Life in Taborea: The World of Runes of Magic

I am the guy wearing hand-me-downs from other players. I join a guild so that people would buff me. Even if I tried to help, an opposing creep could finish me off in an instant.

Yes, when I play these types of games, I kind of play like a really bad female college student that lives in a dorm and has nothing to do with her money. These are the types that play the game only because her boyfriend is hooked on it.

Sad… but true.

I don’t mind though. When these types of games became popular I was already working. I would try the game but because I won’t commit my nights (or days) trying to improve my level, I always find myself joining my friends in far levels that I cannot handle so my experience points would improve dramatically. I will then perform a dumb move and that is by trying to kill a “harmless” creature that would critically hit me.

I would try to catch up with my team mates while trying to elude the big and dangerous creatures breathing at my character’s back. I end up near the town area, mercy killing the creeps nobody wanted to kill because they gave the characters almost zero XP.

Yes, again I have a very, VERY, sad… but very, VERY true.

If I’m going to be a character in Taborea (From the Runes of Magic game), I might as well be a nomad and not take orders from anyone! I’m going to play badass with reckless abandon to abandon fools who think I am a pushover. Of course, I’d play a female character because I like to gain the complete trust of nerds (Yes people, there are non-Japanese players who believe that they can score relationships battling creatures with weapons and potions inside their bellies). I will milk experience points from an incomplete group and leave the team when I find better things to do!

And my character of choice?

I am going to be a freakin’ Defiler!

So one might ask: why would I pick a character built for group play even if I declared that I would act like a super badass nomad?

First of all, I’d like to say that I want to be a wondering monk a la David Carradine in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (or like the girl in Touched by an Angel). He travels and kicks ass on those who fail to do good. I like to be that wondering nomad whose name would be called if some random weakling needs an extra hand to survive in leveling up. I will wear a robe and my weapon would be a magical mace that could beam out water spells on jokers that think they are awesome.

Being a Defiler (Rogue/Priest) is awesome because you can do spells, you can hit your opponents, and you can heal yourself in battle. Of course, it may require a LOT of leveling up to claim the awesomeness that you warrant but still… you’ll freaking rock!

The downside here is that it seems you have more healing powers than offensive powers which basically gives you the Rising Tide, Bone Chill and Chain of Light as attack skills. If this was the case then I’ll only use my mana for those heal spells as I trash my opponents with my super magical mace enriched with the amplified attack spell. I might play like “a really scared guy” when fighting humongous beasts but I have no qualms playing a fighter with lower senses of morale. This is where the part of “rogue” gets handy. The Snake Curse could be a key weapon but I’m psyched to use Blind Stab as a character. Coming from where the hits seem non-existent could make it an awesome beatdown especially if I effectively nail a direct hit.

However, if I consider playing the team game, I’d easily be in a spot I’m very familiar in. I will stay far away from the action, walk around the battle scene as if I’m doing something, sprinkle a couple of heal spells to make others think that I’m doing something, and kill steal when the enemy has a zero chance to survive the beating.

With this battle plan, I could be a super effective awesome player in the Land of Taborea!



Game over.


  1. weird but witty gameplan :) Good luck with your games and the nuffnang contest :) I also joined it.

    If you have the time, please drop by and comment on my entry too. Ty

  2. hehe. i believe my mission is to crap other people's style by making myself look awesome. :)

  3. Interesting combination of rogue/priest. Btw, based on my experience, female characters tend to mislead others that the player is male. How could one tell anyway?

    Hope you could visit and comment on my entry too...

    Good luck to all of us!

  4. Bizarre yet total awesome'ness in the game strategy and the story really made me syndrified and at same time wooty! *Not present in the dictionary 'either. Good luck to us both.

    Please do visit my weblog entry too and drop comments there. And by the way, I am interested in exchanging blog links too! Thanks a lot! *crossed-fingers

  5. ^ rd

    apparently acting like a daft prick works well here. basically i just like looking at female beings.

    ^ japaul

    nice to you being sydrified and wooty... although i prefer girls getting sydrified than boys.

    what the hell am i saying???

    thanks for the comments! :)