My 4-Day Adventure

Yes, I am back!

(Clap, clap)

March 5: I celebrated my birthday with my GF and we enjoyed a “history tour” in Corregidor (I’ll elaborate on this later).

March 6: I godfathered an officemate’s kid and then I attended my other godkid’s birthday alongside my GF and officemates.

March 7: I ordered pizza, chicken, and a three-gallon ice cream to share with my family.

March 8: And finally, I spent my morning at LTO to renew my student license (because there is now a need for me to care about driving) then went to Megamall where my GF works out. We watched a movie and ate out to celebrate our 17th monthsary!

There are a ton of things that I should be doing and amongst them is my need to cram for a story to enter in a contest. By the way, I'll be stretching the limits of my love for blogging by somewhat dismantling the personal from the professional. When will that happen? I guess after I find a cool name for this new blogsite.

Anywho, I’m back!

Game resumes now!


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