Big Nothing: The Review

Simon Pegg looks a lot less of Hugh Grant than of a Rowan Atkinson.

But mind you, I am beginning to become a fan of his work.

Before Pegg became Scotty in the rebooted version of Star Trek, this creepy Brit had an awesome time doing a lot of low-budgeted and unknown Brit flicks, the most memorable of which is Shaun of the Dead.

The comedy/thriller’s main cast includes Pegg, David Schwimmer (of Friends fame) and English actress Alice Eve. Natasha McElhone plays Schwimmer’s wife while Mimi Rogers plays a great support character.

The Story: David Schwimmer is a struggling writer forced to accept a call center job which fired him mere hours after he got hired. There he meets Pegg’s character and Pegg devices this brilliant plan to extort a perverted priest. They also got a girl named Josie involved in their “brilliant scheme”. When the time came, everything went wrong.

What I liked:

This is a dark comedy and yeah, it was gory but fun. I love how they always get themselves in really sucky situations. I also like how they do stupid things and then re-think what they did and tell each other how stupid their plan was.

But in the end part, these characters fall to greed, and the more they go one-upping the other, the more they don’t realize that someone has won.

Hmmm… who could that be?

Contrary to other reviews, I still saw a bit of Ross in Schwimmer’s acting. The refreshing thing about Schwimmer here is that he is not monotonous and his character had something strange on him that made is frustrations and desperations a little more evident. I like how Mimi Rogers would play a creepy bitch to a T. I also love the way she died. She seemed… VERY MUCH IN PAIN. Anyway, Alice Eve played her role well and she did it well enough for me to Google her pic (see left). Major props go to Pegg though. I saw some of his films but I never cared about him (he was the mammal adventurer living in Dinosaur Land on Ice Age 3). It was when I saw How to Lose Friends and Alienate People that I found Pegg fun. His portrayal of a conman that looks too stupid to accomplish anything mind-boggling was fun. His character doing stupid things to make his dimwit-ness more obvious was even funnier.

What I hated:

It’s actually hard to hate the flick. The only thing that could be a factor is that Ross is only the remotely known actor in this movie (if you live outside US and UK). For me this is refreshing because at first thought that I would find it hard to understand a Simon Pegg movie and I was pleasantly wrong about this.

Storywise, I can’t believe that characters fall to extreme dumbness (the wife and the “awesome” FBI agent are amongst the examples). The love and affection Schwimmer shown to his daughter could have been minimized. Fortunately, it gives out meaning in the end.

The Verdict: These low-budget indies are cool to watch and Big Nothing is no exception. This is not like your typical Philippine Independent movie that reeks in gayness and “porniness”. This goes to show that there is something about Big Nothing.

Game over.


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