NXT (EPISODE 1 - FEB 23, 2010)

I love the first episode of NXT and I love how this setup will get popular eventually.

Daniel Bryan debuts and I think he’s going to break out big in the WWE!

The rookies are brash and determined while the vets demand respect in the biggest way. I think the main focus of this show is to elevate Daniel Bryan who was formerly Ring of Honor’s “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson (inset). I am looking forward in seeing him bust the Cattle Mutilation on someone (and it would likely be The Miz) and this would happen when he “graduate” from the show and beat The Miz for his US Belt.

The thing here is like of Bryan and Miz or Christian and Heath Slater where a heel can mix up with a face. Also, there is something about clashing personalities that raises the intrigues especially with CM Punk and his Straightedge Society having to put up against the wild Darren Young and R-Truth rearing a very tame David Otunga (who also happens to be Jennifer Hudson’s husband). By the way, the face Punk gave to Young was priceless and I think his indifference to his rookie would make his character boom in the future episodes.

Also, the rookies are built to respect their climb to the top by belittling them early and properly honing them for big things. Does Daniel Bryan suck because he lost? No. Does Darren Young suck because he lost to Otunga with barely a minute into the match? I have to get back to you on that one but the last thing the WWE needs right now is a couple of big athletes that will not be popular and will lose steam in the near future. Amongst the ECW free agents, I wanted Ezekiel Jackson, Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, Kaylen Croft, Trent Baretta, and Tyler Reks to be retained in NXT because I don’t think they’ll survive Raw and Smackdown in an extended period of time (I give Reks three months to wish for his future endeavors). Vince McMahon has had enough of the Ultimate Warriors, Goldbergs, Lesnars, Lashleys, Kennedys, The Khalis, Kozlovs, and all those wrestlers that didn’t go through hell and started at the top but they either got their egos unchecked or went down quick because they had zero charisma or zero wrestling skills.

WCW had a lot of those. Remember the Natural Born Thrillers?

Anyway, for the rookies this is the chance for them to learn from the wrestlers. The pros that were locked to them aren’t bodybuilders but hardcore wrestling fanatics. These guys are also versatile. The guys called out do not have star complex and would not have any problems losing clean to a rookie. Imagine if Bryan fought Triple H instead of Jericho? Will he have a proper debut???

This isn’t just for the rookies though. You have to check out that the pros involved are upper midcarders, midcarders, or main event wrestlers that drift to the upper midcard from time to time. Here perhaps Vince can see the importance of a Carlito, R-Truth, William Regal or Matt Hardy and use them not only as talent enhancers. Christian can blossom to the main eventer that he wants to become and Jericho and Punk could further enhance the talent of the roster. Hell, even Michael Cole is getting some chops here for administering the learning curve on Josh Mathews in his stint to become a main show play-by-play announcer.

As for Miz, the Miz is here to bring the fight to Bryan. Believe me, the feud will be awesome. I don’t know how this will happen, but I think Bryan beating Miz and taking his title is his means of graduating to the main show.

How will NXT fare in Episode 2?

Game over!


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