The Gamble

I jumped in a pool infested with sharks.

And I have a flesh wound!

That pretty much sums up what I thought I did.

Gambling on an opportunity (literally), I participated in my fourth PBFantasy fantasy hoops tournament. The entrance fee is money, the reward is bragging rights, and I have to fight ten guys that most probably are ahead of me by 400 points!

The thing here is I have been scheming and plotting for a perfect formula for a long time now. I thought my last crack was my best crack because up until the playoffs I was steadily leading the pack. Until I saw the resurgence of Roger Yap, Marc Pingris, Solomon Mercado, and the falter of Sta. Lucia and San Miguel, I thought for sure I had the tournament hands down!

One advertising feature I learned a while back is the SWOT Analysis. The SWOT is basically an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

I still consider my huge book-smart basketball brain as an asset. Hopefully all the visits to the sites of Fire Quinito and Patricia Hizon could give me inside information on the players the coaches would want to play. While Kelly Williams has been struggling, I think he’ll be a better asset for me in the future. Also, my ability to press my luck is another valuable gadget in my arsenal. I’ll always believe that there is a method to my madness although I am clueless to what it is.

My weakness is the fact that I joined the tourney three weeks late. I also think I’m highly susceptible to being arrogant. Before the playoffs I thought wasting a week for JC Intal is a bad idea (although with the current way Ginebra’s rotation is concerned, I still think spending a player elsewhere is a better idea).

The opportunity for me is to garner a perfect direction en route to a championship. With the current way, the teams are stacked right now I want to believe that I have eluded the risk of getting players that would excel better in the later parts of the tourney.

The threat that would eventually engulf me is the fact that I know little on how to pull myself out of gutter hell. It pains me to see myself so low but I remember the last tourney where I was also in the same predicament. Still, there is a higher price to pay for online hoops glory.

Let’s see if what I did is a perfect example of getting lucky… or a long and strenuous route to shell out unnecessary spending.

Game over (By the way, I just chose a random draft bust to accentuate "the gamble" idea. My apologies to Denver Lopez).


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