I am still in the office… typing…

And I just turned 28.


I remember when I first started working. I was the youngest in our office. For five years, I was the youngest one around. As I look around the empty cubicles barely lit since I’m typing this around 1:40am, I realize that I see ten kids in my office who are younger than me. Soon, “youth” will escape me. I’ll be pleading to the younger generation that I am still considered a “yuppie” and whenever cab drivers call me “sir”, they won’t say it as a compliment… but rather for merely stating a fact.

But it’s not like I’m afraid of it. In fact, I want to brace it. I think I’m afraid… but that’s good because being afraid means I’m giving a shit to conquer my fears.

I know I am ready to evolve as an 8-year professional. In fact, this year I want to show that I am worthy to get an upgrade. My past experiences are helping me pounce on those opportunities. I will still state this with conviction – I am a niche writer. I will concentrate to write commercials that are either funny or action-packed. Why would I do that? Because I can and I’m not afraid to botch it because I am FN fearless!

Before I reach 30, I want to lay the foundations of my future. Believe me, I’m taking it by stride.

Little by little, progress ensues.

Game starts now.


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