One Big Flash Drive

The current trend of technological upgrade is making me feel that I am older for my age.

Hell, I don’t even know how Sudoku works!

Since I discovered the threshold of pirated DVD’s of past and present TV series in Metro Manila (see Quiapo), I have been searching for The Wonder Years. Yes, I have seen the show through re-runs in Disney Channel but for years I’ve been searching for the series.

One elevator ride a few weeks back made that dream into a reality. I saw an officemate from a different department and he gave me dibs on the complete series of The Wonder Years (I discovered this when someone texted him and his ringtone was Joe Cocker’s version of “With a Little Help from my Friends” which was a Beatles original and the series’ theme song).

At last, I can finally have what I have yearned. The problem is that the six-season show is 12GB worth of memory. I don’t want to buy a flash disk… because I will buy a portable hard drive… but I can’t buy now. Anyway, hours before Cindy and I watched It’s Complicated, we went to a CD-R King store so she can buy additional memory for her cellphone. After she bought something, I asked the sales clerk if THERE HAS BEEN AN EXISTING DEVICE WHERE A PC CAN CONNECT TO A LAPTOP. After a moment of wondering from the sales clerk on whether or not is she speaking to an idiot, she went to the far side of their merchandise to hand me an Encore File Transfer Cable. With a bat of an eyelash, I took out my wallet and brought out a 1000-peso bill.


Dammit… that cable costs 650 pesos!

Here’s one reason why you shouldn’t care of how people think on how stingy you are. With a tear flowing out of my left eye, I gave the bill to the lady… as I flashed a macho smile towards my GF (I was hurting on the inside).

Turns out, the file transfer was a good buy. In terms of usage, it could be complicated at times but the fact that there are no devices to install makes this worth-friendly. You click a file from Point A to either drag or copy-paste to Point B. The only drag here is essentially the price, although this will prove valuable when the need arises, which is basically making your laptop a giant flash drive!

Game over.


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