All That Jazz from Rendezvous

If you want to chill, relax and unwind, then check out Rendezvous.

Yes, I am listening to a jazz-electronica band.

I got dibs on their music and found them mightily awesome.

Click to know.

While I was juggling my day job as a writer and my love for blogging, I got a message from a certain Alma Jones asking me to feature Rendezvous in my blog.

Wow! Neat! I am going to feature a band! Suddenly I sense that my blog is a tad near awesome!


Err… what is Rendezvous?

I didn’t think of it as much at first… but then I thought this could be a great opportunity for my blog to branch out from its regular load of hits. But I must also be careful and try not to alienate the crowd that “reads” my blog.

My reporter instincts started to kick in.

The first question I asked was if this band was emo. Yes, I consider myself a fan of all music but I don’t like this genre (I also have a slight disdain over Michael Learns to Rock). While I can tolerate “powerpop”, whiny men wearing spiky hair, black nails, and girly eye shadow agitate me because music is meant to make people happy and not make them head to the nearest dark alley to cry and cut themselves with a random sharp object. The only boys I want to see wearing makeup are Kiss, the wrestler Sting, and Ronald McDonald!

I need to believe the product in order for me to care about it. That is why I wanted to know the facts about this band first before I write about them.

Digging the sounds of coffee shop sounds made it easy for me to listen to this. This is not a bad thing, I must tell you. In a jumpy, ballad-y, alternative rock-ish nation like the Philippines (where homegrown bands absolutely upstage foreign artists in radio airplay), the music of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and even crooner Frank Sinatra and the loud James Brown are relegated to establishments like Starbucks, Figaro, Coffee Beanery, and Seattle’s Best. Like I said, this is a good thing – especially since coffee shops are one of the top hangouts of tipsy chicks trying to stay awake, guys who wants to score on tipsy chicks trying to stay awake and couples… or un-couples trying to chill… or cool off.

Then I did my research. I really wanted to check out the existence of Rendezvous. Hey, maybe this story came from some African nation eager to claim a random bank account for their money laundering scams! I apologize to Rendezvous, but since the band is an up and coming act from the other side of the planet, I needed to know more about them.

Alma Jones was gracious enough to give me an online press kit complete with an article (I will use the article when I get DOCX to DOC converter), images, and a sample mp3. The sample mp3 was titled “So What”. And you know what… I experienced the good noise. I was ready to write something about the band but my itch to check out their other stuffs gave me reasons to further complicate the search.

This led me to an article at which revealed a link directing me to the band’s website.

I think its best for you to check out

I like “No Man’s Land” a lot because among the sample singles (Incognito and So What are the others), I can easily savor and salivate on the build up of the song as if we’re experiencing a 70’s blaxploitation car chase. Since their songs don’t go with words, they really need to double their efforts in convincing the listeners that there is substance to what they’re playing. This song is doing just that. “So What” is dead-on for a beatnik-slash-devil-may-care person. I can see this playing while we see a futuristic trench coat guy a la Humphrey Bogart walking in some detective movie. “Incognito” can also be a good musical score for stake outs or CSI-themed shows where there is a beautiful vixen trying to pinch the love nerve on the protagonist.

I was looping the three songs when I was doing my work and funny how the music stimulates me to create something awesome (although this eventually gave my write-ups “the car chase” feel).

This experience made me realize the fact that this up and coming band from the Tel Aviv beams out a superb mix of old school big band jazz and new age electronica. Rendezvous is ready to hit mainstream status after achieving cult status in the cyber jungle (the band has an estimated 8,000 fans in Facebook).

If you’re ready to widen your musical senses, check out Rendezvous.

Don’t be surprised if the band gets extra attention this 2010.

Game over.


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