Fanboys: The Review

The film gives us a sneak peek on how Star Wars fanatics hate Trekkies.

But in the course of the tale...

William Shatner helps a Star Wars geek!

Captain Kirk joining the force???


The Cast: The movie stars Sam Huntington (Detroit Rock City), Christopher Marquette (Girl Next Door), Jay Baruchel (Undeclared, Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder), Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) and Dan Fogler (Balls of Fury). William Shatner appears alongside Seth Rogen, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Ethan Suplee, Jaime King, Ray Park, as well as Star Wars alums Billy Dee Williams and Carrie Fisher.

The Story: A friend had a falling out with his group. The only thing that binds them all together is Star Wars. When Sam Huntington’s character discovers his best friend (played by Christopher Marquette) has cancer, he urged his friends to travel from Ohio to San Francisco to steal George Lucas’ copy of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. The story was set before the release of the Star Wars’ second trilogy and while we all know how horrible the first episode was, these geeks don’t.

What I Liked:

Kirsten Bell! I didn’t watch Veronica Mars even if it starred one of the Just Shoot Me guys that I found funny because I don’t see myself watching another one hour teen drama (I was already watching One Tree Hill and The OC). However, I found her very HOT when she cosplayed as Princess Leia when they camped out en route to the Phantom Menace viewing experience. Besides, who can resist a tomboy that mooned a bad guy during a car chase scene??? Also, this movie was built for fanboys by fanboys! The story was fun and while it had the stereotypical crap we often see in American comedies, it wasn’t really that annoying.

Sam Huntington has been tagged with a lot of low budget cult classics and while he had his share of misses (Google search the sitcom Cavemen), this alongside Detroit Rock City are his sure hits (come to think of it, it shares the same premise with DRC). Dan Fogler is growing on me. After seeing him playing the lead in Balls of Fury, Good Luck Chuck, and Love Happens, I am beginning to see the awesomeness of his comedy. Same goes for Jay Baruchel. While he portrayed an over-the-top geek here, he wasn’t really that annoying (although his character is less lovable compared to the geeks from the Big Bang Theory). Christopher Marquette is a person I have seen gracing in other well known flicks and he brought out good things for this movie.

I like how fans think Jar Jar Binks is the franchise’s next best thing. I bet this scored laughs from the Trekkies that watched this (if there were).

I also liked the film’s last speaking line. I won’t reveal it... but it makes you wonder too.

What I Hated:

This movie is either a hit or a miss, depending on its audience. This audience will surely alienate the old people and the Trekkies (while they were portrayed harsh here, the worst thing they can do is for William “Captain Kirk” Shatner to ally himself with the Star Wars fans). The comedy is somewhat wordy bordering to complicated (for a non-Star Wars fan) and it seems the antics they executed had been done with other movies. Some scenes were predictable and childish and while Fogler dancing was umm... kind of icky, I’m pretty sure I saw the same thing in Detroit Rock City. Also sure, Fanboys had cameos of Fanboys like Jay and Silent Bob but I was hoping they would land Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford or George Lucas! Also, those Star Wars clich├ęs would have worked in this movie. Fogler has been doing his Jedi mind trick to make women undress to his yearns, how about a good ending where Lucas (or the chief of the guards) would dress up as Darth Vader and “battle” the good guys with light sabres.

By the way, putting nitrous in the van and pressing a red button to activate “light speed” was an awesome touch. There should have been more in this flick.

The George Lucas snub was crucial for this flick. I was really expecting him to grace the floors of Lucas Land especially since these kids snuck onto his house, played with his prototypes, injured his guards, and BASICALLY TRIED TO STEAL EPISODE ONE FROM HIS GRASPS! For 90 minutes, the film only talked about Star Wars. Even if the film had hints of sarcasm and ridicule, the least he could have done is to grace the movie to delight the Star Wars and non-Star Wars fans. Well perhaps loaning his names and his other copyrights could have been enough for the creator but it would have been more awesome if he did a cameo.

The Verdict: They had the resources but they couldn’t push the flick use all of their resources wisely. Had they did, this would have been a more realistic tribute (or un-tribute) to a tale that is encrypt to the American culture. It was enjoyable though.

Game over.


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