Daniel Bryan is seen high on the list while David Otunga won the guest host duties on Raw.

Why is this guest host bit important?

As I anticipate the culmination of NXT, here is how I rate the wrestlers.

8 DARREN YOUNG – Sure, I hate his act but the way he is eager to sync his party boy character to CM Punk’s straightedge image makes him important on NXT. I am thinking that Young will have a sense of urgency in the coming weeks and he could possibly turn into a follower.

7 MICHAEL TARVER – He should be at number 8 in my opinion because he has little interaction with Carlito, he was benched for two consecutive weeks, and besides the 1.9 second punch, he has nothing else to show!

6 SKIP SHEFFIELD – While I hate the haters for being so harsh on him, I don’t blame the pros for putting him in the low end. He is obnoxious but I think he has charisma. Plus his interaction with William Regal funny and annoying is cute. YES I SAID CUTE!!!

5 DAVID OTUNGA – The thing I hate with Otunga is even if he has the built-in character (being Jennifer Hudson’s husband) he botches his moves almost all of the time. His finisher is a cross between a choke slam and a spine buster is a hit or miss attempt in terms of impact. WWE will use him because of his persona but he needs to improve in his ring skills. The trouble he had with R-Truth during the early weeks was rushed and I applauded the move of letting them be at peace again.

4 HEATH SLATER – It helps when your mentor is a crowd drawer. Christian’s influence on Slater is clearly seen in how he moves with the crowd. I still don’t know if he’s a heel or a face because I look at him to overemphasize on his unbeatable record to the Instant Classic. I have a problem with his moveset though. He doesn’t fly and at that size his motions seem to rival Slam Master J (or Jesse) than a Miz or Christian. And is he always going to win via rollups?

3 JUSTIN GABRIEL – He is like a not-so-refined Paul London. The 450 splash was his move up until this was banned by the federation. He is a great hookup for crowd pleaser Matt Hardy and I think his highwire act is something people should look forward too. However I don’t his moveset is crisp enough to garner the cheers once his association with Hardy is over. I wish I am wrong but I’m seeing a South African version of Sonjay Dutt on this guy.

2 WADE BARRETT – I am a fan of the Brit that has a flower in his coat. Much of the praise for his ascent is his association with Chris Jericho. Jericho has been pimping Barrett all the time and he is a mini-version of the man-love Y2J gave The Big Show. Jericho has single-handedly upped this guy to the point that he got the pin during a Raw NXT Pros versus Smackdown NXT Pros showdown (he replaced the injured Jericho for Team Smackdown). His finisher might be a hit or miss but his ground and pound looks effective.

1 DANIEL BRYAN – Even if Bryan has yet to win, you know for sure that this show was made to give him an instant fanbase. The Miz is the perfect pro for him because they are both cocky, arrogant, and win-hunters. Bryan is the submission expert the WWE lost with the departures of Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. He took Jericho to the limit while he made Great Khali flexible in a very quick match. I expect Bryan to lose this though because he doesn’t need NXT as much as the other guys. But definitely, he is the guy that will take The Miz’ intercontinental belt away from him.

I like the show and while the last two weeks were yawners, I expect the show to get on track in the coming weeks.

Until then…


I jumped in a pool infested with sharks.

And I have a flesh wound!

That pretty much sums up what I thought I did.

Gambling on an opportunity (literally), I participated in my fourth PBFantasy fantasy hoops tournament. The entrance fee is money, the reward is bragging rights, and I have to fight ten guys that most probably are ahead of me by 400 points!

The thing here is I have been scheming and plotting for a perfect formula for a long time now. I thought my last crack was my best crack because up until the playoffs I was steadily leading the pack. Until I saw the resurgence of Roger Yap, Marc Pingris, Solomon Mercado, and the falter of Sta. Lucia and San Miguel, I thought for sure I had the tournament hands down!

One advertising feature I learned a while back is the SWOT Analysis. The SWOT is basically an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

I still consider my huge book-smart basketball brain as an asset. Hopefully all the visits to the sites of Fire Quinito and Patricia Hizon could give me inside information on the players the coaches would want to play. While Kelly Williams has been struggling, I think he’ll be a better asset for me in the future. Also, my ability to press my luck is another valuable gadget in my arsenal. I’ll always believe that there is a method to my madness although I am clueless to what it is.

My weakness is the fact that I joined the tourney three weeks late. I also think I’m highly susceptible to being arrogant. Before the playoffs I thought wasting a week for JC Intal is a bad idea (although with the current way Ginebra’s rotation is concerned, I still think spending a player elsewhere is a better idea).

The opportunity for me is to garner a perfect direction en route to a championship. With the current way, the teams are stacked right now I want to believe that I have eluded the risk of getting players that would excel better in the later parts of the tourney.

The threat that would eventually engulf me is the fact that I know little on how to pull myself out of gutter hell. It pains me to see myself so low but I remember the last tourney where I was also in the same predicament. Still, there is a higher price to pay for online hoops glory.

Let’s see if what I did is a perfect example of getting lucky… or a long and strenuous route to shell out unnecessary spending.

Game over (By the way, I just chose a random draft bust to accentuate "the gamble" idea. My apologies to Denver Lopez).

Visualize yourself eating lunch while watching some tattoo-filled brawler is trying to pop a random fighter’s arm.


I fear I would sleep one night and Jon Fitch would eat me. What he did to Ben Saunders was FN scary. It’s like a Doberman attacking a trespasser. Anyway, I can’t say the match is awesome because it couldn’t have been but Fitch’s offense is extremely believable.

Hometown hero Kurt Pelligrino has never lost a match in MMA soil and against Morango Camoes, Batman perfectly executed everything in his arsenal. Camoes looked strong early but the savvy of Batman made it possible for him to embarrass the Brazilian via choke.

Rousimar Palhares literally broke Gorilla Drwal 45 seconds after the opening bell via leg lock. The ref was late to make the call when Drwal tapped out which is long enough to make his leg snap.

Frank Mir disappointed me. With Brock in attendance I thought for sure he’ll at least not try to look like shit. I am Shane Carwin’s newest fan after what he did. This is the first time I’ve seen him fight but he sort of reminds of a refined Tank Abbott. His underdog shtick makes him a believable and yet unwise choice as Brock Lesnar’s opponent. Lesnar’s “make believe champ” attack on Carwin should have mattered but Carwin agreed with Lesnar. Mir’s consolation is that even if he blanked out in the first round, at least he survived the longest amongst his other foes.

The main event of the match looked a lot like Pacquiao-Clottey. However, it’s not like as if Dan Hardy wasn’t trying to defeat Georges St. Pierre. He was. In all accounts he was but GSP proved to be the better fighter than Outlaw. GSP dominated Hardy lying down and standing up. Hardy was outclassed but you have to hand it to him for surviving GSP. Not tapping out against a well-oiled fighter like Rush is a feat itself especially with how Hardy miraculously managed to get out of the kimura and armbar. The only way GSP could make Hardy tap was for him to yank his joints out of his sockets but GSP is better than that. Hardy has great defense but the match was pretty much one-sided. I don’t know which welterweight can stop GSP.

Josh Koscheck?


Anyway, I hope Kenny Florian, Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Mike Swick, and Clay Guida would see action stat!

Especially Guida and Nightmare. Next to the Griffin-Stephon Bonnar TUF 1 finale match, that was the match I remember the most.

Game over!

I remember when I was in high school. I had a high-profiled classmate that was so down to earth. She had a playful brother that exactly resembles her. I met them again a few years later. I remember him sharing his cigarettes with me. The siblings lived like rock stars but they always try to hide their “royalty” by acting normal.

It came as I shock when I heard the news. It’s been a decade since I last talked to them. I lost contact with them but I guess that’s how it is…

This is another case of being too young and having it too sudden.

There are no other words to soften this.

I am seriously stressed out.

I work best when I cram. I have the urgency to destroy whatever shyness, procrastination, and exhaustion I possess. But almost lost my bout with hypertension and succumb to the fact that breaking down was the next possible route. I never thought of exchanging my current job for some form-filling, pencil-pushing yes man whose only way to personalize his work is by filling up signatures and making excuses on why they were late or absent.

But damn was I seriously flushed this week!

I am creative when I am in my element. I don’t like being boxed. I hate it when people judge me because of my decision-making. I don’t hate them, but I always want to score on the perfect deliverable because I like to win crowds. That’s why I like to perfect my sports and comedy copywriting. It’s not like I such in drama and corporate-sounding stuffs but I believe that I can never be better in all other categories that why I have to be great in some categories.

But when the going gets tough I try my best to keep up with others regardless of how stacked are the odds against me. I remember the days when I act big in a small but underachieving universe. I niche myself to a particular product and it was easy for me to create awesomeness. I might look like a dumb, foolhardy prick at the start but I make sure I deliver when it mattered. I want to be Michael Jordan… or Kobe Bryant in the dying seconds (disclaimer: Kobe Bryant # 24 and not # 8). Sure, I might have a John Paxson, Steve Kerr, or a Derek Fisher at the side but I’ll make sure I get the W when it was all said and done.

I hate myself for failing to live up with the expectations I set. I want to work under the pressure cooker but I also want to have GRACE under pressure. That Monday, at the peak of the battle, my face was sweaty, my hands were trembling, I felt very groggy, and at the back of my head I always think that I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I know that my work will always have revisions, re-positioning, other extraneous variables and fluctuating schedules… but I hated myself when every time I felt stress I had to check my chest to see if I’m okay.

After four not-so-glorious days, my mind-numbing dilemma has ended.

What are left on my agenda are the small projects that were bumped off but I still need to finish before the month ends.

If you ask me though, I want another shot of this stress-filled week so I could train myself and further grow.

I leave you with the work I thought I did well and I was proud off because I know it’s hard for me to botch sports copywriting.

Game over.

Shaun Livingston faced his demons and won phase one of his struggles.

Now time to shine.

Shaun Livingston was one of the players I use when I play NBA Live. I don’t remember what was that year (06 or 07) but I like to use the Clips because they have two big time bigs that plays in the low post (Elton Brand and Chris Kaman), two slashers (Corey Maggette and Cuttino Mobley), and a point in Sam Cassell. I don’t really like hitting long balls so my basic attack is either work the post or dribble penetration. Cassell barely fits that because he can’t dunk. That’s why I like to use Livingston. I’ll sacrifice outside shooting anytime for and 1’s. In real life though, I doubt if I’d even be interested in him. He is error prone and injury prone… plus his stats are inconsistent.

Is he a bust?

Actually, if you look at his stats, he is in that area. He was 19 when the eagerness to play in the NBA bit him. He was selected fourth by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2004 Draft. The draft was a great class that saw Orlando’s Dwight Howard getting picked first, and then followed by UConn teammates Emeka Okafor (picked by Charlotte) and Ben Gordon (picked by Chicago). Amongst the notables picked in the first round were Dallas’ Devin Harris at the fifth spot (now a Net), Chicago’s Luol Deng at number seven, Philly’s Andre Igoudala at number nine, Boston’s Al Jefferson at 15 (now with Minnesota), Atlanta’s Josh Smith (#17), New Orleans’ J.R. Smith (#18 – now with Denver), Orlando’s Jameer Nelson (#20), Sacramento’s Kevin Martin (#26 – now with Houston), and the Lakers’ Sasha Vujacic (#27). The second round notables were Cleveland’s Anderson Varejao and New York’s Trevor Ariza (now a Rocket). Left undrafted were current King Andres Nocioni and current Timberwolf Damien Wilkins.

See how stacked is this group?

Actually Livingston was ready to sign for Duke University until scouts thought he was merely wasting his time in college hoops. In reality, injures forced to be sidelined almost all the time. His scoring high was when he normed a 9.3ppg clip during his third year. He was about to claim a breakout season until February 26, 2007 came.

Remember this? A dumb person’s concern on this video is “Wow, he babied the lay-up and missed it”.

You’re an idiot if you said this.

The concern here is that a player of his potential is looming as a draft bust because of this very bad circumstance.

After the injury Shaun had a season to rest but he was eventually not re-signed by the Clips. The Clips took bold steps and chose players that could help them but they have yet to materialize playoff seedings. Hell, I even thought they got cursed for their insensitivity with the way Blake Griffin’s rookie season unfolded. Anyway, on June of 2008, Livingston got the green light to play ball and he picked the Miami Heat as the team to try to re-start his career on October 3, 2008. He played sparingly for the Heat, getting 2.3ppg in 10 minutes. He was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies on January 7 where he was instantly waived. Then he found himself in an unfamiliar territory – which was the Tulsa 66ers of the D-League where after three weeks, he found himself signing a multi-year deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder. With all the thoughts of him providing steady backup for Russell Westbrook, those thoughts were dashed after the Thunder waived him on December of 2009. Two months later, the Washington Wizards offered a 10-day contract for Livingston. That contract was renewed and afterwards, he got a contract to play for the Wizards until the remainder of the season.

On March 23’s game, this happened.

Shaun had nine points, six assists, three rebounds and a steal in 24 minutes of action. The Wizards lost against the Charlotte Bobcats, the same team that Livingston faced when the freak accident happened. It may be less than stellar but it should amount to something. This is all baby steps for Shaun. At 24, he has a lot to prove and the great thing here is that Livingston wants to improve.

Washington is such a talent-starved team. With all the controversies surrounding Gilbert Arenas and with the Wizards’ roster disbandment, this is a perfect time for Livingston to shine.

He was seen as a superstar.

He now has to prove to the world that he is.

Game over.

Finally normality?

Wait... the only post I could post could be written inside a Twitter bar???

Like I said... HELL WEEK!!!

I saw the movie weeks ago but I can’t seem to fathom the details behind my procrastination.

Off with my head?

The Story: The demonic troupe of Johnny Depp, director Tim Burton, and Burton’s actress/wife Helena Bonham-Carter collaborated anew for this Disney-produced live animation of their hit cartoon. The story starts back in the day when Europe was stretching their trade route to Asia. Alice, an imaginative young woman who seeks adventure rather than aristocracy, falls to a hole which sends her to an obscure dimension. Here she saw a couple of talking animals, an actual fighting deck of cards, and a couple of obscure characters who all know her as their savior. They tasked the woman to launch an attack to repulse the Red Queen’s malicious intent. Problem is, she doesn’t know shit on how to finish the mission.

What I Liked:

I wasn’t really a fan of the cartoon. I started loving Disney animation during the time of Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King so I was expecting a reboot of some sorts. What I got was...

Oops! I placed this statement on the wrong part of the review. Anywho...

I like how the characters were animated, especially the floating cat, the deck of cards, and the Twiddle characters. Did I say I was a fan of the floating cat? For a person who failed to watch the cartoon, it was one of the recognizable images for me and I was happy they made it awesome. Bonham-Carter played big-headed and pig-headed Red Queen with gusto and I’ll also applaud Anne Hathaway for her performance as the hippie-like White Queen. Depp played The Mad Hatter well enough although I wasn’t really a super fan of his work. I’ll also give credit to the girl that played Alice which is a person that I will search intently in the internet.

What I Hated:

Actually, the obvious thing here is that Johnny Depp got his name even if his character was merely a support character because the person that played Alice was a no-namer (I Wiki-ed it and found out it was In Treatment's Mia Wasikowska). I have issues regarding this. I wondered had they upgraded Anne Hathaway for that role or found some popular young actress like Dakota Fanning would this movie get the star power that it seriously lacked (they could alter the age of the older Alice, right). The other highly-spotted character was Crispin Glover, who had little to work with his weasel character. Sure, the movie was 75 percent inside pure weirdness but of course, it will be the actors that would finish the story, right?

Speaking of which...

I wasn’t really a fan of the cartoon. I started loving Disney animation during the time of Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King so I was expecting a reboot of some sorts. What I got was... a sequel. Who knew this was a sequel? This shock would have made me jump like a catholic school girl at the sight of Zac Efron but no, this movie isn’t Star Trek. I would have loved it if Burton used the Disney library to sample the original cartoon during the flashback scenes for a nostalgia moment but he didn’t. The PR execs of Disney must not have seen their posters because if it was meant to shock the moviegoers... it actually did but in a “Holy Crap” sort of way. It also resembled Hook in some sort of way. Sure, Julia Roberts and Dustin Hoffman played support roles even if they are major stars but back then Robin Williams was riding on the success of Mrs. Doubtfire and Jack.

Just like the lack of a powerful lead and the narrative head’s-up, let me tell you that the movie had instances of being corny. The animals in this flick showed the same qualities of any random Disney-produced TV series character: they could either be too brave but too cute, too afraid but will get the strength to fight, etcetera. If they wanted a younger audience then they must have stuck with Alice the Kid. I’ll also recommend that Tim Burton do less of his “dark” style. Wonderland is not really a cute place. A kid-friendly version of Wonderland could be a la the setting of Monsters, Inc. Anyway, if Burton wanted an older audience, he could have done away of some of the characters particularly the rat. I hated the rat. I hated the rat with ultra disdain (the caterpillar too for that matter because it was too cheesy).

And the cheesiest part that really ticked me off was that horrific dancing. Suddenly that whatever dance Johnny Depp and Alice did during the end parts was ghastly, horrible and reminded me of the Philippine comedies where people were dancing on the beach! They altered the movie for their liking but I cannot believe that they liked this shitty dance act! That was enough for me to sit as the credits roll and utter “What the fuck” repeatedly inside my head!

The Verdict: Alice in Wonderland is a rollercoaster ride. Some parts you’ll really, really love but most parts you’ll really, really hate. It’s a hit or miss situation that you can afford to watch though...

Game over.

Yes, I am still busy and just taking random things from the web to place in my blog. Open this.

Anyway, here’s Olivia Munn…

A samurai fail…

And a bunch of dancing monkeys.

Game over.
How come this happened? Give me six hours of straight work and THIS... happens.

I saw this clip from Attack of the Show

No words can describe this.

I remember when everyone adored my face whenever they cross the bridge en route to South Superhighway.

I hate my friend because times changed.

Should this garner a reaction? Damn it, it should.

Why? Because it is un-awesomizing my awesome existence.

First, when he asked me to pose for a shoot, I was given the role meant for a character actor. Damn it, I had a freakin’ billboard for crying out loud! You can’t just make me do bit parts! Now I know how RR Herrera feels…

And then, I forced to do poses that would pretty much make me an ass. Add the fact that I had to wear a viciously ghastly wardrobe. Even a class clown wouldn’t dress like post-Halloween trick-or-treater! What’s the big idea anyway?

And finally, I asked him to lipo me to no avail. Whoever will see this, I have surrendered the fact that I would be laughed at. But come on, I am a JPEG image here! FHM models get skin and body remodeling!


He doesn’t know it yet, but my artist-friend has unknowingly smelled my farts because that’s what I do whenever I cross his cubicle!

Not to mention I always give my godkid a bunch of stuffs that could probably destroy random furniture…


Game over!

I am the guy wearing hand-me-downs from other players. I join a guild so that people would buff me. Even if I tried to help, an opposing creep could finish me off in an instant.

Yes, when I play these types of games, I kind of play like a really bad female college student that lives in a dorm and has nothing to do with her money. These are the types that play the game only because her boyfriend is hooked on it.

Sad… but true.

I don’t mind though. When these types of games became popular I was already working. I would try the game but because I won’t commit my nights (or days) trying to improve my level, I always find myself joining my friends in far levels that I cannot handle so my experience points would improve dramatically. I will then perform a dumb move and that is by trying to kill a “harmless” creature that would critically hit me.

I would try to catch up with my team mates while trying to elude the big and dangerous creatures breathing at my character’s back. I end up near the town area, mercy killing the creeps nobody wanted to kill because they gave the characters almost zero XP.

Yes, again I have a very, VERY, sad… but very, VERY true.

If I’m going to be a character in Taborea (From the Runes of Magic game), I might as well be a nomad and not take orders from anyone! I’m going to play badass with reckless abandon to abandon fools who think I am a pushover. Of course, I’d play a female character because I like to gain the complete trust of nerds (Yes people, there are non-Japanese players who believe that they can score relationships battling creatures with weapons and potions inside their bellies). I will milk experience points from an incomplete group and leave the team when I find better things to do!

And my character of choice?

I am going to be a freakin’ Defiler!

So one might ask: why would I pick a character built for group play even if I declared that I would act like a super badass nomad?

First of all, I’d like to say that I want to be a wondering monk a la David Carradine in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (or like the girl in Touched by an Angel). He travels and kicks ass on those who fail to do good. I like to be that wondering nomad whose name would be called if some random weakling needs an extra hand to survive in leveling up. I will wear a robe and my weapon would be a magical mace that could beam out water spells on jokers that think they are awesome.

Being a Defiler (Rogue/Priest) is awesome because you can do spells, you can hit your opponents, and you can heal yourself in battle. Of course, it may require a LOT of leveling up to claim the awesomeness that you warrant but still… you’ll freaking rock!

The downside here is that it seems you have more healing powers than offensive powers which basically gives you the Rising Tide, Bone Chill and Chain of Light as attack skills. If this was the case then I’ll only use my mana for those heal spells as I trash my opponents with my super magical mace enriched with the amplified attack spell. I might play like “a really scared guy” when fighting humongous beasts but I have no qualms playing a fighter with lower senses of morale. This is where the part of “rogue” gets handy. The Snake Curse could be a key weapon but I’m psyched to use Blind Stab as a character. Coming from where the hits seem non-existent could make it an awesome beatdown especially if I effectively nail a direct hit.

However, if I consider playing the team game, I’d easily be in a spot I’m very familiar in. I will stay far away from the action, walk around the battle scene as if I’m doing something, sprinkle a couple of heal spells to make others think that I’m doing something, and kill steal when the enemy has a zero chance to survive the beating.

With this battle plan, I could be a super effective awesome player in the Land of Taborea!



Game over.

Disclaimer: This is my list. If you want to hate this list, do so… in secrecy. Or maybe you can… if you can give a detailed opinion.

How it started: Anyway, the year was 2000 when the PBA tried to sell their merchandize to the public. The PBA had its commercial mode on during those days. I mean, they had basketball cards, balls, apparel… the works! But how can they sell cool stuffs when the names of the squads were too lame? People would fear wearing their brand and worse… tune out of the league altogether.

This was why the PBA talked to the owners to have logos and classy names so they could compete with the NBA. Laugh all you want but now the PBA is a successful niche brand. It’s not wrong to go outside and wear a Mark Caguioa or a James Yap jersey. Even the t-shirts won’t a person’s hunger to act cool. Hell, if the apparel makers are smart, they could pull some strings and obtain permission to make the old-school jerseys.

Though I just watch basketball and never really played it, I will wear an Atoy Co or Philip Cezar jersey if I get my hands on them.

Anyway, during that time San Miguel and Purefoods stuck with Beermen and Hotdogs respectively and I don’t blame them because this was how people remembered them. Ginebra and Shell had a lot of names in the past but managed to settle with Kings and Turbo Chargers. Sta. Lucia, named Realtors had a crappy name. But you what? For them it has tradition – from their PBL days to the PBA days, they loved the name and it seems that it will stick until Buddy Encarnado retires. I like the Alaska Milkmen tag but with the memory of their 1996 Grand Slam Feat gone, they became the Aces.

There are a lot of great names that stuck on our heads because they sound cool, is catchy, and has tradition.

Unfortunately, some suck.

Game starts now.

10 RED BULL THUNDER – For marketing purposes, Red Bull had to have a nickname so the “Energizers” (lame name) used the name Thunder (this was years ahead of the Oklahoma City Thunder). The name is good. I kinda loved it. However there is a catch. Sportswriters were referring to them as “Bulls”. Also, there was a time the team was called Red Bull Barako Thunder or Batang Red Bull Barako Thunder. The fact is, no one really seemed to care about why they are called “Thunder”. I was a fan of the name but I guess it just didn’t work.

9 POP COLA PANTHERS – Speaking of names that didn’t work, the “Panthers” name could have been big. Unfortunately, this was the time when Pop Cola was the odd team out. Years past the monstrous group that juggles the names Sunkist Orange Juicers and Swift Mighty Meaties to their title run, this batch had little to show. At least Red Bull was winning. They were barely recognizable. Sure they had Rudy Hatfield and Ato Morano before their transition as the Coca-Cola Tigers but it pains me to say that I can’t remember what they had on their roster. The Panthers could be a cool name if I remembered the faces that suited up.

8 PUREFOODS CHUNKEE GIANTS – Call it Chunkee. Call it Tender Juicy. I basically call this gay. You see, even though the moniker Hotdogs is downright non-manly, that name stuck a cord with millions of Purefoods from the days of Alvin Patrimonio, Jerry Codinera, Jojo Lastimosa, Glen Capacio, and Dindo Pumaren. The name is legendary just like the Beermen, Gin Kings, and Milkmen. The name changed when Alvin Patrimonio retired and simply stating this to give light to the James Yap-Kerby Raymundo era sucks. Also, among other things, why Giants? Sure Kings, Aces, and Tigers are a slew of overused monikers but Giants was sudden and baseless. At least their current name Derby Ace Llamados is realistic because Llamado is a cockfighting term. I will always remember the Purefoods TJ Hotdogs over the Purefoods Chunkee Giants ANYTIME!

7 TALK N TEXT PHONE PALS – I love the volt-like character in their logo. When the team was called Mobiline Phone Pals, they had that look that I loved. When they changed this to TNT, I never saw anything wrong at first… until I asked myself how expensive it is to have an actual cellphone Phone Pal. Tropang Texters, amidst the fact that it sounds lame, suits the current scene in terms of communication. The name change arrived late but at least it arrived at some point. I hope they bring back the volt character in their logo (although their current logo suits them). If that won’t work, at least change their uniform because their current jerseys look like the ones virtual NBA players use on the pick-up game mode of NBA: The Inside 10.

6 BURGER KING TITANS – With Harbour Centre’s chief Mikee Romero getting first dibs of PBA team semi-ownership, Burger King had a Spartan-like mascot in their logo and they were dubbed the Titans. Fact is, it could have worked… if BK isn’t a popular name. Burger King’s climb from a struggling product to the country’s fastfood version of Starbucks was so fast that everyone expected the Whopper to be their name and not… the Titans. Luckily in a bizarre twist of fate, Romero had to give up the Titans and the Lina Group gave the Whopper name a go.

5 BARAKO BULL ENERGY BOOSTERS – I can’t blame the broadsheet sports writers for calling the squad as “Bulls”. I remember a Major League Soccer squad called the New York Red Bulls. Their brand name is so cool that they could exist without a moniker (or perhaps have “Batang” in front of their names and call themselves Batang Barako Bull). This is not a hideous name (see 4 to 1) but I just think this is not a PBA name but a PBL name. Examples of PBL team names are Licealiz Hair Doctors (leave of absence), Agri Nurture-FCA Cultivators, and Pharex-B Complex Ngalay Fighters. These teams can call themselves with hideous names but a PBA team should never experience this crap.

4 RAIN OR SHINE ELASTO PAINTERS – I would have sent this name at last place if not for their amazing transformation when they called themselves as ugh… Elasto Painters. Seriously, what in the blue hell is a “Elasto Painter”? Add that to their uniform that looks like a design for beach shorts (their light uniforms isn’t TV friendly because it’s hard to see their numbers), it sucks all over. Perhaps my biggest beef here is they came from a great name. Welcoat Dragons had a good name and logo! But hey, I guess I can’t blame them for the change especially since they changed their look, their win-loss record changed for the better as well.

3 TANDUAY RHUM MASTERS – The root of all evil. In fairness to Bong Tan’s group, they just inherited the name from Manuel Elizalde’s group (Tanduay’s first PBA incarnation). The problem I have with this name was in 2000, when the PBA started to make their team’s logos look marketable, Tanduay continued to have a bland and basic logo. It’s like they saw no effort in improving their look. Sure, they had the colors but this was a time when their two Fil-Ams (Eric Menk and Sonny Alvarado) were in deep shit and a couple of years later, a series of top guy-for-sucky guy trades would be their final sound-off in the league.

2 MAGNOLIA BEVERAGE MASTERS – When the SMC franchise tried to rest the Beermen colors for a Magnolia one, little people knew they would change its moniker for a random generic name. The PBL Magnolia team had Wizards and Spinners… which are better names than MASTERS! I cannot believe that even with all those awesome advertising think-tanks that continuously create unforgettable commercials could only come up with this. THIS!?! Luckily, the Masters name was short-lived as the Beermen reclaimed their spot a conference later.

1 BARAKO BULL COFFEE MASTERS – What is so scary about a couple of muscle-clad behemoths… with an expertise to serve coffee? I don’t get this. They have a sucky team right now and the best thing they could do is intimidate other teams with their look. Who in the blue hell will fall flat on the floor after reading “Coffee Masters” other than a person laughing at it? Makes you wonder that it’s certain Barako Bull’s PBA tenure is slowly fading out.

What kicks me to the curve is that the word “Masters” is so overused. It seems like the big boss of the company thought of it and the Yes Men surrounding him could only snicker in disgust! In this decade alone, two teams have used the word. Great Taste’s moniker was Coffee Makers which sucks ass but at least they had an extremely powerful roster in lieu of their six championship crowns. Barako Bull is… well… an interim product waiting to be renamed Harbour Centre by Mikee Romero.

So this ends the list.

Game Over.
I batched up everything a video-ed to the photos I took.

Only the second part is the historical trip while the first part is basically me with a camera in my face.

Many thanks to those that help preserve the historical significance of the Corregidor Island (OUR TOUR GUIDE IS AWESOME). Like I said, I loved how I found myself up close to those I can only see in documentaries.

After getting saved in Saving Private Ryan, Matt Damon is back in commando mode to save another person.

Matt Damon stars in a film that hybrid Jason Bourne with “The American Soldier“MICHAEL “FUCKING AWESOME” DUDIKOFF!!!



The Story: The film takes place after the downfall of Saddam Hussein. Matt Damon’s character is pissed because all the tips they get involving Iraq’s hidden fiesta of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) all turn out to be hoaxes. His curiosities over the faulty information were further strengthened when he met a one-legged Iraqi who in turn led them to a meeting where most of the Iraqi leaders are in. He then discovers that there is something fishy about the events and he can’t help but wonder if the war he is fighting on should have been fought in the first place.

By the way, the reason why they call the film “Green Zone” is because Baghdad is also known as the Emerald City. Emerald… is green. Get it?

What I Liked:

The feel is there. I like how the camera shakes or goes off-sync and then the camera adjusts to the scene that’s being shot. I hoped to see a lot of popular stars but I guess I have to settle on Damon and Greg Kinnear. I like how the situation in Iraq appears dead-on to what is perceived in the news. The story is a major turn-on. The believability was there and the reality coincides to what they have been trying to pull. The part where Kinnear gets to shock of his life after his instilled Iraqi leader gets mobbed by other Iraqi leaders saying that the leader is a foreigner that they will not follow.

What I Hated:

There is something that really bugged me that really made this film suck. Here’s the thing…

Why the fuck is that Iraqi dude still always there?

You see, his role might be off maximum importance but in the end, he is just a nosy civilian trying to play hero against a bunch of armed men. What was his reason for getting the attention of Matt Damon’s character? Point is, he was mostly useless when the scene shifts to nighttime. And Matt Damon’s most noble mission was in his grasps but it was taken away by the Iraqi and worse, the guy left without harm. This was the same guy that had to cry foul for Damon’s men to treat him nice. The Iraqi had a lot of classified information in his meddling and that is why he is a threat more than anything. When he did what he wanted, he looked as if an anti-government extremist with a mission.

By the way, sure, Kinnear looked like a nerdy bad guy in this movie but at least he did it for the benefit of his country. Damn right, if you look at that high-ranking Iraqi official, do you see him leading Iraq without thinking that he could be the next Fidel or Saddam? Fact is, Kinnear thought of a brilliant way to make Iraq American-ish but Damon on the other hand had to hand out a bunch of stuffs to the Press that would pretty much destroy the image of his motherland.

The rants I am saying is in terms of the story… I actually find no flaws on the other facets of the movie.

The Verdict: I enjoyed the first part of it but I question how the scenes were set up. Damon played his Bourne-like self although apart from being sympathetic, his character gives him little room for versatile emotions. But like I said, I enjoyed this.

Game over.


Manny Pacquiao started the match figuring out Joshua Clottey’s defense.

In the end, the judges figured out that Clottey’s defense is the only thing that he has against the Pacman.

Read on.

Wow. I saw a lot of election ads. Happiness! Manny Villar’s new garbage kids TVC is not as catchy as the first TVC but it really makes him the most hard-working presidentiable in terms of advertising budget… and dirty kids.

I didn’t catch the undercard bouts. I was watching “A Very Special Love”, which is a Filipino love story starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo.


Is it a crime to get mushy?

Powerhug kita diyan e.

Anyway, I laughed at the Mike Velarde party list TVC. He misspelled sangol (this means baby in Filipino but the true spelling for this is sanggol)? Whoever thought Brother Mike is a great voiceover person must be awesome.

Eteman ang belog na huges etlog...

The Ghanaian National Anthem was English. I thought there would be some sort of African culture infused but I guess Western culture got the best of them. Arnel Pineda sung the Philippine National Anthem and it was good until the last two notes. Why the fuck did he “Journey-ed” Lupang Hinirang??? Dammit, the last note was very, very way off. The US National Anthem was sung extremely well by three almost-naked women known as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders that reminded me of the pop/country group Atomic Kitten.

That’s America for you.

Joshua “The Grandmaster” Clottey danced his way to the ring. Manny Pacquiao came to the ring via Eye of the Tiger. We saw Jinkee Pacquiao and her twin sister at ringside. So, where the hell is Chavit? Bobby Pacquiao is in attendance too so I’m wondering whose groin will he low blow. Rafael Ramos is the third man in the ring and he looks like Andal Ampatuan.

Michael Buffer never seizes to amaze me but he did have trouble pronouncing all the world titles The Pacman acquired.

Round One – How can we see the footwork when the ads are blocking it? We can REALLY hear Buboy Fernandez dishing out instructions. Give him a headpiece already! Clottey is a counter-puncher with awesome defense but Manny tagged him mid-round. Manny was ramming his gloves on the Grandmaster’s ribs but this is leading to Clottey’s connecting jabs. Still, Pacquiao won the “feeling-out” round.

Round Two – Wow. Clottey is stepping on Manny’s feet and his defense is so annoying that it is frustrating Manny. This is destroying Manny’s game and he’s always getting tagged by Clottey’s jabs. Buboy was begging Manny to keep his distance since his punches are landing on Clottey’s gloves. The round belonged for Clottey. His dance after a Pacman shot means he remains unfazed on the power that is Pacquiao’s.

Round Three – Solid rights by Clottey. I like how Manny respects his opponents but Clottey’s turtle shell defense is seriously ANNOYING! However, Brian Viloria was right in saying that defense doesn’t score points as Pacquiao is the worker of the round. Clottey though seldom hits but is proving to be accurate. I’m going to give Pacquiao this round because Pacman carried the round even if Clottey looked good here.

Drats! I channel surfed and landed on the DZMM Teleradyo cable channel! ABS-CBN is seriously notorious for spoiling the outcome of the fights televised by GMA!



Round Four – For every ten punches Manny executes, Clottey will block nine. However, that “gloves to face” defense is getting weaker as the bombs of Manny are connecting and now getting impact. That defense might the only thing Clottey can have right now. The round belongs to Manny because Clottey looks like he’s merely surviving the fight. A funny spot in the round was when Manny punched Clottey with a left and the right AT THE SAME TIME! Yes, Manny getting a mouthful from the ref is funny. Oh Manny’s two-timing with his fists!

Round Five – Poor arms! Clottey’s arms have got to hurt! Clottey's head trainer Lenny de Jesus wants Clottey to punch and be active. Manny got tagged by a right which infuriated the Pacman. Buboy was shouting for Manny to hit Clottey in the shoulders to make that defense go down. Still while Clottey punched a bit, Manny was still active. And now it seems like Manny is telling Clottey to slug it out. Clottey is in a no-win situation if he tries to abandon his game plan. Manny wins this round.

Round Six – See Round Five. Clottey is fighting but it is still Pacquiao who’s dictating the pace.

Round Seven – Pacquiao got rocked! But still, he is still dictating the pace. The welt in Pacquiao’s left eye will sting. Clottey’s corner asked the boxer to think out of the box. Clottey needs to gear his bombs now and not wait for Pacman to get tired. Just like what Quinito Henson mentioned, I too saw that unusual foot action Clottey executes when he’s about to punch. I’m going to give this round to Clottey for the amazing shot midway the round. Just kidding! One lucky punch won’t damage Pacquiao’s offensive onslaught!

Wait... did I just see a Manny Pacquiao campaign ad? The concept looks good but it was kind of shocking... and disturbing.

Round Eight – Pacquiao is so used to Clottey’s turtle-shelled defense that Clottey’s offense is always getting Manny off-guard. Clottey just dished out an accidental low blow. Pacquiao just gave Clottey an accidental head butt. All of a sudden, Clottey reverts back to his strictly defense ways. Clottey then handed out a punch after round ended. It was no biggie but Pacquiao wins Round 8.

Round Nine – Lenny de Jesus just exclaimed that they are losing every round. Clottey had two successive combinations with Manny egging him to do it. But then Pacquiao erupted with a smothering display of Clottey hurting! Quinito Henson is saying that Clottey is just looking for a lucky punch while Chino Trinidad is telling us that Manny shouldn’t be complacent. Brian Viloria reminded the two that Pacquiao is still controlling the fight. What Pacquiao will do in the last three rounds will spell the match’s aftermath.

Round Ten – Did Buboy say speed? ROUND TEN? SPEED!?! Shouldn’t he be tired by now??? Pacman is owning this fight! Clottey is like a moving and fighting punching bag! Wow! You can see the hint of desperation on Clottey but he is still hiding in his shell. There was a left uppercut that scored for Clottey but Manny continues to control the fight. Before the fight ended, Clottey drove an elbow to the back of Pacquiao. As far as Pacquiao is concerned, it continues to NOT hurt him.

Round Eleven – Clottey is now going for broke. Freddie Roach is telling his ward to look for a knockout shot. Clottey caused three uppercuts and a string of effective counters but Manny continues to dance and bomb his fists to Clottey’s face and body. By going kamikaze, this takes out the vaulted defense Clottey has been executing. Unfortunately for the Grandmaster/Hitter, Pacquiao found his face open and for the first time as Chino Trinidad pointed, was the first time we saw Clottey staggered. In an interview up and coming star Jorge Arce said that in no way was Manny Pacquiao going to win this fight by knockout. It looks as if he’s right.

Round Twelve – The two embraced and mere seconds after that “manly” encounter Clottey gave two hooks and a looper that eventually became an accidental head butt. It seems as if there was no desperation for Clottey to knock Pacquiao out. All he did was continue to do his normal game play that could have worked with the no-namers he defeated but for a quick fighter like Pacquiao, the judges won’t score the stance but the flurry of punches. From start to finish, except for the second round (which could have blinded me because I was amazed initially at Clottey’s defense), Pacquiao carried Clottey.

The Aftermath – The judges scored 120-108, 119-109 and 119-109… a unanimous decision victory for Manny Pacquiao. Whatever Freddie Roach said about this fight as exciting as hell are all lies! Clottey had his face glued to his gloves. I’m really guessing he just wanted to survive Pacman which is bogus considering this is a title bout. But this is still an important sight for fight fans everywhere to see Pacquiao fight a bigger and much heavier fighter and still win. If Floyd Mayweather’s name again floats to a possible megafight, Pacquiao needs to improve his power. During Clottey’s post-match interview, he said the Pacman lacked the power but his speed was blinding. Mayweather is also fast so that screams more training for an up and coming “dream match”.

This should be the points he should ponder.

Congrats Pacman! Again, you gave your all and made your countrymen proud.

Now if you can just make your province-mates pick you as their congressman... then that would be awesome.

Game over.

During my trip to Corregidor, I heard a story about the friendship of these two generals. One was an ardent follower ‘til the end but was unfortunately never reciprocated by the other.

The best story I heard was the Douglas Macarthur – Jonathan Wainwright rivalry. Macarthur is the face of the Pacific liberation while Wainwright was the one that surrendered the Americans to the Japs. These generals had the pedigree to lead. Wainwright’s dad Robert (not to be mistaken to the returning PBA player of the same name) fought during the Philippine-American War and died in active duty in Manila. Macarthur’s dad Arthur, was the third American military governor of the Philippines. Back in the day, Macarthur was hailed as a hero and a poster boy in terms of American generals. Wainwright was his wingman but he wasn’t that charismatic. Macarthur loved Corregidor. He built a movie house, a swimming pool, a golf course and even made the island a Monte Carlo of sorts for the stationed soldiers.

This is why he hated it when Roosevelt ordered him to move to Australia. The importance of Macarthur was stressed here because if he was captured by the Japs, this will prove as a major blow for the United States’ ego as a world power. Macarthur asked Wainwright to head the forces and to never surrender to the Japanese. However, Wainwright saw how day by day his army dwindled. America’s troops are in Europe and in order to save “some” of the Fil-American resistance (I said some because most became victims of the infamous Death March), he surrendered.

This pissed off Macarthur.

Macarthur wanted Wainwright to fight until the end. Macarthur called Wainwright a coward as the latter was sent to Manchuria as a prized captive. For three years, the Japanese controlled “Republic of the Philippines” was trying its best to persuade the locals in embracing their cause. At this point, Germany and Italy were defeated and now the Allied troops are going to save the Pacific. General Macarthur would return to the Philippines with a new and fresh batch of American soldiers reinforced by Filipino guerillas. On May 6, 1945, Corregidor was saved. Thousands of Japanese soldiers samurai-ed themselves (hara-kiri or seppuku) or jumped to their deaths than admitting defeat. With the Americans closing in, the Japanese were also pressured to save China from invading Russian forces. The atomic bombs proved to be the exclamation of a war that spanned almost four years. Wainwright looked like a beaten old man when he was rescued by the Allies.

Wainwright received medals for his participation in the war and was side-by-side with Macarthur during the formal declaration of the Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945. However, Macarthur ardently contested the medals given to Wainwright. Up to Wainwright’s dying breath in 1945, Macarthur thought little of him. The world also thought little of him and merely regarded him as the guy that let the Americans lost.

In Corregidor there is a chunk of land revering his accomplishments. It isn’t fancy like Macarthur but just like the “I Shall Return” guy, he deserves to have the respect he definitely earned.

Game over.

Last year was a disaster. I spent my birthday with my GF. We went to Tagaytay where we hoped to enjoy its windy atmosphere via commuting. We went to the place unprepared and we found out that we need to map out our trips so we won’t haggle for transportation, we won’t get swindled by the locals, and we will have the ultimate satisfaction of enjoying everything.

For three months, we looked for the place where we can both enjoy. However, the trip mustn’t be an overnight one. We discussed resorts and other tours from nearby towns but we settled on Corregidor. Corregidor is an island-worth of World War 2 history. Back in the day, the tadpole-shaped island needs to be defended at all times because of its proximity to Manila, the center of commerce and the de facto capital of the Philippines. Stories of heroism and valor can be heard across the island. Douglas Macarthur loved the place so much that it pains him to see it captured by the Japanese Government. We wanted to see the place we saw only in books and documentaries.

It sickens to find out that this is our country and yet we don’t know shit about the lives that were spent in creating our nation.

Near the Harbour Center dock near the CCP area resides an office which serves as the meeting point for all the “tourists”. The waiting area is a melting pot of races. A day tour to Corregidor costs around almost Php2000 while an overnight stay costs around Php2800. The Malinta Tunnel light and sound show is Php150 pesos. An air-conditioned jeepney will fetch the tourists en route to a dock near the Jumbo Palace were you are about to board a yacht. The prices of the drinks, booze, and snacks are pricy. Fear humiliation if you’re the type that feels uneasy during boat rides. While the yacht seems safe, buoyancy will play an important role in dealing with those furious waves. After a near 90 minutes of travel, we safely reached Corregidor. We grabbed our bags and rode those tourist transport vehicles.

Tour guides are very important to enjoy this historical experience. Without them, you’ll just be a guy going around a couple of wrecked buildings and other stuffs. We rode with an English-speaking group which pretty much consists of Americans with their Pinay girlfriends, backpackers, a typical Pinoy family who loves the have fun, and us, a couple looking for a good time. It really helped that our tour guide was a 74-year old mestizo that personally experienced the Japanese Occupation. He was funny but delivers his facts with conviction. He gave us a bunch of trivia that I will never see in textbooks. As we go through the island he blasted the Marcos administration for not carrying about Corregidor and further stated that Marcos was only concerned on looking for the Yamashita treasure. It was during the administration of Cory Aquino that the Corregidor Island evolved into a tourist hotspot.

I love history. I now root for the Boston Celtics (the Lakers, the Knicks, and the Bulls round out my Best 4 squads) because of how they upgraded their lineup following the deaths of the legendary Red Auerbach and Dennis Johnson. I will forever remember the moment when Kevin Garnett hugged Bill Russell after capturing their first championship since the Larry Bird era. This is why this Corregidor trip made me giddy. I saw the Battery Way and the Pacific War Monument. I saw Macarthur’s office before it was bombed to oblivion. The only remnants of that office were a couple of cement blocks. These same cement blocks were exported by the Americans to the Japanese before the war and the inside information they got from talking to the contractors got them the information as to where Macarthur’s office was located.

As we scour the view, I imagine how the Filipino and American soldiers cram Malinta Tunnel to either try to fight or wait for their deaths. I imagine the nurses Jonathan Wainwright playfully called “Angels” sacrificing their selves to be gutted by the Japs just to save the wounded soldiers from getting their ire. I imagine how every May 6, a blinding light beams directly to the shrine of the soldiers. I saw a former WW2 preschool and Gen. Macarthur’s golf course. I saw how the Japanese tunnels were different from the American tunnels. The American tunnels were cemented since they occupied the island longer than the 3-year tenure of the Japs.

I saw a hole in front of the stairs of a Corregidor building that may look like nothing, but it was where Macarthur hid when Japanese soldiers randomly bombed the buildings.

A bomb was lucky enough to enter that hole but Macarthur was saved by the deputies surrounding him.

These deputies died on the spot.

Across the tadpole-shaped island are a bunch of stories filled with heroism and valor. A lot of lives were wasted partly because Franklin Delano Roosevelt ditched sending troops to the Pacific to battle Adolf Hitler in Europe. This was Manuel Quezon’s beef, as reenacted during the Light and Sound Show inside the Malinta Tunnel. I must say, while the tour continues to entertain the tourists, they seriously need to refresh it. Those golden mini-monuments detailing the events aren’t really that moving. I think the audio quality has suffered from wear and tear and the dialogues aren’t even appealing. Of course, this is just me.

If I’m not mistaken, I am hearing a lot of Joonee Gamboa in the audio parts.

What amazed me further were the tourists. I saw a couple of young backpackers and old businessmen. But I also saw a couple of young and old Japenese tourists that every time they hear about the events that transpired in Corregidor, they apologize to everyone. There were Japanese cadets in the cruise and while most of the tourists enjoyed the complete tour package, they resisted going to the Malinta Tunnel and they stayed for a long time on the small strip of land ceded by the Philippines to Japan which pretty much commemorate the valor and heroism of the Japanese soldiers during WW2 (when the war ended, so did the hatred).

The day tour lasted six hours and while the tour won’t be awe-striking for a second time, it did what it had to do in making people admire the beauty and history of Corregidor.

Here are some of the pics that were taken.

Game over.

Dammit! I’m going to dig deep and merely write something because work robbed me of energy. So let me just embed a random clip from Youtube so that your visit won’t be in vain.


I continue to love NXT.

I wonder what would have happened to the careers of Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Eugene, Rob Conway, Paul Burchill, Primo Colon, Croft and Baretta, Monty Brown, Elijah Burke, Yoshi Tatsu, Chris Harris, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Deuce and Domino, and the rest of the former and current WWE wrestlers had this happened earlier?

First of all, I take everything that I said about David Otunga. His match alongside R-Truth versus The Miz and Daniel Bryan was a perfect way to showcase his wrestling skills. I also like how they stopped his feud with R-Truth because they need to save this after the Miz/Bryan feud culminated. By the way, the “Heel Hook” and Otunga’s “Choke Bottom” joins Justin Gabriel’s 450 splash as far as well-received rookie finishers are concerned.

Daniel Bryan and The Miz’ rivalry is so awesome I am sensing the scenario that Bryan will not win next but will get a trip to Raw after he defeats and dethrones the US championship from The Miz.

The Carlito versus Heath Slater wasn’t really that impressive. It was the apple antics from Carlito, Christian and Michael Tarver that pleased me. Tarver needs to see action now because it has been two weeks since he’s been in NXT action. Slater looked green as a babyface in this match. Darren Young looks like a cartoon more than Skip Sheffield, but I like how his interaction with the Straight Edge Society is shaping up. His hair is a crime to humanity though.

In the main event, Justin Gabriel is growing on me in terms of wrestling action. Against Wade Barrett, his flippy, strong-style meshed with Barrett’s brawling style. However, the 450 splash was too obvious and Michael Cole saying “out of nowhere” is vintage dumb! In terms of commentating, while Josh Mathews is the one turning geeky, both he and Cole are doing face and heel work on the mic which I wished is exclusive only for Michael Cole.

The end came with Gabriel pulling a win and was then attacked, alongside Matt Hardy, by Chris Jericho. A codebreaker and a Walls of Jericho later, we see Y2J with his hands raised alongside Barrett. I wonder how, Jericho’s rookie-killing ways be instrumental in the later weeks.

Great show with the Otunga/R-Truth versus The Miz/Bryan getting Match of the Week honors.

Until then…

Game over.


What the f**k is wrong with Air21?


After I applauded the Air21 Express for bagging Renren Ritualo and Yancy de Ocampo, I now look at them thinking that their basketball honchos are insane.


I seriously can’t see the reason why Air21 keeps on sending their top talents to the big franchises. I thought for sure they grew a backbone when they reverted back to their former name and took back the talents that made them work but as it is…

Their old name brought back their old habits.

First of all, I am not against Rich Alvarez, Doug Kramer, and Mike Cortez going to Air21. I think this is great. Kramer, if he’ll be used as a mere benchwarmer, shouldn’t have gone out of the Lina franchise in the first place. Rich Alvarez might be a “bust” as a top draft pick, but is still very valuable in terms of import stoppage and hustle. Mike Cortez proved he can still get solid numbers despite limited minutes and constant position shifts (he sometimes plays SF on Siot’s small ball). Lito Alvarez wants to see the stars of Ateneo and DLSU circa early 2000’s in one roof.

But what’s the point of trading away their two needs???

Needs are more essential than wants, as far as first grade science textbooks are concerned. Last conference, the then-Burger King franchise groped to form without top pick and current Smart-Gilas frontman Japeth Aguilar in the middle. JR Quinahan, Beau Belga, Carlo Sharma, and Richard Yee rotated at the power forward and center spots but these guys found foul trouble in the process. Clearly, even if these guys have bulk, what they lack was height. I am but certain this was one of the reasons why Yancy de Ocampo was brought to the club. Even if this means sacrificing their most consistent big man in Quinahan, the new-look Express are desperate for a scoring big man and Yancy fits the bill. With Yancy heading to Ginebra in place of Alvarez and Kramer, it again made Air21 vulnerable in the shaded area. While Kramer seems like a player that can play PF/C, Alvarez is more of a forward. The Fiesta Cup will be played by imports standing 6’6 and under which means that most of the imports suiting up are either athletic small forwards and undersized power forwards. I guess it’s safe to say Air21 will be praying to get the “latter” of the said choices from Leroy Hickerson.

Which reminds me of another thing: Air21 just gave Ginebra what they want. If Air21 found themselves “dooping” the Kings then they are wrong. Yancy is something Uichico has hoped for. He is a big guy that has scoring which he couldn’t see when Rafi Reavis was around. Also, if you’re Air21, how can you stop Ginebra now that they have the backcourt awesomeness of Mark Caguioa, Jayjay Helterbrand, Ronald Tubid, Sunday Salvacion, Cyrus Baguio, JC Intal, and Junthy Valenzuela when their frontcourt is awesome as well? What can they do if Uichico decides to go tall and place a healthy Eric Menk, Enrico Villanueva, De Ocampo, Willy Wilson, Billy Mamaril, and Rudy Hatfield to join the fray? Sure, Alvarez and Kramer could probably get great stats from them but like I said, they’ll have a size problem. And don’t give me that crap about “size doesn’t matter but performance does” shit because they can’t rely on Ritualo, Ronjay Buenafe, Alex Cabagnot

Oh wait.

Here’s another “need” I wanted to talk about.

You see, I admit, the Cool Cat is good. However, the untapped potential of Alex Cabagnot has been rising up in such a rapid pace. Remember during the trade that sent him and Wesley Gonzales to the Whoppers for Gary David and Chico Lanete, Cabagnot and Buenafe were the only viable scoring options for BK. Sure, now Air21 has Ritualo and Cortez but San Miguel is a vast talent wasteland that they could have gotten cannon fodders like Mike Holper, Chris Calaguio, Bonbon Custodio or the rights of James Sena (just joking, I know he’s in the PBL pissed as hell of applying in the draft too early, but I just want to bring this up). Were their draft picks involved because that would surely help? It is not like Air21 is the one that wants to take out Cabagnot. SMB wants him. Cabagnot averaged 12 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, one steal and 38 minutes in two years which makes him capable to lead a team if he gets the proper players to work on. Sure, San Miguel seems like a great team to get his moves to dazzle but I’m wondering how he’ll do with a huge minutes slash in his playing time. Mike Cortez, as much as he is a good player, is more of a number 2 or number 3 option at best. Cabagnot can lead a team… which is why I think SMB had the better of this trade and would probably hurt Cabagnot’s chances to further cement his claim at a hall of fame career.

Air21 needs to evaluate their roster. Junel Baculi needs to perform his scouting magic and try to get a new “Mark Yee” to quench their lack of ceiling. Sena is a free agent that should interest them because he is a 6’6 slotman. How about Edwin Asoro? I thought Jerwin Gaco is a good choice but I doubt he would sign up for them since he is affiliated with Mikee Romero whose Harbour Centre has aligned itself with Barako Bull. Maybe they can knock at Purefoods’ door since they have guys like Don Allado, Romel Adducul and Jondan Salvador playing well but is getting superbly limited playing time.

Nonetheless, if the honchos want the Ube Republic to win a championship in this league, then they must not let people get their players. Deal wisely for the sake of your team and not submit to bullying.

Game over.

Yes, I am back!

(Clap, clap)

March 5: I celebrated my birthday with my GF and we enjoyed a “history tour” in Corregidor (I’ll elaborate on this later).

March 6: I godfathered an officemate’s kid and then I attended my other godkid’s birthday alongside my GF and officemates.

March 7: I ordered pizza, chicken, and a three-gallon ice cream to share with my family.

March 8: And finally, I spent my morning at LTO to renew my student license (because there is now a need for me to care about driving) then went to Megamall where my GF works out. We watched a movie and ate out to celebrate our 17th monthsary!

There are a ton of things that I should be doing and amongst them is my need to cram for a story to enter in a contest. By the way, I'll be stretching the limits of my love for blogging by somewhat dismantling the personal from the professional. When will that happen? I guess after I find a cool name for this new blogsite.

Anywho, I’m back!

Game resumes now!