ECW Rests in Peace

A month ago, Tommy Dreamer left WWE and I seriously think that he’ll resurface in TNA. All he said was he was trying a new avenue to be extreme.

Then the news erupted.

Moments later, current TNA play-by-play guy Taz is telling Vince McMahon to remember the legacy of Paul Heyman and the rest of the original ECW.

As if that will happen.

WWE’s decision to retire ECW makes sense. Without Dreamer, the only ECW about the show is their name. Fans aren’t chanting the name in ECW though. They chant that whenever Team 3D, Raven, Rhino and even Stevie Richards strut their wares in TNA. Even Joey Styles, the premier voice of the original product decided to retire his voice and opt for a website side job in WWE. The ECW of now is a place where they breed younger talent, molding them to be the next stars of Raw and Smackdown… which was what the original ECW was all about during their heyday.

After February, the product will officially become a beautiful afterthought. This reincarnation of ECW, despite being a one hour “pure” wrestling goodness, will be replaced by the new show called NXT. What will happen to the ECW belt held by Christian? Actually, will Christian, William Regal, Goldust, and Finlay stay with this brand? William Regal could be the evil mentor as what he’s been doing with Ezekiel Jackson and formerly with Vladimir Koslov. Finlay could be Mr. Miyagi for guys like Yoshi Tatsu. Christian’s continued involvement with the product seems puzzling though. He’ll be that grownup playing with a bunch of kids. I guess he’s better off getting sent to Smackdown because Raw will definitely push him to jobber hell. Goldust? Consider him in the future endeavors club or maybe a road agent...

Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Sandman, Blue Meanie, Beulah, Francine, Dawn Marie, Lance Storm, Justin Credible are amongst the name the brand delivered. The most prominent alums created by the product are more known as WCW guys than ECW players (Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho).

Anyway, the land of extreme is history… and it will be happy being there.

Game over.


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