Daniel Bryan is seen high on the list while David Otunga won the guest host duties on Raw.

Why is this guest host bit important?

As I anticipate the culmination of NXT, here is how I rate the wrestlers.

8 DARREN YOUNG – Sure, I hate his act but the way he is eager to sync his party boy character to CM Punk’s straightedge image makes him important on NXT. I am thinking that Young will have a sense of urgency in the coming weeks and he could possibly turn into a follower.

7 MICHAEL TARVER – He should be at number 8 in my opinion because he has little interaction with Carlito, he was benched for two consecutive weeks, and besides the 1.9 second punch, he has nothing else to show!

6 SKIP SHEFFIELD – While I hate the haters for being so harsh on him, I don’t blame the pros for putting him in the low end. He is obnoxious but I think he has charisma. Plus his interaction with William Regal funny and annoying is cute. YES I SAID CUTE!!!

5 DAVID OTUNGA – The thing I hate with Otunga is even if he has the built-in character (being Jennifer Hudson’s husband) he botches his moves almost all of the time. His finisher is a cross between a choke slam and a spine buster is a hit or miss attempt in terms of impact. WWE will use him because of his persona but he needs to improve in his ring skills. The trouble he had with R-Truth during the early weeks was rushed and I applauded the move of letting them be at peace again.

4 HEATH SLATER – It helps when your mentor is a crowd drawer. Christian’s influence on Slater is clearly seen in how he moves with the crowd. I still don’t know if he’s a heel or a face because I look at him to overemphasize on his unbeatable record to the Instant Classic. I have a problem with his moveset though. He doesn’t fly and at that size his motions seem to rival Slam Master J (or Jesse) than a Miz or Christian. And is he always going to win via rollups?

3 JUSTIN GABRIEL – He is like a not-so-refined Paul London. The 450 splash was his move up until this was banned by the federation. He is a great hookup for crowd pleaser Matt Hardy and I think his highwire act is something people should look forward too. However I don’t his moveset is crisp enough to garner the cheers once his association with Hardy is over. I wish I am wrong but I’m seeing a South African version of Sonjay Dutt on this guy.

2 WADE BARRETT – I am a fan of the Brit that has a flower in his coat. Much of the praise for his ascent is his association with Chris Jericho. Jericho has been pimping Barrett all the time and he is a mini-version of the man-love Y2J gave The Big Show. Jericho has single-handedly upped this guy to the point that he got the pin during a Raw NXT Pros versus Smackdown NXT Pros showdown (he replaced the injured Jericho for Team Smackdown). His finisher might be a hit or miss but his ground and pound looks effective.

1 DANIEL BRYAN – Even if Bryan has yet to win, you know for sure that this show was made to give him an instant fanbase. The Miz is the perfect pro for him because they are both cocky, arrogant, and win-hunters. Bryan is the submission expert the WWE lost with the departures of Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. He took Jericho to the limit while he made Great Khali flexible in a very quick match. I expect Bryan to lose this though because he doesn’t need NXT as much as the other guys. But definitely, he is the guy that will take The Miz’ intercontinental belt away from him.

I like the show and while the last two weeks were yawners, I expect the show to get on track in the coming weeks.

Until then…



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