Green Zone: The Review

After getting saved in Saving Private Ryan, Matt Damon is back in commando mode to save another person.

Matt Damon stars in a film that hybrid Jason Bourne with “The American Soldier“MICHAEL “FUCKING AWESOME” DUDIKOFF!!!



The Story: The film takes place after the downfall of Saddam Hussein. Matt Damon’s character is pissed because all the tips they get involving Iraq’s hidden fiesta of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) all turn out to be hoaxes. His curiosities over the faulty information were further strengthened when he met a one-legged Iraqi who in turn led them to a meeting where most of the Iraqi leaders are in. He then discovers that there is something fishy about the events and he can’t help but wonder if the war he is fighting on should have been fought in the first place.

By the way, the reason why they call the film “Green Zone” is because Baghdad is also known as the Emerald City. Emerald… is green. Get it?

What I Liked:

The feel is there. I like how the camera shakes or goes off-sync and then the camera adjusts to the scene that’s being shot. I hoped to see a lot of popular stars but I guess I have to settle on Damon and Greg Kinnear. I like how the situation in Iraq appears dead-on to what is perceived in the news. The story is a major turn-on. The believability was there and the reality coincides to what they have been trying to pull. The part where Kinnear gets to shock of his life after his instilled Iraqi leader gets mobbed by other Iraqi leaders saying that the leader is a foreigner that they will not follow.

What I Hated:

There is something that really bugged me that really made this film suck. Here’s the thing…

Why the fuck is that Iraqi dude still always there?

You see, his role might be off maximum importance but in the end, he is just a nosy civilian trying to play hero against a bunch of armed men. What was his reason for getting the attention of Matt Damon’s character? Point is, he was mostly useless when the scene shifts to nighttime. And Matt Damon’s most noble mission was in his grasps but it was taken away by the Iraqi and worse, the guy left without harm. This was the same guy that had to cry foul for Damon’s men to treat him nice. The Iraqi had a lot of classified information in his meddling and that is why he is a threat more than anything. When he did what he wanted, he looked as if an anti-government extremist with a mission.

By the way, sure, Kinnear looked like a nerdy bad guy in this movie but at least he did it for the benefit of his country. Damn right, if you look at that high-ranking Iraqi official, do you see him leading Iraq without thinking that he could be the next Fidel or Saddam? Fact is, Kinnear thought of a brilliant way to make Iraq American-ish but Damon on the other hand had to hand out a bunch of stuffs to the Press that would pretty much destroy the image of his motherland.

The rants I am saying is in terms of the story… I actually find no flaws on the other facets of the movie.

The Verdict: I enjoyed the first part of it but I question how the scenes were set up. Damon played his Bourne-like self although apart from being sympathetic, his character gives him little room for versatile emotions. But like I said, I enjoyed this.

Game over.


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