NXT (EPISODE 2 - MAR 2, 2010)

Daniel Bryan had an “injury” so his act was on a proverbial short leash.

However, I like how one rookie got his finisher known.

Call we are wild and free…

This is Episode 2.

I am really enjoying NXT. For those that don’t enjoy this, screw you. The storylines are fresh, the players are trying to learn how to make the audience like them, and it also gives the pros a chance to further hone their characters.

The Miz for instance, will use his program with Daniel Bryan as a starting point for big things in the future. I can also say this to Carlito as he started to have a feud in NXT by spitting apple on rookie Heath Slater’s face. Carlito was funny here. I also like the new hairstyle.

Anyway, Bryan and Miz continued their story by Miz making Bryan wrestle Wade Barrett despite having an injured rib. Bryan “botched” a high-risk move giving Barrett the win and then Chris Jericho attacks Bryan with the Walls of Jericho post-match. This was because of Bryan’s online comments that he scared the hell out of Y2J during their encounter, which made the pros think he’s very cocky and extremely arrogant.

Finally, Michael Cole is very tolerable as a heal commentator in NXT. Cole is playing the pro-veteran guy that unleashes torture on Josh Mathews. Mathews, while fighting back, can’t do shit with Cole embarrassing him. Especially when Jericho joined the duo in the announcer’s table… Mathews talked less and if he did, he was damned.

Young and Otunga’s wrestling is pretty much crap but I do like the way their characters advanced this week. Otunga is given the “MNM” character where he is friends with the stars. This is legit, since he is the husband of Jennifer Hudson, but having Cole say that he had Usher and Cedric the Entertainer text him to congratulate him on his win made his stock rise. The finish of the match came when CM Punk held Otunga’s foot and Young capitalized it by a sneaky rollup victory. Afterwards, Otunga went berserk and vented his anger on his mentor R-Truth. The two fought in the backstage area. Punk helping Young means Punk has something up his sleeve while Otunga fighting R-Truth means Otunga will enter next week as a heel.

The main event was Matt Hardy debuting his protégé, Justin Gabriel while William Regal also debuting his rookie Skip Sheffield. Amongst the two, I like Sheffield more. Sheffield is solid inside the ring and for a big guy, he moves pretty quick! He also got the ire of William Regal for teaching him to be charismatic inside the ring. Regal got pissed and became like a “playing coach” inside the ring and was so preoccupied in calling Sheffield a moron that he didn’t notice the Twist of Fate from Matt Hardy!

The finish came when Hardy tagged Gabriel and Gabriel went up top to nail A PERFECTLY EXECUTED 450 SPLASH! While Gabriel looked sloppy in his wrestling, that spot was a perfect way to tell the crowd to root for him.

Come Episode 3, I will expect Bryan to further his character while I’m guessing Slater and Carlito will face off with each other.

Until then… game over!


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