLaine, Hector Elizondo, George Lopez, and Emma Roberts.

What I liked:

The first thing you need to look at ensemble movies is character’s connection with one another. The film had that.

In terms of characters, the characters of Ashton Kutcher, Topher Grace, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Hector Elizondo, and Shirley MacLaine are endearing while the characters of Taylor Swift, the kid, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, and Julia Roberts aren’t that far behind. There were funny and shocking scenes in this film and there were heartwarming moments as well.

Still, you have to know who connects with whom because this basically formulates the plot, the climax, and the ending.

Also, you have to love the scene where Anne Hathaway was shooting Topher Grace’s “after sex” look and she was just wearing a long-sleeved white polo shirt? She had a pretty sick Visual Access Angle!

So one might ask: what in the blue hell is a Visual Access Angle???

This term originated from the mouth of fictional character Jeff Murdock. This popular Coupling (UK) character coined this term for all women wearing skirts.

“All you have to do is tilt your head, change seats, or accidentally fall on the floor, and there is a clear line of sight between you and “base camp” – that is, the woman’s underwear or genitalia!”

For those folks that adored the car scene where Anne Hathaway was naked, then this scene’s for you!

It also didn’t hurt that Taylor Swift can awesomely act like a bratty teen with gusto.

What I hated:

You know why I hate ensemble movies? Because there is a part that stands out! In this case, the Ashton Kutcher-Jennifer Garner story could have been a good full-length love story. The Topher Grace-Anne Hathaway story could have been another full-length story which I can also say about the Jessica Biel-Jamie Foxx and the kid and his grandparents (MacLaine and Elizondo) story. Fact is, Ashton played the hopeless romantic well in this pic and his story stood out than everyone else. Hey, George Lopez was a great best friend for Kutcher’s character. The only connection the Topher-Anne story was that Anne’s boss played by Queen Latifah is Eric Dane’s character’s agent.

Imagine Anne Hathaway impersonating every cliché sex kitten for 90 minutes while Topher Grace acts nutty and nerdy a la his That 70’s Show days? That would have been cool! But instead we get something like this – like I said, this is the trouble of ensemble movies.

Compared to most of the cast playing the “good” parts, limited scenes from Jessica Alba, Queen Latifah, Eric Dane, and Julia Roberts hurts the whole “all-star cast” production. The female Indian kid had better character development than Jessica Alba. Hell, the actress that played George Lopez’ onscreen wife had a meatier role than Queen Latifah and she didn’t even said one word in the flick! Sure Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper had their “moment” but casting Julia Roberts as a cameo with a linear storyline is simply misusing her services. I am a huge Julia Roberts fan (just like I like Kate Winslet) so I was wishing her comeback wasn’t this “limited”…

Or maybe I was just wishing that Richard Gere had freed his schedule for this flick because if it was him and not Bradley Cooper, their “airplane” scenes would have gotten more meat!

The Verdict: This “chopsuey” romantic comedy should have been a “single dish filled with awesome”. While I am not saying I don’t like the film, the fact I wished that it could have been more means that I am not satisfied.

By the way, I was also looking for a Garry Marshall cameo… because that would have been something.

Game Over.

The Philippine contingent didn’t really dominate Pinoy Power 3 but nevertheless, it gave the nation a chance to be happy.

Had I seen Mark Melligen and Bernabe Concepcion’s bouts then I can say that this review would be complete but unfortunately I didn’t. While having lunch I heard Dyan Castilejo and Ronnie Nathanielsz exclaiming on the lunch punch to the gut that send Ciso Morales on the canvas in the opening round. Before his KO, ageless wonder Gerry Penalosa lost a split decision against Eric Morel. Morel proved too big and too elusive for “Fearless” Penalosa that at 37, his dreams of ending his career on a high note by capturing the WBO bantamweight crown from Fernando Montiel will likely not happen.

Montiel was also the first person to deck Morales after connecting with a hard blow in the Pinoy pug’s gut.

By the way, I saw Z Gorres in this Las Vegas tilt. After that brutal post-fight, you saw how Gorres envied the guys fighting in the card. You know, if he loves the sport so bad, he could opt as a referee. I know Carlos Padilla has stopped refereeing and it’s time for a Filipino to be recognized as an enforcer for a boxing fight.

Anyway, the card that longed my attention was for Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire as he faced last-minute replacement Manuel “Chango” Vargas in the main event.

The first thing I thought when I saw Donaire was he looked awkward getting seen in an ABS-CBN telecast (ABS-CBN owns the rights of the current Pinoy Power card). The second thing was why the hell is Michael Buffer pronouncing Donaire’s surname as “don-neigher”?

This kinda brings you back when Buffer was calling Manny Pacquiao “Manny Packwhey”!

The scheduled opponent of Donaire, Gerson Guerrero had a detached retina so Vargas, a guy scheduled to also fight but in Mexico, was happy to be the sub.

The first round was like a typical 11th round with both boxers barely hitting each other and not getting the cheers from the crowd (they are both feeling each other out or tired... I will go for the “feeling each other” reason).

The second however gave the impression that Vargas is definitely here to make a name for himself at Donaire’s expense. Donaire himself noticed Vargas’ offensive resurgence. While he had an awkward footwork, Vargas proved he was no walk in the park.

That is, until Round 3 started.

As if on cue, Donaire was suddenly on the offensive, like his cooking a brutal concoction that Vargas should fear. All of a sudden, a four-hit combo was unleashed with the final blow landing on Vargas’ chin. By the third punch Vargas was in trouble and by the fourth blow it was all over. Donaire displaced unusual footwork and quickness which made Vargas hit the canvas and would stay there five minutes after the fight ended. At the start, the announcers commented on how the Filipino Flash needs to move to a bigger weight class because he is struggling to make the 115-pound mark. I think Juan Manuel Lopez could be a good opponent for Donaire’s surge to the top.

So three boxers won the five-bout card! I don’t know if this event rated well but with ABS-CBN overhyping the Pinoy Big Brother finale (I don’t blame them), this is a Donaire match that was barely hyped. The event pulled in a little over 20 percent in the ratings but

Still a great win for Donaire.

Now all eyes will be on Manny Pacquiao and Josh Clottey this March 13.

Game over.

How could they possibly think of me as such?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

It’s not a real holiday by the way so don’t expect double pay.

I love the Philippine Star...

... Especially how the front page on their February 13, 2010 issue looks like!

Aside from having the delight to browse the columns of Quinito Henson, Bill Velasco, Ricky Lo, the ex-pat files guy, and Butch Francisco (his takes on the do and don’ts on investigative journalism, Marlene Aguilar’s pre-Jason Ivler alleged killing spree, and TV during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s were well-researched and well-written), I also get a look on how the Beerkada strips (in terms of favourite strip, it’s a tossup between Pugad Baboy and Beerkada), Dilbert, and Andy Capp plays out.

Whoever agreed with that front page should be commended. While censorship is getting manhandled in the silliest sense by digital flicks and other avenues of communication arts, this was inspired by real and significant circumstances. It is also seasonal, meaning it didn’t lay waste the season where “flower-picking” is at its max!

I like how serious stuffs lighten things up once in a while.

Game over.

Highly-recommended website theonion.com offers an interesting bit of news that should “trim” stuffs regarding the most busiest (double superlative) day of all.


WASHINGTON—Flushed with anticipation and ready to emerge from another long, cold winter, millions of Americans participated this week in the annual tradition of trimming their pubic regions in time for Valentine's Day.

A ritual as old as time itself, this year's pubis-shearing is expected to be among the largest in decades, with more than 20,000 tons of curly clippings predicted to fall by Feb. 14.

"My boyfriend and I are going to see As You Like It and then enjoy a nice candlelit three-course dinner," said Brooklyn resident Lydia Simonson, who along with many other hopeful lovers will soon excuse herself from her daily duties, retreat to a nearby bathroom, and carefully tend to the area around her genitalia. "It's going to be so romantic!"

Indeed, tiny scissors and electric razors have already begun to fly off drugstore shelves, while all across the country legs are dangling precariously over open bathtub drains. According to statistics from the National Depilatory Council, the week before Valentine's Day is by far the busiest time of the year for shaving, trimming, sculpting, playful pattern-making, waxing, and even manscaping.

"David and I are going to take a long walk around the park and then maybe on the way home we'll stop and grab some ice cream," said Julie Stibbons, a Dallas-area design consultant who recently made use of grooming shears, a pair of tweezers, and two magnifying mirrors to contribute her 0.4 ounces to the nation's total raw tonnage. "I wonder if David will send me flowers at work like last year."

Added Stibbons, whose smooth vaginal region will show no signs of stubble for days to come, "He's just so wonderful."

While this year promises to be prolific, experts said the country has gone through many personal grooming phases over the years. In 1947, the first year records were kept, Americans only mowed about 1.25 tons off their "crotch lawns," while in the mid-1970s private trimmings were so rare that documentation was actually abandoned until 1981.

But with the booming economy of the 1990s, the U.S. saw a significant resurgence in pre–Valentine's Day shearing and plucking.

"There's a huge spike every year in the first half of February," said Brooks Watson, who is head of sales at Schick, makers of the TrimStyle razor for women. "The rest of the year, Americans generate about 50,000 tons of total trimmings, but in the week before this special holiday we see a massive jump. It's a veritable clear-cutting down there."

"Bzzzzzzzz," he added. "Timber!"

According to Schick's marketing research, during the Valentine's season, U.S. pubic hair removal rates briefly approach those of Brazil, traditionally the smoothest country on the planet. While Americans seem willing to chop it all off for their annual celebration of romance, personal trimming still varies by season, and plummets to levels almost as low as Greece's during the week of Thanksgiving.

"If I trim the shrubs, the tree looks bigger," said Jeremy Wertz of Boise, ID, standing in front of his hall mirror with a pair of scissors taken from his employer's supply closet. "See? Worth the itching, if you ask me."

While many consider the practice a time-honored tradition, not all Americans share Wertz's enthusiasm.

"I'm not going to let corporate America dictate the date or time at which I choose to groom my genitals," said Denver resident Marcus Shannon, adding that Valentine's Day was "invented by the razor industry" to sell grooming devices. "If you really love somebody, you should shave your pubes year-round."

Meanwhile, National Depilatory Council director Donna Spaulding said the sudden nationwide surge in follicular concern is understandable, but she urged caution.

"We all want to look good and feel desirable, but it's important to keep things in perspective," Spaulding said. "In the end, you want people to love your pubic region for what's inside”.

To get more inside scoops, visit www.theonion.com.
Attack of the Show’s version of the Dark Knight!

I haven’t been personal and though I like how I am now using my blog to get contacts and participate in contests, a part of me wonders if I can make other cultures rave about my experiences.

Anyway, I could create a wonderful content to satisfy everyone… but no.

I had a really, really crazy dream that gave me the idea TO NEVER DRINK YAKULT BEFORE GOING TO BED!

It’s been a while since I’ve been taking liver supplements to aid my fatty liver. While I have toned down on my drinking, my addiction to eat has been tearing up my clothing and my hotness. Then I saw the Yakult ad with the kid. I said to myself, "Hey, maybe to lacto stuffs could help me destroy my liver fats"!

Anyway before I went to sleep, my work day hours ago started bizarre. I got to work forgetting to do an errand that was needed ASAP. Being a self-proclaimed damage control specialist, I tried to weasel myself out by being sweet and clingy to all genders.

Yes, count ALL genders!

It did work but then a swarm of job orders drowned my enthusiasm for working. Luckily I have a “therapy” account. Basketball crept back to my system as I again will once do commercials about hoops. The Harlem Globetrotters idea of sending Team Pilipinas to different countries with a camera in tow is a great idea.

I went home within my usual “go home time” of 12 midnight (this is a combination of work and “internetting”). After eating 7-11’s two-piece chicken meal, I slept.

Okay, minutes before I drank Yakult.

Then I dreamt.

I dreamt that I woke up and my house was getting renovated. I went to the loon and found the place without tiles. I sat on the toilet to dump and then I hurled a big, generous pile of man-goo. Then I noticed some “thing” seems to be moving underneath me. I stood up and saw a bunch of baby crocodiles eating my poop!

I was about to run but I remembered that I was butt naked with a tad of dung clinging on my ass. When I was about to try to clean myself up, I saw its mommy.

The next thing I knew was I woke up around 4am fighting and trying to straighten my leg because of cramps!

This is why I won’t drink Yakult before going to sleep.

Yes I get nightmares…

But this is so FN ridiculous!

Game over!

I started the day whoring myself and a few hours later, I began to cram.

I mean… what the hell! It was really, really hard! Job orders were flying out of proportions. Being a writer, it is hard to do your job WHEN YOUR BRAIN IS LIKE A BIG AMOUNT OF NOTHING!

So after a daunting week of your life getting clawed out of existence because of work, it is time to get your self out of occupational hell and in to recreational heaven!

Anyway, if you click this, you’ll find out the events that I might try to drag my GF in.

Also, check out how my blog did a week back!

By the way admit it, DAVID HASSELHOFF TURNED YOU ON!!!

THE RATINGS (JAN 30 to FEB 5, 2010)

Here’s how I fared:


JAN 30 to FEB 5 (NEW VISITS: 33.1, PAGE VIEWS: 51.3)

NEW VISITS: 50 (FEB 2, 2010)
PAGE VIEWS: 81 (JAN 21, 2010)

I hated the fact that I need to have drought during the weekends and this is something I need to take care.





I might feel the need to check out the UP Fair later this week. Yes I know, I’m a proud UST Growling Tiger but UST never has things like this. The closest college rockfest the school delivers was at the Paskuhan and that is sort of a hit-or-miss event.

The remaining gigs are as follows:

Wednesday, February 10 - WARFAIR - Alert The Armory UP Alpha Sigma Fraternity presents Alert The Armory on February 10... Urbandub, Greyhoundz, Chicosci, Slapshock, Stonefree, Salamin, Hilera, Giniling Festival, Blue Boy Bites Back, December Avenue, Valley of Chrome, April Morning Skies, Cog, Imbue No Kudos, Even, Subscapular, The Ambassadors, Inday Bote.

Thursday, February 11 YESTHURSDAY UP Circle of Entrepreneurs presents a concert advocating peace and paying tribute to the 90's music... Parokya nI Edgar, Kamikazee, Typecast, Sandwich, Itchyworms, Sugarfree, Silent Sanctuary, Moonstar88, Chicosci, Spongecola, Hilera, Stonefree, 6cyclemind, Mayonnaise.

Friday, February 12 - RAKESTRA - Harmony Amidst Chaos UP Beta Epsilon presents Harmony Amidst Chaos on February 12... Sugarfree and Silent Sanctuary accompanied by Manila Symphony Orchestra... Kamikazee, Slapshock, Queso, Typecast, Chicosci, Rocksteddy, 6cyclemind, Sponge Cola, Sandwich, Zelle, Valley Of Chrone, Mayonnaise, Moonstar 88, Itchyworms, Soapdish, Up Dharma Down, Boy Elroy, Franco, Pitik, April Morning Skies, Danita, Imbue No Kudos, Imago, Syato, Bloodsheed, Cog, Pink Painted Sky, Sin.

Saturday, February 13 - YOUTHSTOCK - Rock, Role, Rights! UP Diliman University Student Council along with the EMC Fraternity presents Rock, Role, Rights on February 13... Sandwitch, Gloc-9, 6cyclemind, Chicosci, Pedicab, Imago, Itchyworms, Soapdish.

Sunday, February 14 - LOVERAGE - Illumine Nation Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority, Pan Xenia Fraternity, UP Circuit, and UP 49ers presents Illumine Nation on February 14... Rico Blanco, Sugarfree, Sandwich, 6cyclemind, Imago, Itchyworms, Callalily, Silent Sanctuary, DeLara, Paraluman, Pedicab, Blue Ketchup, Soapdish, Markus Highway, Ciudad, Aurora, Tanya, Ernville, Up Dharma Down, Chicosci, Kjwan, Giniling Festival, Moonstar88, Zelle, Stonefree, Top Junk, Brownman Revival, Rocksteddy.


Yes, this is like what Daiana Menezes did… but only the opposite and only it is not really escaping the country.

SM Mall of Asia gives you a chance to experience Brazil! You can check out the samba, the capoeira and anything popular in Brazil! Plus there’s a raffle! LOVE AND RAFFLE REALLY MIX!!! So if you love Brazilians and “Brazilian”, check out the roadshow at the Music Hall, around 4 to 7:30pm on February 13.

Too bad those politicians will cause serious traffic.

Anyway, maybe that Percy Jackson Lightning thingy could be a cool thing to watch. I am leaning towards to visiting the fair and perhaps catching a movie on the weekend. I didn’t have movie night last week because I watched a pond dance at Eastwood.

I think I can make a movie out of this but I’ll do it when I finish becoming lazy.

Until then… GAME OVER!
Man, I’m happy I get to see Attack of the Show. It gives me various stuffs I’ll never know by reading some crappy broadsheet or some pain-staking show. I get to learn new stuffs like DIE ANTWOORD.

One must wonder… who the hell is DIE ANTWOORD???

Wonder no more and check this out!

It seems like all Fil-Ams back when I was affiliated in the PBA (as the one doing their plugs), love adobo. I think Asi Taulava, Tony dela Cruz, Jimmy Alapag, and Dorian Pena were amongst the adobo lovers. Why? No idea. I don’t like adobo. I hate the oily sauce when it hits the rice and it seems like it’s either too bland or too sweet.

But for some insane reason, foreigners love adobo. I guess we should be proud of that.

Here’s a vid of some guy named Taylor, exposing the secrets behind adobong manok.

GMA Pinoy TV subscribers rejoice because something awesome will face you this February!

I like the PBA Philippine Cup tournament format, especially if it features the teams with the biggest fanbase. Unlike telenovelas, the final episode would likely not disappoint (endings matter if the show sucked or the actor does drugs, jumps network, or gets impregnated). Perhaps the best series this season came from the best-of-five tilt between the crowd darlings Baranggay Ginebra Kings and the defending champs Talk N Text Tropang Texters.

And yeah, this is only a quarterfinal matchup.

Usually a team checks in to their locker rooms at around 3pm. Even if the game is the second of two double-headers, players and coaching staffs need to come early to check the surroundings, get a bit of shoot-a-round action, and help the team map out a plan to seal the opposing team.

As of 4:30pm, TNT has yet to crowd their designated locker room.

Talk N Text, if they play, will miss the services of Ranidel de Ocampo. Before that controversial Game 4 walkout which prompted the Ginebra-Talk N Text series to get a do-or-die match, Ranidel is averaging under ten points and seven caroms for the Tropang Texters. Sure, he hasn’t been his normal scoring self since getting traded from Air21 midway last year’s Philippine Cup, but if TNT wants to get a crack at the semis berth against Alaska, Chot Reyes will need his services.

Unfortunately, he can’t. His suspension was the subject of controversy for the walkout. TNT thinks the refs are favoring Ginebra while the Kings think their accusations are baseless. Actually as Quinito Henson pointed out in his Philippine Star column, free throws will get a huge chunk of airtime when you pit the league’s most fouled team against the league’s most foul-ridden team.

You can contest all you want if Ranidel de Ocampo deserves the flagrant foul 2 infraction, whether Ronald Tubid needs to get a counter flagrant foul, or whether TNT overacted but it sucks that a series has to end like this. Do you think Sonny Barrios, the guy that denied San Miguel an outright win because TNT had to wait for their right uniforms during an out-of-town game, could persuade the Texters to return to the court? There are a lot of ways to mock a series. Can a quintet of Jonathan de Guzman, Pong Escobal, Mark Isip, Orlando Daroya, and the Yakult mascot be a better way to ridicule the refs? Funny... but no! TNT had to do that but its either they walk out altogether... or win to claim their redemption.

While the Purefoods-Rain Or Shine series proved entertaining as well, its fanfare fails compared to TNT vs GIN. Purefoods sealed a matchup against Fiesta Cup defending champions San Miguel after extinguishing Rain or Shine’s Cinderella playoff run. James Yap churned out monster numbers for the Giants after Kerby Raymundo scored 34 points in a losing effort.

I went to mass at around 5:30pm.

I came back at around 7:30 and Ginebra leads as the first half is about to end.

Aside from the fanfare, and the “Be Fair” shirts worn by the Tropang Texter faithful, there is nothing much to cheer in this match.

As of this writing, you’d probably know that Ginebra won a semis berth against the Aces. The odds were up for grabs until the dying seconds of the first half. The lead ballooned to 17 at some point and except for a five-point interval, the situation was never close.

Here’s why:

Small Ball: You cannot small ball Ginebra. Ginebra is the king of small ball. They have eight players that can act as shooters or slashers for crying out loud! You take out Ronald Tubid and Cyrus Baguio and Jong Uichico unleashes Celino Cruz, Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand. If needed, the Kings can summon Sunday Salvacion, Kevin White, and Johnny Abarrientos. Plus, JC Intal and Willy Wilson can play that spot with ease. The only reason why I’m not bundling Intal in this point is that he’ll have a different point!

Rebounds: Even without Ranidel de Ocampo, the Texters still have Harvey Carey, Ali Peek, Yancy de Ocampo and Nic Belasco. Did Ginebra expose the fact that these guys do not have the legs to go head-to-head with Enrico Villanueva, Willy Wilson, JC Intal, and Eric Menk? Okay, my bad. You can scrape off the point I brought about Ginebra’s small ball. The lack of height caused Chot Reyes to send in a speedy lineup. At this point, Uichico grabbed the chance to “circulate” Villanueva, Menk, and Wilson in that PF/C spot. He still has Billy Mamaril and Rich Alvarez in his disposal.

Ineffectivity (the inability to play effectively): I heard TNT didn’t even practice the day before Game 5. Then I noticed that the big guys are getting muscled and the small guys are merely hurling their shots. Jason Castro is missing easy layups, Mac Cardona is forcing his shots, and Jimmy Alapag is nailing his threes without even bothering to call for ball movement! Where are the plays?

JC Intal: During Game 1, Chot Reyes insisted to let Intal do the damage but go all out in punishing Ronald Tubid and Cyrus Baguio. The Fast and the Furious duo have played sparingly and Skyrus has been grounded in terms of minutes. No thanks to Intal and Wilson, Jong Uichico found it easy for him to revert Baguio’s minutes as sporadic. Intal destroyed his career high twice in this series. Making the Rocket go berserk is one of the biggest mistakes of Chot Reyes.

By the way, if you doubt the awesomeness of the Rocket, here’s proof!


The Mind Games: I think this perhaps the biggest thing they failed to prey in. The last time a successful walkout happened was during Robert Jaworski’s time. Everyone should be scared on how TNT will react. Will they blurt it out on the refs? Will another incident occur? Will the ratings soar because of this...

Fact is, Chot showed his emotions when TNT was getting rocked by the Gins in the closing minutes. All of a sudden, the lack of urgency played an unsettling noise in the TNT huddle. Even Chot’s sarcastic clap for a ref botch call could spark a TNT crowd to try to upstage the Gin crowd.

Looking to the future, maybe this was a better call. Imagine the Gins fans going full force against Tim Cone and the Alaska Aces? I tell you, we can be looking at another less controversial but action-packed series! Purefoods versus San Miguel is also an interesting matchup.

It’s disappointing though that the perfect avenue to make the refs your bitches was wasted on uninspired action.

Did I mention TNT is 500,000 pesos poorer?

Game over.