Pinoy Power 3 / Latin Fury 13: The Review

The Philippine contingent didn’t really dominate Pinoy Power 3 but nevertheless, it gave the nation a chance to be happy.

Had I seen Mark Melligen and Bernabe Concepcion’s bouts then I can say that this review would be complete but unfortunately I didn’t. While having lunch I heard Dyan Castilejo and Ronnie Nathanielsz exclaiming on the lunch punch to the gut that send Ciso Morales on the canvas in the opening round. Before his KO, ageless wonder Gerry Penalosa lost a split decision against Eric Morel. Morel proved too big and too elusive for “Fearless” Penalosa that at 37, his dreams of ending his career on a high note by capturing the WBO bantamweight crown from Fernando Montiel will likely not happen.

Montiel was also the first person to deck Morales after connecting with a hard blow in the Pinoy pug’s gut.

By the way, I saw Z Gorres in this Las Vegas tilt. After that brutal post-fight, you saw how Gorres envied the guys fighting in the card. You know, if he loves the sport so bad, he could opt as a referee. I know Carlos Padilla has stopped refereeing and it’s time for a Filipino to be recognized as an enforcer for a boxing fight.

Anyway, the card that longed my attention was for Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire as he faced last-minute replacement Manuel “Chango” Vargas in the main event.

The first thing I thought when I saw Donaire was he looked awkward getting seen in an ABS-CBN telecast (ABS-CBN owns the rights of the current Pinoy Power card). The second thing was why the hell is Michael Buffer pronouncing Donaire’s surname as “don-neigher”?

This kinda brings you back when Buffer was calling Manny Pacquiao “Manny Packwhey”!

The scheduled opponent of Donaire, Gerson Guerrero had a detached retina so Vargas, a guy scheduled to also fight but in Mexico, was happy to be the sub.

The first round was like a typical 11th round with both boxers barely hitting each other and not getting the cheers from the crowd (they are both feeling each other out or tired... I will go for the “feeling each other” reason).

The second however gave the impression that Vargas is definitely here to make a name for himself at Donaire’s expense. Donaire himself noticed Vargas’ offensive resurgence. While he had an awkward footwork, Vargas proved he was no walk in the park.

That is, until Round 3 started.

As if on cue, Donaire was suddenly on the offensive, like his cooking a brutal concoction that Vargas should fear. All of a sudden, a four-hit combo was unleashed with the final blow landing on Vargas’ chin. By the third punch Vargas was in trouble and by the fourth blow it was all over. Donaire displaced unusual footwork and quickness which made Vargas hit the canvas and would stay there five minutes after the fight ended. At the start, the announcers commented on how the Filipino Flash needs to move to a bigger weight class because he is struggling to make the 115-pound mark. I think Juan Manuel Lopez could be a good opponent for Donaire’s surge to the top.

So three boxers won the five-bout card! I don’t know if this event rated well but with ABS-CBN overhyping the Pinoy Big Brother finale (I don’t blame them), this is a Donaire match that was barely hyped. The event pulled in a little over 20 percent in the ratings but

Still a great win for Donaire.

Now all eyes will be on Manny Pacquiao and Josh Clottey this March 13.

Game over.


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