Pacquiao versus Clottey: The Pompyangin Kita Review

Manny Pacquiao started the match figuring out Joshua Clottey’s defense.

In the end, the judges figured out that Clottey’s defense is the only thing that he has against the Pacman.

Read on.

Wow. I saw a lot of election ads. Happiness! Manny Villar’s new garbage kids TVC is not as catchy as the first TVC but it really makes him the most hard-working presidentiable in terms of advertising budget… and dirty kids.

I didn’t catch the undercard bouts. I was watching “A Very Special Love”, which is a Filipino love story starring John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo.


Is it a crime to get mushy?

Powerhug kita diyan e.

Anyway, I laughed at the Mike Velarde party list TVC. He misspelled sangol (this means baby in Filipino but the true spelling for this is sanggol)? Whoever thought Brother Mike is a great voiceover person must be awesome.

Eteman ang belog na huges etlog...

The Ghanaian National Anthem was English. I thought there would be some sort of African culture infused but I guess Western culture got the best of them. Arnel Pineda sung the Philippine National Anthem and it was good until the last two notes. Why the fuck did he “Journey-ed” Lupang Hinirang??? Dammit, the last note was very, very way off. The US National Anthem was sung extremely well by three almost-naked women known as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders that reminded me of the pop/country group Atomic Kitten.

That’s America for you.

Joshua “The Grandmaster” Clottey danced his way to the ring. Manny Pacquiao came to the ring via Eye of the Tiger. We saw Jinkee Pacquiao and her twin sister at ringside. So, where the hell is Chavit? Bobby Pacquiao is in attendance too so I’m wondering whose groin will he low blow. Rafael Ramos is the third man in the ring and he looks like Andal Ampatuan.

Michael Buffer never seizes to amaze me but he did have trouble pronouncing all the world titles The Pacman acquired.

Round One – How can we see the footwork when the ads are blocking it? We can REALLY hear Buboy Fernandez dishing out instructions. Give him a headpiece already! Clottey is a counter-puncher with awesome defense but Manny tagged him mid-round. Manny was ramming his gloves on the Grandmaster’s ribs but this is leading to Clottey’s connecting jabs. Still, Pacquiao won the “feeling-out” round.

Round Two – Wow. Clottey is stepping on Manny’s feet and his defense is so annoying that it is frustrating Manny. This is destroying Manny’s game and he’s always getting tagged by Clottey’s jabs. Buboy was begging Manny to keep his distance since his punches are landing on Clottey’s gloves. The round belonged for Clottey. His dance after a Pacman shot means he remains unfazed on the power that is Pacquiao’s.

Round Three – Solid rights by Clottey. I like how Manny respects his opponents but Clottey’s turtle shell defense is seriously ANNOYING! However, Brian Viloria was right in saying that defense doesn’t score points as Pacquiao is the worker of the round. Clottey though seldom hits but is proving to be accurate. I’m going to give Pacquiao this round because Pacman carried the round even if Clottey looked good here.

Drats! I channel surfed and landed on the DZMM Teleradyo cable channel! ABS-CBN is seriously notorious for spoiling the outcome of the fights televised by GMA!



Round Four – For every ten punches Manny executes, Clottey will block nine. However, that “gloves to face” defense is getting weaker as the bombs of Manny are connecting and now getting impact. That defense might the only thing Clottey can have right now. The round belongs to Manny because Clottey looks like he’s merely surviving the fight. A funny spot in the round was when Manny punched Clottey with a left and the right AT THE SAME TIME! Yes, Manny getting a mouthful from the ref is funny. Oh Manny’s two-timing with his fists!

Round Five – Poor arms! Clottey’s arms have got to hurt! Clottey's head trainer Lenny de Jesus wants Clottey to punch and be active. Manny got tagged by a right which infuriated the Pacman. Buboy was shouting for Manny to hit Clottey in the shoulders to make that defense go down. Still while Clottey punched a bit, Manny was still active. And now it seems like Manny is telling Clottey to slug it out. Clottey is in a no-win situation if he tries to abandon his game plan. Manny wins this round.

Round Six – See Round Five. Clottey is fighting but it is still Pacquiao who’s dictating the pace.

Round Seven – Pacquiao got rocked! But still, he is still dictating the pace. The welt in Pacquiao’s left eye will sting. Clottey’s corner asked the boxer to think out of the box. Clottey needs to gear his bombs now and not wait for Pacman to get tired. Just like what Quinito Henson mentioned, I too saw that unusual foot action Clottey executes when he’s about to punch. I’m going to give this round to Clottey for the amazing shot midway the round. Just kidding! One lucky punch won’t damage Pacquiao’s offensive onslaught!

Wait... did I just see a Manny Pacquiao campaign ad? The concept looks good but it was kind of shocking... and disturbing.

Round Eight – Pacquiao is so used to Clottey’s turtle-shelled defense that Clottey’s offense is always getting Manny off-guard. Clottey just dished out an accidental low blow. Pacquiao just gave Clottey an accidental head butt. All of a sudden, Clottey reverts back to his strictly defense ways. Clottey then handed out a punch after round ended. It was no biggie but Pacquiao wins Round 8.

Round Nine – Lenny de Jesus just exclaimed that they are losing every round. Clottey had two successive combinations with Manny egging him to do it. But then Pacquiao erupted with a smothering display of Clottey hurting! Quinito Henson is saying that Clottey is just looking for a lucky punch while Chino Trinidad is telling us that Manny shouldn’t be complacent. Brian Viloria reminded the two that Pacquiao is still controlling the fight. What Pacquiao will do in the last three rounds will spell the match’s aftermath.

Round Ten – Did Buboy say speed? ROUND TEN? SPEED!?! Shouldn’t he be tired by now??? Pacman is owning this fight! Clottey is like a moving and fighting punching bag! Wow! You can see the hint of desperation on Clottey but he is still hiding in his shell. There was a left uppercut that scored for Clottey but Manny continues to control the fight. Before the fight ended, Clottey drove an elbow to the back of Pacquiao. As far as Pacquiao is concerned, it continues to NOT hurt him.

Round Eleven – Clottey is now going for broke. Freddie Roach is telling his ward to look for a knockout shot. Clottey caused three uppercuts and a string of effective counters but Manny continues to dance and bomb his fists to Clottey’s face and body. By going kamikaze, this takes out the vaulted defense Clottey has been executing. Unfortunately for the Grandmaster/Hitter, Pacquiao found his face open and for the first time as Chino Trinidad pointed, was the first time we saw Clottey staggered. In an interview up and coming star Jorge Arce said that in no way was Manny Pacquiao going to win this fight by knockout. It looks as if he’s right.

Round Twelve – The two embraced and mere seconds after that “manly” encounter Clottey gave two hooks and a looper that eventually became an accidental head butt. It seems as if there was no desperation for Clottey to knock Pacquiao out. All he did was continue to do his normal game play that could have worked with the no-namers he defeated but for a quick fighter like Pacquiao, the judges won’t score the stance but the flurry of punches. From start to finish, except for the second round (which could have blinded me because I was amazed initially at Clottey’s defense), Pacquiao carried Clottey.

The Aftermath – The judges scored 120-108, 119-109 and 119-109… a unanimous decision victory for Manny Pacquiao. Whatever Freddie Roach said about this fight as exciting as hell are all lies! Clottey had his face glued to his gloves. I’m really guessing he just wanted to survive Pacman which is bogus considering this is a title bout. But this is still an important sight for fight fans everywhere to see Pacquiao fight a bigger and much heavier fighter and still win. If Floyd Mayweather’s name again floats to a possible megafight, Pacquiao needs to improve his power. During Clottey’s post-match interview, he said the Pacman lacked the power but his speed was blinding. Mayweather is also fast so that screams more training for an up and coming “dream match”.

This should be the points he should ponder.

Congrats Pacman! Again, you gave your all and made your countrymen proud.

Now if you can just make your province-mates pick you as their congressman... then that would be awesome.

Game over.

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