NXT (EPISODE 3 – MARCH 9, 2010)

I continue to love NXT.

I wonder what would have happened to the careers of Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Eugene, Rob Conway, Paul Burchill, Primo Colon, Croft and Baretta, Monty Brown, Elijah Burke, Yoshi Tatsu, Chris Harris, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Deuce and Domino, and the rest of the former and current WWE wrestlers had this happened earlier?

First of all, I take everything that I said about David Otunga. His match alongside R-Truth versus The Miz and Daniel Bryan was a perfect way to showcase his wrestling skills. I also like how they stopped his feud with R-Truth because they need to save this after the Miz/Bryan feud culminated. By the way, the “Heel Hook” and Otunga’s “Choke Bottom” joins Justin Gabriel’s 450 splash as far as well-received rookie finishers are concerned.

Daniel Bryan and The Miz’ rivalry is so awesome I am sensing the scenario that Bryan will not win next but will get a trip to Raw after he defeats and dethrones the US championship from The Miz.

The Carlito versus Heath Slater wasn’t really that impressive. It was the apple antics from Carlito, Christian and Michael Tarver that pleased me. Tarver needs to see action now because it has been two weeks since he’s been in NXT action. Slater looked green as a babyface in this match. Darren Young looks like a cartoon more than Skip Sheffield, but I like how his interaction with the Straight Edge Society is shaping up. His hair is a crime to humanity though.

In the main event, Justin Gabriel is growing on me in terms of wrestling action. Against Wade Barrett, his flippy, strong-style meshed with Barrett’s brawling style. However, the 450 splash was too obvious and Michael Cole saying “out of nowhere” is vintage dumb! In terms of commentating, while Josh Mathews is the one turning geeky, both he and Cole are doing face and heel work on the mic which I wished is exclusive only for Michael Cole.

The end came with Gabriel pulling a win and was then attacked, alongside Matt Hardy, by Chris Jericho. A codebreaker and a Walls of Jericho later, we see Y2J with his hands raised alongside Barrett. I wonder how, Jericho’s rookie-killing ways be instrumental in the later weeks.

Great show with the Otunga/R-Truth versus The Miz/Bryan getting Match of the Week honors.

Until then…

Game over.


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