Jay Leno's Tonight Show Commercial

As you all know, Jay Leno will take over Conan O’Brien’s spot as The Tonight Show host after the 2010 Winter Games. NBC then gave the world a very great launch plug…

… that angered a VIOLENT HORDE of Conan fans!

Here are the clips for your liking!

Attack of the Show introduced this TVC enhancement that basically changed the music of the plug.

It really sucks to be Jay Leno right now. I mean, he reclaimed his old TV life back but what were the repercussions? Whoever thought it was a good idea for him to revert back to that space (or even that pre-news programming for that matter) must not know awesome from gruesome.

And then another blogger edited the music to his liking.

Poor Jay. Only 60 years will be satisfied with his brand of unfunny humor. I wonder how Johnny Carson would react to this viewing it from heaven.


I wonder how tyrant Adolf Hitler would react to this.

Game over.


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