I Don't Wanna Be a Yakulero!

I haven’t been personal and though I like how I am now using my blog to get contacts and participate in contests, a part of me wonders if I can make other cultures rave about my experiences.

Anyway, I could create a wonderful content to satisfy everyone… but no.

I had a really, really crazy dream that gave me the idea TO NEVER DRINK YAKULT BEFORE GOING TO BED!

It’s been a while since I’ve been taking liver supplements to aid my fatty liver. While I have toned down on my drinking, my addiction to eat has been tearing up my clothing and my hotness. Then I saw the Yakult ad with the kid. I said to myself, "Hey, maybe to lacto stuffs could help me destroy my liver fats"!

Anyway before I went to sleep, my work day hours ago started bizarre. I got to work forgetting to do an errand that was needed ASAP. Being a self-proclaimed damage control specialist, I tried to weasel myself out by being sweet and clingy to all genders.

Yes, count ALL genders!

It did work but then a swarm of job orders drowned my enthusiasm for working. Luckily I have a “therapy” account. Basketball crept back to my system as I again will once do commercials about hoops. The Harlem Globetrotters idea of sending Team Pilipinas to different countries with a camera in tow is a great idea.

I went home within my usual “go home time” of 12 midnight (this is a combination of work and “internetting”). After eating 7-11’s two-piece chicken meal, I slept.

Okay, minutes before I drank Yakult.

Then I dreamt.

I dreamt that I woke up and my house was getting renovated. I went to the loon and found the place without tiles. I sat on the toilet to dump and then I hurled a big, generous pile of man-goo. Then I noticed some “thing” seems to be moving underneath me. I stood up and saw a bunch of baby crocodiles eating my poop!

I was about to run but I remembered that I was butt naked with a tad of dung clinging on my ass. When I was about to try to clean myself up, I saw its mommy.

The next thing I knew was I woke up around 4am fighting and trying to straighten my leg because of cramps!

This is why I won’t drink Yakult before going to sleep.

Yes I get nightmares…

But this is so FN ridiculous!

Game over!


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